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  1. Ermahgerd! How did I miss Em having puppies!?!? Ginny is gorgeous! All of them are! baby spaniel ears are the best!
  2. Yep. You can't bet a black (or at least mostly black) dog! No other colour gets that fabulous sheen when in good nick. (and they don't stain either! :p ) I'm not biased on anything :D
  3. Is your dog crate trained? Yep, all 3. When (age) did you crate train him/her? The older one (12 yr old BC) as an adult, Reggie as a pup when I got him and Smudge came crate trained at 13 weeks :D thanks KTB! Do they still sleep in their crate now they are older? If not where do they sleep? BC sleeps in her crate almost every night, Reg and Smudge do when we are away/as needed. Normally they sleep in with me. When did they stop using the crate? Never. Reg and Smudge spend a fair bit of time in their crates at trials and comps, also if travelling. Smudge often will put herself in a crate for some 'timeout'(at other peoples houses in their crates too!) Where is their crate in the house? 2 outside, 1 in lounge room,one sometimes in my room. There is always at least 1 (packed) soft crate in the car too, for travelling/ training/ trialling etc Does your dog use the crate only for sleeping? No. Smudge in particular uses crates as a safe place, somewhere to have some alone time
  4. Just a quick question- I would like to keep a more comprehensive first aid kit for my dogs, but It wouldn't be of any use unless I can leave it in my car. I worry about the temperatures that the kit will be subjected too, seeing as most medication/ treatments etc have a 'store under 30oC' Where do you keep your kit? Or Does any one have any other suggestions?
  5. What about another rescue? Seeing as you don't want a puppy, the unpredictability of how a rescue will turn out (size, temp etc) wouldn't be a factor, and quite often there are dogs, both purebred and mixed available of that size. Kavik- Smudge is 12 kg and 454mm. I consider her too be quite small, but then I judge everything off Reggie..... Lol.
  6. RIP Mini Sending my love and thoughts Sheridan.
  7. Lenards chicken shops do bulk, as do some butchers and pet food suppliers. If you live close to a chicken factory eg inghams, that would be the best (cheapest) way to buy.
  8. Sadie started going noticeably grey around 7/8, she is almost 12 now. She has pretty good spectacles now! She's always been a cranky old bitch, so at least now she looks like one too! :p
  9. Fabulous! You should get him an agent ASAP! :D :laugh:
  10. RIP beautiful Ness I have enjoy following your tales and adventures over the years. Ness. Thinking of you
  11. Love these threads! :D RIP Rocky And as an old man 12 ish. Hmmmm..... Can't find a baby pic of Sadie will have to go looking! Reggie Epic fugly stage Smudge Baby Smudge on the left. Still in care with KoalaTheBear :) Grown up 'big' Smudge 18 ish months And a size comparison
  12. Yes also interested, are you doing a survey/ research etc? Wellness- most types are small, triangular ish faces. About 1cmx1cm. Fairly dry, lots of 'dust'. Holistic select- most types are your traditional 'flat disc' about 1cmx 1/2cm. Fairly typical kibble. The earthborn holistic (think it was primitive? ) I tried had very small flat rectangles. About 3/4cmx 1/2 cmx 1/4cm (height). Very dark colour, rich. I find puppy/ small breed kibble types tend to have smaller sizes, large breed formulas bigger, though it depends on brand.
  13. Great news! My guys, Kelpie and Kelpie X have only had a couple of goes, but love it! (Actually my boy, usually very chilled and runs on 'island time', can't get enough lure coursing, he turns into a crazed hyper mad beas about it! ) SSM, do you know when the next fun day is planned? And I'm assuming Sydney is where all the events in nsw are held?
  14. I love odd ears...... I think they're gorgeous. And as other have said, add character (and make telling which one is yours easy!)
  15. Maybe you should have photoshopped the cat on his lap? :laugh:
  16. I emailed Clean Run awhile back and they said they are no longer offering free international shipping as it was not sustainable enough for them Surely the entire DOL community would keep their business afloat over the xmas period.... :cry: Much sadness :cry: Though might be a good thing the way the aussie dollar is atm.......
  17. Hugs Huski RIP beautiful Cherry.
  18. Lol. I always cheer Reggie when he does a 'big boy wee' He hardly marks at all, so it's a momentous occasion!
  19. I personally prefer male dogs. The male dogs I've had have had 'nicer' temperaments, and just suit what I like better. A bit of dog penis doesn't bother me at all! Reggie's favourite belly rub spot is just above the doodle...... Have could you deny him such pleasure? :laugh: Come to think of it I've always seemed drawn to male animals. Unfortunately I seem to end up with girls :p My first dog Sadie, was supposed to be her brother. I (11) wanted a boy, dad said no, another boy dog would be too much for our family dog Rocky..... Lol Sadie is one of the most bitchy, dominant dogs I know! Rocky wouldn't come anywhere near her for weeks! And she was always the boss. My youngest dog Smudge was supposed to be a boy too. Lol things that smudge was supposed to be- male, from a breeder, super chilled personality, dog friendly, long haired..... She is wonderful though! If she had a penis she'd probably be perfect ;) My next dog WILL be a male! (That's what I'm planning anyway!)
  20. I must say I think this is my favourite thread. squooshy Rotty babies! Sigh.....
  21. Dubbo pound (formerly RSPCA before they pulled out and took everything, that another story) does. I don't have all the details, but I know They work with the local vets. All animals are desexed before they are rehomed. Once the animal has been paid for they are sent off the vet and the new owner collects from there. If the animal is already desexed, the pound only charges a minimal fee.
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