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  1. Hi Di I can recommend a rescue up there, SEQ K9 Rescue. My daughter and her family got a dog from them. They matched them with the dog who has been a great fit for them. The rescue listed the dog's needs.
  2. What ended up happening @Boomer Watson
  3. Torn ACL in puppy

    You've had the pup for 5 months, can not see how you would be entitled to any recompense.
  4. Delete

    My daughter and family adopted a dog through SEQ K9 rescue Inc. They worked well with her to ensure the right fit for them all. Jax is now living his best life.
  5. Pay for the home consult. Worth it for peace of mind for you and doing the right thing by the old boy.
  6. Your First Dog

    Lady, a Sydney Silky
  7. New arrivals

    Dear old dogs.
  8. Cordless vacuum cleaners

    We've had a Vax cordless for about 12 years. Never missed a beat.
  9. Looking for recommendations. My daughter has just got a one year old dog through rescue and would like to take him to training. Any suggestions most welcome.
  10. Does anyone have or had dealings with them?
  11. Tragedy at Zoo Krefeld on new year's eve

    Saw a report that it was started by those lanterns people let go. Three women came forward.
  12. Tenacious little dogs those Mini Foxies. What a gorgeous old girl.
  13. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Mumma falcon is beautiful.
  14. Jasper

    Yes. Poor Ethan is not doing well.