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  1. Dog walkers walking multiple dogs

    I worries me that in one of the photos that two dogs are on a belt walker, one having a halti on and the other has a basket muzzle. Both shouldn't be on a belt. --Lhok
  2. Yet another dog attack

    Report it. Most off lead areas still require the owner to have effective control over their dog and it sounds like the guy didn't. --Lhok
  3. Yup they are all suggestions at this point because this legislation is in draft form at the moment. There are also no exceptions so if you breed at home you will be called a breeding establishment and all those rules will apply for you too. There is a bit in the legislation that says no dog must be bred from if it has an issue with small animals, dog aggression or problematic behaviours like fence jumping etc. I know it might sound good in theory however many breeds will not pass those requirements. --Lhok
  4. I can't believe this isn't up here yet! Looks like the NSW government is going down the same path as the Victorian one with legalizing puppy farms and making hobby breeders illegal. http://www.dogsnsw.org.au/members/noticeboard/1258-prevention-of-cruelty-to-animals.html --Lhok
  5. Well, finally happening.

    This isn't because of breed standards, this is because the RSPCA would find it easier to just be able to rubber stamp large facilities. It means they don't have to do as much work if there is only a handful of breeders around. It also big business being able to come in and take control over something and industrialize it. If people care about dogs they will want to stop this. --Lhok
  6. Well, finally happening.

    Looks like hobby breeders are under attack in NSW with the factory farming of dogs set to be legal and any other forms of it illegal http://www.dogsnsw.org.au/members/noticeboard/1258-prevention-of-cruelty-to-animals.html --Lhok
  7. Well, finally happening.

    I believe he has bred budgies in the past and is a good friend of dr harry.. not that it helps with the topic at hand XD --Lhok
  8. I second a Leo, beautiful dogs :D --Lhok
  9. But do the majority of breeders who breed the oodle type dog actually want it to be a breed or is it a cash in on the popularity of it? From most of the posts I see in the local buy swap sells it is the cashing in on the popularity of it. I sit there and I try to talk about health testing and why it is beneficial to do early stimulation/senstisation of pups I ask them if they would be willing to take back pups they bred and all the hallmarks of an ethicial breeder. Are they interested in anything like that? No, they tell me if I am not interested in buying a pup to take my opinions and shove them elsewhere. --Lhok
  10. Beauceron Breeders

    There is/was Beau's in Vietnam as well so that might be something you could look at although I don't know anything about importing from there. As an aside, the beau's herding is more like a droving dog than a border collie or kelpie which is why it isn't considered to be as good for work here and they also would be quite large for the quad XD --Lhok
  11. Zencrate

    Looks very similar to the box my dad build my lab cross years ago so she wouldn't be scared in thunderstorms, although hers had a rubber flap at the front. --Lhok
  12. Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome! I have experience with Akitas and I am happy to answer questions about them Spitz breeds in general can be overwhelming to people used to dogs doing what they are told and learning in a set pattern. They are independent thinkers and require a fair amount of work in the younger years to become great companions. Some spitz breeds do have same sex aggression, and high prey drive therefore are not a dog you can really let off leash at a dog park without the dog park being empty and fenced because even if you have put in a lot of training the spitz mentality of turning off their ears can result in them ignoring you recalling them. As to Shibas I don't really know a whole lot about them although I do know about the famous shiba scream --Lhok
  13. Thoughts on Aggression

    Considering Akita's are very prone to Thyroid problems and that aggressive behaviour can stem from it I would be getting a blood panel done, then I would be looking at eyes and ears as again Akita's can have PRA, especially if this is an older dog. As to the whole dominance theory thing, if the dog is more Akita than border collie you are essentially starting a long drawn out battle that you might never win. Akita's can be stubborn and they don't particularly learn well under an dominant handler. After a the vet I then would be looking at consulting a behaviourist. --Lhok
  14. How long have you waited?

    Waited six years and it ended up in heartbreak, but I learn some very valuable things in that time. I have been waiting four years and from the looks of it I still need to do more waiting because everything doesn't seem to go to plan sometimes. --Lhok
  15. Akita Dog Food

    Many of the Akita breeders feed it though, I would be sticking to what the breeder recommends. --Lhok