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  1. my BC x also LOVES crotches Poor Rocky actually comes to the name "buttsniffer". UNfortunately for visitors at my house, this is a slope from the house to the parking area and Rocky has no brakes....... One visitor proceeded to tell us (after Rocky had slammed nose first into her crotch) that he "gynie punched" her
  2. Chequeredblackdog came about from .........errrr....... DOL= dog forum hence DOG, and I like black dogs, and white dogs, and dogs with cheques ( especially dogs CARRYING cheques! Preferably for ME and for ginoromous sums of money! :D ) ahem...
  3. My White BC cross always gets lambs following and trying to suckle off him in lambing season, though admittedly he DOES look like a sheep! I've found that my sisters Terrier cross doesn't recognise my other 3 dogs if she sees them through a door/window She goes absolutely BALLISTIC until we open the door and she smells them, then its like 'oh yeah, it's Sadie/Rocky/Reggie' and she does it almost daily! The first time my Kelpie pup saw pomeranians you could almost see his eyes bug out and his jaw drop, he nearly fell over! Even after close inspection I don't think he could believe they were really dogs!
  4. My Dogs (4) all know how much they can get away with, and with who. If I open a door they wait for me to go through first, the rest of the family.... well lets say they have to be careful not to be trampled! Also 2 of them are on diets and I have my family on strict instructions not to feed them, but they know if they bug someone else that isn't me..... one of them will relent and feed them!The whole "awww... poor dogs haven't you been fed?" or to me " gee your mean, you mustn't fed them enough! They're still hungry!" Likewise, my sister's terrier X obeys me when noone is there to 'save' her. If my mum or sister is there, she knows all she has to do is run to them and look sad/cute!
  5. Beautiful king parrot you have there oh hang on do they have blue i know they look like that HMMM actually she's an eclectus :D Most people think she's a Rosella "wow! that's the biggest rosella I've ever seen!"
  6. My pack is hard to get together all at once..... sigh. The Doogies ;) L-R(Sadie: Border Collie, Tess: Terrier X, Reggie: Kelpie, Rocky: Border Collie wannabe) The Boyz- Reggie and Rocky Tess and Calliope (cat) OH! and i can't forget Kirabo! (oops)
  7. My pup Reggie is a bona fide hoarder! He will collect anything that takes his fancy. Missing clothes? Check Reggie's crate. Shoes? Check Reggie's crate. Coathangers? cutlery? the honey jar? Yep! Check Reggie's crate! And his absolute favourite? Stuffed Toys! He has a pile already but if he sights another one... it has to be his too! He definately is a kleptomaniac...... sigh.
  8. I was bitten on the face by a Dalmation when I was three,I know my mum and dad made sure that I sent time with friendly dogs, one of which was a neighbours HUGE male GSD Luckily the incident, thanks to my parents sense (and probably my animal obsessed nature), didn't have a tramatic or lasting effect on me :D I'm with Ruralpug about the small "precious babies". Dachsunds in particular, I've almost lost digits on a couple of occasions. Apart from the "precious babies" I find my wariness tends to be more situational.
  9. ......I don't like to think how much I spend. 4 Dogs, 3 Cats, 3 Eclectus Parrots, a Quaker Parakeet and a god-zillion fish! I work at Petbarn (<3 the employee discount!) Though unfortunately I think it actually encourages me to buy more, more often! ARGH!
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