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  1. Hi Animal House / Caz I've got something to add. Evil hound is doing well, except these days she HATES all Poodle Crosses and I have a scar on my leg that looks like a vampire got me from when I got between her snappy self and a rather old and decrepid poodle cross who had done zero to deserve her "special" attention. She spends a lot of time on lead now. And today I got another email from the insurance company saying they had made a mistake in the policy they emailed out to me - and I will "shortly receive an updated and correct version" of my insurance policy details. So I s
  2. Hi all I just got my renewal. It was up from last year 20% to about $950 for my 11 yo cattle dog mix. It has gone up between 20% and 30% every year whether I had a claim or not. This renewal also had the co-payment go up 20% and the cover reduced from 80% to 60% and the payout limits have not changed since I first took out the insurance nearly 11 years ago. It has increased over 400% since I took out the policy and the cover has been steadily reduced. So today I ring up the number to cancel it. I wait on hold about 2 minutes to talk to a human and have to poke some details o
  3. thank you Scottsmum and Persephone I have passed on the info. The family has a lot of thinking to do. They have had dogs before - I think they've got one now but it isn't specifically trained to help with the autism symptoms (not sure which ones need help - I didn't want to get too nosey about it).
  4. Autism assistance dog - can anyone recommend someone who can help train this kind of dog in NSW. I have a friend who lives in Young who would like to get a dog to help his daughter - needs to train it to be good in crowds. We're also looking for breed, and breeder suggestions or rescue people who would have something suitable up to about 1 yo (tho I told my friend it might be more difficult to train a 1yo for this). I suggested a beagle. he likes the idea of a Jack Russell - so anyone who breeds really laid back JRT - would be worth asking too. The daughter is very good at
  5. my dog prefers to drink from the running tap than the bowl under it... she won't drink water from any bowl when we're travelling or at competitons. I get round this by having a bottle of yogurt and water mixed. I also get her to drink from a sports drink bottle that I squeeze so she can drink out of the "running tap"... And she doesn't like drinking from a bowl that another dog has spat in.. and her best friend for each unit of water she drinks - leaves a unit of spit behind in the bowl so they can't share. But find a really menky bucket of water that has been breeding mozzies and alga
  6. I am a bit late... The dog and cat management act and regulations were "updated" in july last year but as best I can tell the rules about attack haven't changed much. There is a defence against the attack rule - about the dog being reasonably used to protect person or property but the wording is very vague - theoretically a dog ought to be able to defend itself against an attacking child. But with these things dogs are guilty until proven innocent and have very few rights. Parents are crap at supervising toddlers - if you go by the number of toddlers that drown in their
  7. I have a cattle dog cross. She has met the occasional cane toad and pretty much left it alone - but every dog is different - you'd want to supervise (no licking). She's not good with snakes... I haven't given her the opportunity to find out if she will deal with them the same as cats she doesn't know ie stay out of reach and bark a lot, or if she will have a go. She likes to carry mice around and then let them go unharmed (mostly) same with crickets (tho they didn't always keep all their legs). But another cattle dog I lived with would dispatch rodents no problem. So diff
  8. Yes avoiding blue to blue matings is a good idea. But there is still the problem that the blue does not meet the breed standard and if the black dog had a blue parent - you still have a higher risk for problems that go with that colour. You should be concerned about that part. What is "reg testing"? Have you actually seen any of the documentation? Maybe "reg testing" is only to check fertility - and not about preventing genetic problems in puppies.
  9. Yeah there was one with the dog licking its nose. I get the exact same expression - when my dog wants something ie food... and she knows there is food to be had. And i can't tell from the photo whether the dog is looking at someone with food or looking away from something that makes it feel uncomfortable or it wants to appease. If the quiz said that the focus of the dog's attention was where the camera is - then maybe I would have scored higher... but erm I couldn't tell if the dog was looking towards something upsetting / exciting or away from it...
  10. @Little Gifts I am continuously surprised at the limitless supply of stupid people. I have indeed seen people with babies having picnics on the ground inside of quite small dog parks. I don't know why. Maybe they brought a dog and wanted to be somewhere it couldn't nick off if it was off lead? Around here - it's often not clear that it's a dog off lead area. And dogs are often off lead when and where they are not supposed to be. When evil hound was a puppy we were at the beach playing with a kelpie that I thought would help me bring my dog back to me as I had very little if any
  11. I got 12/19 and I would have some good arguing about the interpretation of some of the photos. If there was video that showed movement that might be a little bit easier. eg were the ears really up and back or down and back? was the mouth really relaxed or not? were those eyes wide open or not - I don't think so... stuff like that. ie sometimes I didn't think the description matched the picture so I got a lot wrong. Plus my dog - I know her and some of the descriptions do not result in the behaviours suggested... especially the submission type ones.
  12. PPS this seems to be the original version - haven't listened to the recording yet but... https://www.3aw.com.au/neil-mitchell-should-children-be-banned-from-off-lead-dog-parks/ Neil Mitchell 3aw talking to Neil McMahon - journalist and clueless dog owner. This is the kind of thing that makes me wish dog owners had to pass a written test before they are allowed to own or look after a dog. To show they know how to care for the dog and they know the dog rules and they know where to get help for training if they need it.
  13. Ps this is a good reframe of the problem - from the grumpy dog owner POV he just wants to say hi https://kamalfernandez.blog/2017/09/22/he-just-wants-to-say-hello/ I would post a link to Susan Clothier's article - which is now an e-book with help for the rude dog owners and "free" - if you hand over your address details and etc. FFS. found a better link. I don't know why it didn't work the first time. https://suzanneclothier.com/article/just-wants-say-hi/
  14. our beaches are definitely shared areas - people who come to just enjoy the beach usually have no clue what the "dog rules" are unless they own a dog. Most of the dog owners have no clue either. So I leash my dog every time we go past children, and often if we go past anyone that does not have a dog tho it's pretty easy these days to keep her away from those people, and on leash if I see bicycles !!! or the local ranger or garbage ute or other vehicles. And for every poodle cross except the ones she is friends with (which confuses the hell out of poodle crosses she's not friends with
  15. every summer at my fave off lead beach - there are mass crab deaths after hot days... and the Labradors have a great time cleaning them up. The main problem would be over eating. Puffer fish - definitely kill a dog. Dead crabs - not so much.
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