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  1. :D Friend's dog. love love this pic. No editing. I do have PS elements (or something) but can't really use it :o So all my pics are pretty much unedited, maybe cropped or 'auto fixed' :o

    I hope that I can improve my (VERY limited) skills by doing this!


  2. 2 outsides crates with rip stop bed/ basket combos (plus extra blank ies in winter)

    6 (folded up) soft crates

    1 (folded up) crate

    5 raised 'trampoline' beds of various sizes, one with thermal bed on top.

    1 large fuzzyard bed

    1 large petlife snuggle bed

    1 giant foam mattress out off bed

    1 mollymutt filled with memory foam

    4 memory foam crate mats

    1 heated bed

    1 snooza mat

    3 pods, 2 large and 1 XL

    And a kennel

    tons of blankets, toppers, mats etc :o

    Not to mention the cat beds.........


    Oh and I have 3 dogs, 4 cats

  3. My guys don't have colour coding as such. Being different and distinct sizes helps so I don't need to really check which goes on which. So I like them to match :p

    I love orange, so I often go for that option, or whatever Catches my eye in a range. I own WAY too many collars/ leads/ harness etc. most of which don't get used :p

    The stuff I use most is:

    Their fluoro orange syntek collars for normal use, the orange looks amaze-balls on black coats!

    And flashy burgundy leather and bling 'dress up' (trialling/ special occasion) collar/ lead sets. Reg's from Ruthless Leather and Smudge's is from Karma collars. Love having short haired dogs! The Border Collie's coat 'eats' whatever she wears :(

    Lead wise, I prefer a matching set with the collar, or black. I have lots of black leads and attachments :p

  4. I have a hyuandai i30 wagon as my dog car and am looking for a barrier for behind the front seats.

    Preferably not too expensive- I have been looking into custom made stuff (also for the rear of the car) but can't afford custom atm. :( there seems to be a lot of barriers around, but I'm not sure about judging suitability and quality from just a pic on the internet.

    I want to be able to easily remove the barrier as necessary ( not that my back seats see many human passengers :p lol )

    Good visibility is also a must. TIA

  5. If the dog has a tag on, I will ring that number. If no answer, I'd leave a message and take the dog to the vet/ pound.

    Depending where the dog is found, I may ask near by houses if they own/ know the dog if the dog has no ID

    I can't believe people that would just keep an animal after finding it with no attempt to find its owners. :( it's wrong! And stealing even if it is well intended.

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