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  1. Akita Dog Food

    Many of the Akita breeders feed it though, I would be sticking to what the breeder recommends. --Lhok
  2. Akita Dog Food

    welcome back :D What a cutie you have! I'm glad you have managed to work through the puppy naughtyness and everything is starting to settle just in time for the teenager phase to come through! --Lhok
  3. Dogs with storm phobias

    The smell of storms coming and the change in pressure use to set my storm phobic dog off, there would be storms over the ocean (we lived near the beach) or over the nearby town which is 10 mins drive away and we couldn't hear anything but she would be a quivering drooling mess. We would check the BoM radar and sure enough there was a storm happening, we tried everything to calm her but the only thing that would work was drugs I can't remember what they gave her though. --Lhok
  4. Where feral pigs are concerned the damage they do to the environment and the rate at which they repopulate not to mention once they get full sized there is really nothing that can bring them down does mean they need to be culled. The best and most efficient way is to use dogs, unless people are willing to put up with the massive killing baits do. So yes I guess the answer would be that it is painful for the pig, and yes while it isn't their fault for being a feral animal I feel we need to look at the over arching damage done I feel the same way for many feral animals. I know of a farmer who lost a whole harvest of potatoes and spent so much money of fencing only to have it broken down due to feral pigs. Just in case I get flamed here, I don't actually hunt. --Lhok
  5. Assistance Dog Costs

    Depending on what the dog is actually for and where the dog is from some organisations do not cover the cost of the dog and the future handler does need to pay. Some require a partial payment while others go off donations. Around the 35k mark is what I have heard some dogs costing. If you have doubts you could ask where and why they are going with that particular org. --Lhok
  6. Yeah I got burnt badly by a registered breeder as well. I thought I had done my research and only when I had issues did I find out that pretty much everyone else in the breed knew about issues but no one bothered to say anything I had one pup die of renal failure and the pup I was given because my other pup died came down with addison's disease not to mention said breeder flew a dog with stitches in its tummy from a hernia op and went over my head and arranged with a travel company to fly the pup when I wanted to let the pup heal before travel and all because they wanted the pup to look pretty for me.. I am now really good friends with another person who also had a pup from the same breeder who has issues with their pup. I also tracked down the new owner of a pup I had to give up and fought with the breeder to return only to find out the breeder had lied and told the new owner of said pup that it was a rescue also the breeder didn't disclose massive health issues to the new owner and it cost the new owner a lot of money. Sent all this into the canine council that they are with and was told it was a civil matter and they won't do anything about it. My friend was told the same it has made us very wary of registered breeders. We both want purebred pups from breeders who care, its hard to trust anyone because we don't want to have to go through what we have ever again. The price paid wasn't cheap either at $2000 a pup. It has since gone up to around $3000-4000 depending on the breeder. --Lhok
  7. Please help

    from the preface of the code of practice This Code is designed for everyone involved in the activity of breeding dogs and cats and has been developed to protect the welfare of the animals in their care. From further on in the preface: Compliance with this Code does not remove the need to abide by the requirements of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1979 and any other laws and regulations, for example; the Local Government Act, 1993;the Companion Animals Act, 1998. This Code contains both standards and guidelines for the care of dogs or cats for breeding. The standards have legal effect in three ways: • Failure to meet a standard may result in a Penalty Infringement Notice or a prosecution under Clause 20 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (General)Regulation 2006. • In more serious cases, failure to meet a standard may support a prosecution for an offence under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1979. The bit I linked about vaccination is a standard practice within the code, and so therefore I thought it was against the law to sell a puppy or kitten in nsw without vaccinations and microchipping. --Lhok
  8. Please help

    if this pup was sold in nsw then yes you do need to vaccinate before you sell them from the breeding dogs and cats code of practice. No dog or puppy, cat or kitten may be sold unless vaccinated in compliance with the requirements of Section 8.2 of this Code --Lhok
  9. That's a tad mean :P come on spill already! --Lhok
  10. I'm going to guess a pointer either way I can't wait to see puppy photos! --Lhok
  11. Mental Health Assistance Dogs

    There is a Keeshond that is an assistance dog for a man in a wheelchair in my local area. I wouldn't say any of the larger spitz breeds would be a good choice, as the PAT is very demanding and many of the larger spitz breeds can have issues around strange dogs which would be an instant fail. --Lhok
  12. There was a breeder of them in Aus but she returned to the states, apart from the couple that were imported from a rescue place and the litter she bred while she was here there aren't any in Aus. --Lhok
  13. He goes on to say they shouldn't be even bred and anyone who does so should be charged with animal cruelty. --Lhok
  14. Nsw To Ban Greyhound Racing From July 2017

    Does this mean we can ban dressage because of the practice of Rollkur? Which is used by high profile riders even though people deny that they do. I don't think the measures they are trying to put into practice will work so it would probably be best if we just ban the whole sport of dressage. I get that live baiting is way worse because other animals also lose their lives. --Lhok