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  1. Yep its on the Mazda website - all dealerships. Though I did check before I took her and used my discretion in taking only my very stable girl. I left my old girl home as she can get a little anxious around strange people/environments.
  2. Oh yep I forgot about Mazda. My young one had a blast there one day when I had to call in and get brakes checked. They said she was welcome to stop by anytime and got heaps of attention.
  3. The Apple Store in Adelaide is pet friendly.
  4. You should still be able to search here I hope. I posted quite a lengthy post at some point regarding BCC. My now nearly 11 year old BC suffers from BCC and had her first episode about 14-16 months. There is a facebook group which has lots of people with dogs who are affected. I have to say I wouldn't wish it on anybody and so sorry if your dog does have it. My girl has quite a severe version of it and its basically been a constant stress for much of her life (unfortunate to say). Is your girl from a registered breeder? If so I would certainly be letting the breeder know as its unfortunately a condition which is starting to occur way to frequently in the breed. I am happy to try and answer any questions you might have.
  5. Bridgie_cat might be able to offer input. I know she breeds shelties so should be familiar with various breeders.
  6. Yep my girl with ortho issues has been on a combination of an anti-inflam (currently meloxicam) and gabapentin. Sometimes I think its not really helping but the few times I have decided to remove it she is definitely worse without it.
  7. i love my backseat buddy - it wasn't cheap I think it was about $250 when I bought it but its now 9 years old and still fine.
  8. Hugs westiemum - sorry I didn't see this earlier. Take care and look after yourself.
  9. If you want Training in Drive focused type of private training especially for competition obedience I suggest Synergy Dog Training :). Nicole is awesome and trained under Steve's mentorship for many years.
  10. My friends have Aussies and I have BCs. Like anything there are individual differences in dogs in both breeds. I know as far as BCs are concerned there is a huge variation in energy level and temperament just as there are Aussies with huge variation in temperament. For instance one of my BCs would be considered super high drive but she is nervy around strangers and really doesn't cope with kids whereas my other girl is high drive (but with an off-switch) and has been bred to have a super stable temperament and is excellent with young children. I would think as far as coat goes they are pretty comparable. There are certainly lines of more moderate energy Aussies around but its definitely worth finding a breeder who knows there breeding lines and can properly assess what puppy might be most appropriate for your particular circumstance.
  11. Is he on any meds if you think he is in pain? Maybe talk to a vet about adequate pain control if he isn't or altering what he is already on if he is. Not saying it will help but I know how important good pain management is for my girl and how much of a reduced threshold of tolerance to things when she is in pain.
  12. One of mine does actually go in fairly close and air snap but its harmless so we don't worry about it. She hasn't trialled. The one I trial is naturally a distance worker and no has never shown an inclination to put teeth on the sheep.
  13. My herding dog has been trained in herding using only positive reinforcement. We don't have stock access to practice consistently but she has managed a started title. Its mostly been about setting up what we are after and attaching a command when she is readily offering the behavior. There is absolutely no way I could use an external reinforcement - food or toy as she won't take either on stock. We use tugs, toys and food in other contexts so when we train agility and obedience but herding is purely access to stock and being allowed to work. It took a little longer to get a reliable stop and impulse control on her but with a bit of maturity it started to happen anyway. The key was setting her up for success and growing behaviors incrementally.
  14. Sorry to hear about the sad situation - An option which is local might be to contact Tracey Henderson/Australian Veterinary Behavior Services - https://www.avbs.net.au/ It won't be cheap but they do have a plan established for dogs who have had orders placed on them. They are a local Adelaide based service. https://www.avbs.net.au/our-consultations/dangerous-dog-behaviour-consultation
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