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  1. My only issue with the ultra tug is the handle isn't long enough! I have a Landshark! I'm thinking of investing in Kevlar gloves for myself and anyone else who has the (mis)fortune of running her! :p
  2. And I bet she already has a waiting list a mile long :laugh: Didn't someone import a Pyr a few years back?? I heard through the grapevine that someone did import a Pry a while ago, with the intention of starting a breeding program and getting them recognised etc but the dog then developed some health issues and the program was halted. This new Pyr adventure looks to be exciting - can't wait to meet it! That Pyr now lives in NZ. And is desexed. Think there are 4 in total in NZ. I know at least 2 of the entire ones are related. The Aus import is a male. (He's VERY cute!) I'm so looking forward to meeting him too. I'm sure he will be happily shown off! :D show ring, agility, herding and flyball, depending on his preferences. so everyone should be able have a gander! :p
  3. There 'may' be a Pyr Shep in Aus by next year. Shhhhhh! Love Mudis and Silken Windhounds. Beacerons are gorgeous too (there was an imported one in the rescue section a while ago?)
  4. RIP Georgia taken far too soon Sending thoughts and hugs to you and your family Perrin.
  5. Ooooooh! Lovely! Love Benny, such a sweetie. And your other greys are gorgeous too On nails I recently watched this: Found it really helpful on getting nails short :D
  6. Omg! Love Rotties! Don't think they're quite the dogs for me, but I can ogle and dream right?
  7. Oooooooh! MORE tiny ponies! Yay! Can't wait. :D dad is a stunner! Good to see Tiny and Saffy again too! Do you still show them?
  8. Sadie- my grumpy old bitch :D but she has the most beautiful expression and eyes. They make me melt. Reggie- hmmmm. He's my heart dog. Bestest dog ever. I suppose if I have to pick- that he is such a chilled out goofball. He runs on 'island time' and not much phases him, he goes with the flow. Sure he'll try his heart out if you ask for it, but mostly he puts in enough to do a good job and not an ounce more! Smudge- my baby dog. My quirky pocket rocket. She puts 110% effort into EVERYTHING she does. Her palpable joy and enthusiasm when 'doing' makes my heart burst.
  9. Think you've found a niche market there! You'll be a ba-gillionaire!
  10. Well.........ahem, so it isn't normal to share?!?! :p Must admit ive tried dog shampoo too...... Plush puppy can't say it did much for my hair though! I've tried a couple of their brushes and combs as well. Rapigel is AWESOME for aches and pains, I have a tub of that in the cupboard, sometimes even use it on the dogs! :p Cool coats are great for really hot days too, I have a couple of different types for the dogs, so usually have a spare one to drape over my shoulders. When I camp at trials i always add my memory foam dogs beds on top of my self inflating mattress. super Comfy! I have a pods4pets pod that lives in the car, it's great for having a snooze! Have to fight the dogs for it though!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAC! Sounds like you have been utterly (and deservedly) spoilt!
  12. I'm doing body awareness through targeting. Just an bronze. Is fairly basic, but thorough and we are enjoying it. Staffyluv try rubbing a squishy/ smelly treat or even Vegemite on your hand and encourage him to lick it off. Not sure if it will work for you but might be worth a go.
  13. Reggie loved to destroy anything with fluffy centres....... Except his toys he once destroyed an entire mattress leaving just the springs overnight! luckily he grew out of that..... We are still working on him not eating coats. Smudge is very good. She is a bit over one now and hasn't destroyed anything! I think she is broken! She IS a terrible thief though! An opportunist with little shame. She likes to steal eggs, the cats food etc and went she grabs whatever she has stolen she piss bolts! Because she KNOWS you can't catch her She has pinched a 3kg bag of dog food from a friend's pantry, stolen a massive breadstick from my dad's car (man that was funny!), eats anything she can pilfer from bench edges. And once at a friends house, we came back inside after afternoon tea to find her ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE scoffing chocolate brownies and lemon tarts! :dropjaw: I was sooooooooo embarassed! She wouldn't dare do that at home! If she bothers to look sorry at all, it's only because she's sorry she got CAUGHT!
  14. OMG! RP I do that! ALL THE TIME! And somehow I've forgotten that I should be embarrassed when people catch me
  15. Oooooh! I forgot to come and brag whoops! Better late than never! My baby Smudge competed in her very first flyball comp last weekend. Before then she had never run in a ring, with another lane, and had only just started learning crossovers. She got her first title too! FD. flyball dog! :D :D And with super wide cross overs she was running around 4.6 secs. my little crazy speed demon! She did forgot to got over the jumps a couple of times and decided once that she should race the other dog riiiiiight up close, oops. Which we will work on. But for a baby dog who really hasn't had much training she did amazingly well! Reg also ran really well. Pulling a PB of 4.8 secs. That was the first race of the day, then he went back to running 5.1s. Running that fast was just way too much effort! :laugh: lol. My special chilled out boy :p
  16. From what i can tell it has been discontinued by the manufacturers. Not sure how long ago, so not sure if you will be able to find any remaining stock?
  17. Yep. I talk to my guys constantly. Whole conversations they all have their own voices. I also seems to end up doing running commentaries when at the dog park etc. I didn't realise how much until a couple of people commented they they think I'm hilarious and really enjoy listening to me! lol.
  18. :rofl: :rofl: Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh Hank!
  19. Yay! More Sumo pics! :D He makes Moose look like a midget now :p
  20. Love that bubble aliwake! Sumo! He really is divine! (Can't wait for more pics!) And Zeph love your rot ties Grumpette! Yay for slobbery dogs! think I need to get myself a proper one! :p
  21. Woohoo! I think I must be broken..... I really like slobbery, slimey bubble blowing dogs.... People down the park are horrified when I casually wipe slime trails off with my hand. :laugh: And I shudder with glee thinking about drooly dogs having a big drink and then a massive head shake....... Ahhhhh heaven!
  22. Reggie models his ever attractive slime trail :D I'm sure you all should have some doozies? if so POST 'EM HERE!
  23. Yeah, we had a great time, didn't do fabulously, but managed a pass in JDX, did some nice (non qualifying) runs and some lower placings. I really enjoyed watching all the other competitors, and being in the 600 ring, (and next to the 200/300 ring) seeing lots of different breeds I don't normally see. Saw quite a few people I (think) i recognised as DOLers, but only actually met R&B. Either timing wasn't right, or I was too shy to barrel up and say hi Didn't get any pics or video despite taking my camera, just didn't happen ahh well!
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