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  1. left to right: Sadie, Dexter, Reggie and Smudge
  2. All my guys are great with my cats, they have been raised with them though. make sure you friend gets a dog that has been tested with them.
  3. slighty off topic, where is the best (cheapest) place to get a Manners minder?
  4. Ive seen square ones at bunnings. they were green, and I think only 20-something dollars
  5. So happy for Jerry. :D Maggie's wraps are for stopping her burning her paw pads, kind of like carpet burn. The faster the dog the more likely they are to burn their pads (especially running on mats) A lot of dogs in America wear wraps.
  6. Sounds great! Wish I had something similar near me!
  7. very sad. Quite few breeds seem to be going down this path, it's terrible. More on 'Euro Danes' The demise of the Great Dane- PDE More French Great Danes- PDE
  8. A pet friendly cafe? A training/play area? An area for special guests/reps/stalls? I'm not sure exactly your product range, but I always like finding a 'unique' or different range to the standard range kept at most places. I end up buying a lot of my favourite/different pet stuff online.
  9. Lots of awesome pics in this thread ! I love water shots! :D
  10. Loving seeing everyone's pics so far!
  11. :D Friend's dog. love love this pic. No editing. I do have PS elements (or something) but can't really use it So all my pics are pretty much unedited, maybe cropped or 'auto fixed' I hope that I can improve my (VERY limited) skills by doing this!
  12. Last minute join up! :p I'll give this a go Will post pic by tonight :D
  13. Would you recommend doing the shape up Agility or waiting for H360 to come back online? Also how much is H360? the Shape Up Agility seems very reasonable.
  14. Thanks guys, ill have a look. TSD Im in rural NSW, so not much around locally
  15. H360 sounds like what I need! Whats the best way to start? All I can see on SG's website says 'join the notification list' for next available course Do she have a book/DVD or something?
  16. 2 outsides crates with rip stop bed/ basket combos (plus extra blank ies in winter) 6 (folded up) soft crates 1 (folded up) crate 5 raised 'trampoline' beds of various sizes, one with thermal bed on top. 1 large fuzzyard bed 1 large petlife snuggle bed 1 giant foam mattress out off bed 1 mollymutt filled with memory foam 4 memory foam crate mats 1 heated bed 1 snooza mat 3 pods, 2 large and 1 XL And a kennel tons of blankets, toppers, mats etc Not to mention the cat beds......... Oh and I have 3 dogs, 4 cats
  17. Another tip is ask if your local store will price match online. Some of them will.
  18. My guys don't have colour coding as such. Being different and distinct sizes helps so I don't need to really check which goes on which. So I like them to match :p I love orange, so I often go for that option, or whatever Catches my eye in a range. I own WAY too many collars/ leads/ harness etc. most of which don't get used :p The stuff I use most is: Their fluoro orange syntek collars for normal use, the orange looks amaze-balls on black coats! And flashy burgundy leather and bling 'dress up' (trialling/ special occasion) collar/ lead sets. Reg's from Ruthless Leather and Smudge's is from Karma collars. Love having short haired dogs! The Border Collie's coat 'eats' whatever she wears Lead wise, I prefer a matching set with the collar, or black. I have lots of black leads and attachments :p
  19. Scrunched paper works better than a ball. Much harder!
  20. Rebanne- how have you attached the panels? are they easy to install/ remove? Im not very handy. sounds like a good cheap option. Piper- that is the sort of thing im after, thinking i might have to stop being stingy :/ would have to rig something so they cant get through over the console....hmmmmm
  21. Thanks RSA, Should have said I'm looking for a barrier that completely blocks off the front (like a rear cargo barrier does)
  22. I have a hyuandai i30 wagon as my dog car and am looking for a barrier for behind the front seats. Preferably not too expensive- I have been looking into custom made stuff (also for the rear of the car) but can't afford custom atm. there seems to be a lot of barriers around, but I'm not sure about judging suitability and quality from just a pic on the internet. I want to be able to easily remove the barrier as necessary ( not that my back seats see many human passengers :p lol ) Good visibility is also a must. TIA
  23. If the dog has a tag on, I will ring that number. If no answer, I'd leave a message and take the dog to the vet/ pound. Depending where the dog is found, I may ask near by houses if they own/ know the dog if the dog has no ID I can't believe people that would just keep an animal after finding it with no attempt to find its owners. it's wrong! And stealing even if it is well intended.
  24. My dogs have been raised with chickens. So they are chicken safe. We have left the dogs in the yards with free ranging birds and the dogs often accompany me when I'm feeding them. I wouldn't expect the average dog to be able to do this however!
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