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  1. Ahhhhhhhh! Oh Chimes! I'll be watching you *shifty eyes* Hmmmmmmmm, might need to find a reason to visit........ ;)
  2. I've got a friend who is possibly planning to import a dog from France. Does anyone have any exporters/ approved vets etc over there they have used/ can recommend? Or any other advice I can pass on? TIA :D
  3. Depends on the product. They all have a used by date on them. From my experience, unless they have been sitting around in the shop/ warehouse for a while already, MOST have a used by date of a couple of years. Might be hard to guarantee length if you are buying online....
  4. Beautiful photos! First of all SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! PONIES!! Roo! I just want to smoosh that squishable face! Marco is very cute too. LOVE the chest spot!
  5. Yep love dogsnobs! Borderwars Terrierman Retrieverman Vets behaving badly I tend to cycle through blogs etc, read any post, then check back periodically for new stuff (when I remember! ) A couple of grooming ones.
  6. Lol, sometimes I think Reg would do better out there without me! :p Mind you, he probably wouldn't make course time...... Most laid back Kelpie I've ever met! It's not so much performing in public that I care about, more the pressure of 'having to do a perfect run' first go, knowing my handling needs sooooo much work, and letting Reg down. I'm not even that fussed by passes, I just have issues with not doing the best i KNOW we can do! Gah! I know I have too high standards, it's just how i roll! :laugh: We do have fun though! Sometimes we amuse the audience and judge as well! :laugh: Really looking forward to seeing if I can spot any DOLers too! And seeing some breeds run that I haven't seen run before. Going to make sure i see the Large Munsterlander and the Afghan!
  7. Were going. excited, but soooooooo nervous as well! My handling is not great (read: pretty shite! :p ) and I'm uncoordinated to begin with. :/ then when I get nervous....... I'm sure I look like a headless chook out there! :laugh: poor Reg is such a good boy putting up with me! We've been to a couple of trials here and there, with hit and miss runs, depending on how well I handle on the day so have somehow managed to get into JDX. So that will be interesting! I'm really looking forward to watching all the dogs and everything else that will be going on. This will be our first nationals. VERY glad I have a 600 dog though!
  8. RIP Tess Sending lots of love to you
  9. As said by others, I take my own covers/ bedding. Depends what's allowed. Mine are happy wherever they are.
  10. same. Bit too far to do in one day! That and smudge was desexed on Tuesday, so she'd have to miss out :p Next time! :D
  11. If you're under 0.00, so negative, the dog has to rerun. If you do two false starts in a row the dogs has to run again at the end of the lineup. Over 0.00 just means you're overall time is going to be slower. The team with the fastest time wins. The timer doesn't stop until the last dog has finished its run. Eg. 4 dogs clear with 21.347sec. You can still win if you have to run a 'fifth' dog (dog dog that has to rerun) but it is very unlikely. Unless the other team has to run another dog as well! A heat is best of 5. And depending on team numbers and divisions, there is usually 6 heats a day. So the dogs do a lot of running. It's not unusual for a dog to run 30+ runs a day! especially if they are start dog!
  12. Nice! Yep! This is only our 4th flyball comp, so I was stunned. Think everyone else was too! :p my first thought was the lights broke! Reg started running high 5s Friday morning and gets faster as the day progresses, but the end of the day he is running 4.8s..... Weird dog :laugh: everyone comments that he looks like he's about to fall sleep as he lines up! he has the potential to run faster than that.... Still working on his enthusiasm, it hasn't clicked yet. My "blonde" boy :p
  13. I hear you sayreovi! We (somehow) managed to get one at the royal Easter show ..... Now quite sure how I managed that :p I was gobsmacked! Note: please excuse the upside down badge didn't realise until after!
  14. Yeah Twiggy! I hope her new owner keeps you updated, so you can update us! :D Cupcake is gorgeous! She looks like she is going to be a big girl!
  15. Awesome! It looks like heaps of fun! I'll have to see if I can get there :D
  16. Oooo! Looks interesting! Is there a minimum weight limit for dogs? I'm supposing it depends.... (I'm a fatty though ) I reckon my 11 month old Kelpie X would love it, but she is only 12-13kg. And maybe too young? My almost 3 year old Kelpie would be capable, but I'm not sure if he would pull :p he's a very chilled dog...... Also, the website says to bring a stakeout line, would a crate suffice? Or do they need to be picketed?
  17. Vebo pet does them too, though only in two sizes. Not bad price either! Linky
  18. Ooooo! I'm in the process of looking for one of these! What year model do you have? I have looked at the older models and the brand new ones.... The new ones seem a fair bit smaller and lower (I'm also not as keen on the new look) ..... So I've been thinking a 'new' old model....
  19. Naw! How cute! Can't wait to see them zooming around together! I think Bella would be a great personal trainer for Tiny! :D :p
  20. Yay Tiny Pony! :D They both look like snuggly little marshmallows! What does Bella think of them?
  21. Thanks guys :D love my boy. Love reading about all your triumphs! Went to the Onemind Dogs seminar last weekend, and am all enthused.... Mind you watch all the people made me glad I had an auditors spot, I would have been totally out of my depth My handling is weak at best. This week we are going to the royal for the Flyball nationals. Sooo looking forward to that! Thinking of entering a couple of obedience trials.... Never been to one, but hey what the heck! :p
  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN! I'm glad you shared your pie with your sister, (albeit grudgingly) we all know she shares with you! :p
  23. Rocky RIP, was a 'gooser'. He used to goose people...... Very hard to train out because he ALWAYS got a reaction :p bit hard not to react when a large dog (roughly) shoves his nose into someone's crutch or ass..... Reggie has recently developed a new one. When he is somewhere else eg friends house, and he gets dinner/ a substantial treat etc. once he has finished and has licked up any possible crumbs, he PEES all over the area he has eaten in! soooo funny when the other dogs come round to check if anyone has left any crumbs etc Note: this only happens outside thank doG!
  24. Wow, you guys have achieved some awesome stuff! We're just getting started in our trialling. (Agility and Flyball so far) please excuse my rambling s :p Agility We debuted in agility at the festival of Agility in September last year, getting passes in snooker and gamblers. Would have gotten more, but Reggie couldn't weave at that stage! Since then we have been to a couple more trials, not much success until a couple of weekends ago at Cessnock. With our first and second Jumping passes, Yay! We also won an encouragement award. We have now been to our fifth (or 6th? I'm hopeless at keeping track) trial, "springwood" (at Erskine park) last weekend and gaining our Jumping Dog title! Woohoo! I don't know if we're ready for excellent! We also got our first agility pass and a pass in open agility.(9th overall) Which I must say I'm VERY proud of! Need to work on my handling, that and perfecting contacts and weaves (both are technically acceptable, but could be better) are our goals. Flyball We debuted in February at Dapto, gaining our first Flyball title, Flyball Dog. His turns weren't great ( he is a big lazy bum!) and very little hype. I swear he is way too chilled! Looks like he's half asleep, not a manic flyball dog :p Second comp was Canberra royal. He spent a lot of the comp running as start dog, His turns are getting better, but he can still be lazy, but he is reliable. H also did his personal best of 5 seconds! Lol. He has a lot more to give...... Getting him revved up is the issue. One race, when he was reserve, he was upside down ASLEEP at the back of the ring! :laugh: he's a special boy! I would like to try rallyo, obedience and maybe some herding..... But there's not enough time! And the fact there is NOTHING dog related where I live! I travel to train and trial. Gratuitous pictures of my beast: Hmm... Helps if I actually upload pictures! :p
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