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  1. Poochibald Art Prize

    How cool! What a great idea.
  2. Dog Xmas Photos

    left to right: Sadie, Dexter, Reggie and Smudge
  3. Foster Dogs

    All my guys are great with my cats, they have been raised with them though. make sure you friend gets a dog that has been tested with them.
  4. slighty off topic, where is the best (cheapest) place to get a Manners minder?
  5. Looking For A Big Strong Wading/shell Pool

    Ive seen square ones at bunnings. they were green, and I think only 20-something dollars
  6. Foster Dogs

    So happy for Jerry. :D Maggie's wraps are for stopping her burning her paw pads, kind of like carpet burn. The faster the dog the more likely they are to burn their pads (especially running on mats) A lot of dogs in America wear wraps.
  7. Kelpies

    yep Reg is a very chilled out guy. he does have a fair bit of drive though, you just have to make it worth his while. :p i know of lots of working line kelpies who are very balanced well adjusted dogs. good luck in your search :) keep us updated
  8. Big Dog Brand Barf, Muesli And Supplements

    QQQ Hey Stitch, is this a standard Costco thing? I haven't seen them, but I didn't know they had things like Barf! Whereabouts do they keep them? I don't live (anywhere) near a Costco, but when I Happen to be in Sydney or Canberra I always make the effort to go and stock up!
  9. Concept Mini Hub

    Sounds great! Wish I had something similar near me!
  10. What Danes Now Look Like In Europe

    very sad. Quite few breeds seem to be going down this path, it's terrible. More on 'Euro Danes' The demise of the Great Dane- PDE More French Great Danes- PDE
  11. What Would You Put In A Pet Supplies Shop?

    A pet friendly cafe? A training/play area? An area for special guests/reps/stalls? I'm not sure exactly your product range, but I always like finding a 'unique' or different range to the standard range kept at most places. I end up buying a lot of my favourite/different pet stuff online.
  12. Ok ... Who Has Dog/water/keeping Cool Shots?

    Lots of awesome pics in this thread ! I love water shots! :D
  13. Italian Greyhounds

    how is it even possible to get an IG this fat?!?!? Poor Willy Willy's weight loss journey
  14. 52/2016

    Loving seeing everyone's pics so far!