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  1. My dog had a severe allergic reaction to the C5. She was covered in red, angry looking welts. She was swelling around her face and neck. Luckily we were 2 minutes from vet. Next time she needs to be vaccinated it willbe C3. Vet happy to titre test.
  2. Open Pyometra in Golden Retrievers

    @Lucky Jade what was the outcome?
  3. Picking a breeder

    She's lovely.
  4. I would suggest either a Bichon or a Shih tzu. Have had a Bichon who learned to herd goats and was much better at it than my too laid back Kelpie. I've also trained a Shih tzu in agility, they are amazingly personable little dogs.
  5. Mrs

    Look through these https://www.dolforums.com.au/search/?&q=dog chiropractor in victoria&sortby=newest
  6. blinded puppy at the groomers

    Hope you have had the puppy seen to by a vet. She would be my number one concern and wondering what to do next would take a very distant back seat.
  7. Anxious behaviour in Maltese X

    I found my upchucker traveled better in a covered crate than belted to the back seat.
  8. Looking for a Breeder

    What's the breeder's prefix?
  9. North Chihuahuas

    Teacup chihuahuas? Really legit. Nowhere does it state registered.
  10. Aw. I still miss my Bridie. Skyes are awesome.
  11. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    No, he doesn't. Persist with the puppy food. You are making a rod for your own back if you keep changing every time he doesn't eat.
  12. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Please buy him Puppy food. Maxi Starter is for bitches with pups and Pedigree is not a very good food. Royal Canin medium Junior would be a better choice. He's cute . Please don't let him down outside before he is fully vaccinated.
  13. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    6-7 weeks old? Way too young to have left his mum and littermates. Taking a baby puppy for a walk and letting it interact with unknown dogs. Not fully vaccinated. Recipe for disaster. Research good quality puppy food and raw feeding. Rice, eggs, carrots and beans is not a suitable diet for a puppy. If it was parvo he'd be dead without treatment. Try taking him outside for toilet training. Look trough this forum for house training topics. You don't want a full grown Golden peeing on puppy pads.
  14. Post a pic of the actual dog you have, not some randoms from Google. My dogs howl. They are Mini Foxies.
  15. My Mini Foxies are awesome at it.