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  1. One of the most important factors if you are wanting an assistance dog in the future is looking for a dog that comes mostly from proven lines for that work. Its not a 100% foolproof but it does help. Next you will be wanting to outline what tasks the dog will be needing to do, and start training for those tasks from the moment the dog comes home, good assistance dogs are hard to come by and most aren't a pet first and then eventually turn into an assistance dog after awhile ( yes some have but they are the exception not the rule) so if you are wanting a pet dog first and then an assistance
  2. The facebook group Learning about LGD's is quite good, I would suggest joining there. I do have to ask if you are wanting your dog to stay with the poultry or be a housepet? As it's typically advised to keep the pups with the stock in a pen for both their protection. Otherwise it can interfere with the bonding process at 15 weeks she is still quite young, usually depending on breed and lines it can take up to 2 years to get a good LGD. Either way, check out the facebook group mentioned they are a wealth of information. --Lhok
  3. My Keeshond's pants get mats after he goes swimming in the kids pool when I can't dry him and sometimes he gets dags. However a good rake comb thingy gets them out with the help of some conditioner spray. I use the medium shear magic undercoat rake and it seems to work well. --Lhok
  4. So sorry to hear Grumpette, Zephy was a favourite of mine of the Dol dogs. I really liked hearing about the joy he brought both to you and others. Huge hugs.. Run free Zephy --Lhok
  5. Thank you! I will write them all down, hand them over and see where we go from there. --Lhok
  6. They liked how he was friendly with everyone, he would bark only as an alert to someone coming to knock on the door. How he had a cruisey personality when it came to when they had to go to work, yet was energetic enough to want to go for beach walks and they loved how he likes to play. He will bring a toy up to you and dump in on you lap to play. That he likes to be near you but not in your face and how quickly he picked up and adapted to the rules of the household. They also liked his size, the only down side they didn't like was the coat having to brush it dry it and wash his butt if he got
  7. I recently had friends of mine look after Vyse who is a Keeshond while I was away. Upon my return I have found my friends to be completely smitten with him however the one thing they didn't like was his coat. So I am trying to help them find a purebred dog breed that is like a Keeshond but without the coat. They would like a dog that they only have to brush once a week and won't mat up or bring in the garden. Any suggestions? --Lhok
  8. Oh and which type of Akita do you have American or Japanese? Some lines do have some shyness in them although it isn't encouraged. --Lhok
  9. I know you said you took him to the vets and got the all clear but I would be still concerned about thyroid issues. The sudden scaredness and drop in food intake would make me wonder about getting a T4 panel done. Not sure if your vet did this or not as I had to ask for my vet to do that kind of testing. Are there any other symptoms outside of the picky eating and the scaredness? Akitas have a long laundry list of diseases that can be inherited so it would probably be best to talk to your breeder and find out what testing they did on the parents to help rule out some things. --Lhok
  10. While I like this change I can just feel the non compliance already. --Lhok
  11. Seeing how quick they move when they want to chase something, I don't think I could agree to removing the mandatory leash rules. After seeing them chase down a horse, you would have no chance to recall them and they are gone before you ever have a hope of catching them. Much safer for everyone to keep them on lead. --Lhok
  12. Oh yes that temperament test, I once saw a young kelpie fail that test. They put him in a yard with a 1.5m fence. They then brought out another dog and started playing with it in the next door yard. The kelpie cleared it no sweat to go play with them and then was deemed a fence jumper and put down. Oh and on the same day I was told if I volunteered there I might hear dark humour about euth'ing animals and they sometimes did it because if they didn't find it funny they would break. Due to other reasons which compounded the issue, that was the day I lost faith in the Rspca, I walked out of th
  13. The attack on horse and rider at our local beach happened on one of the only off lead beaches we have, but it is also the only beach you can ride a horse on or go 4wdriving on so its no wonder an attack happened as it was only when not if it would occur. Both events of horses and 4wdrivers on the beach is a regular thing so no reason the owners couldn't have kept the dogs away from the horse. I don't know about wollongong beaches though. Having said that if you have your dog off lead you are required to have it under effective control. --Lhok
  14. whoa that dog attack on the rider was similar to the one I saw on my local beach not too long ago. It also had a unmuzzled greyhound too which unlike this attack was the primary instigator of the attack on the horse and rider at our beach. We also have had a spate of dog attacks on our beaches here, one lady lost her dog after an unleashed german shep attacked it. Something is going on it seems and its wide scale too. --Lhok
  15. Plants are incredible, some can even tell other plants about their experiences. Not to mention they can and have warned animals of incoming danger like earthquakes, scientists have been trying to figure it out so that they can get a similar early warning/detection system in place. I remember reading a book called bats sing mice giggle, which had an experiment in it (a couple in fact) about how they got a person to rip the leaves off a plant and then leave the room. Then more people entered but it wasn't until the leaf ripper came into the room that the plant got stressed and then that plant s
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