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  1. Did you read the gum tree pet policy link. Registered breeders are meant to provide evidence to buyers - including membership numbers and licence details. Whether they are ANKC or registered with something else. If you asked the general public what they thought a registered dog breeder was - I think you'd get a description of ANKC whether they knew the name of it or not.
  2. Lol. I was lucky - the flip top bin attacked my dog as a puppy and she's given it plenty of room ever since. Tho I don't put anything yummy like the smoked salmon packet in there. Those go directly to the sulo bin outside. Evil hound has always respected the sulo bins too - I don't know why.
  3. yes but you have to meet a bunch of criteria described in the link. Like provide your ANKC controlling body membership number to a would be buyer so they can check. And microchip and vaccinate (but I think all the dog sellers have to do this now)... And then you have to meet the ANKC code of ethics. I have noticed more ANKC registered breeders advertising but as best I can tell they say "ANKC registered" and are very specific about what you get regards paper and puppy. I don't think that's what happened for OP. The gum tree ads where it just says "registered breeder" and doesn't provide any ANKC stuff like membership number or prefix... those are the ones "Registered with council" not ANKC and may or may not be puppy farms. Personally I think that people who think they are buying from a registered breeder - expect ANKC registered and papers and all that. So it really helps if the ad is clear. If the ad is unclear - I wonder what else they're avoiding telling us that we'd want to know.
  4. A lot of them aren't on the web or even here... If you know what state she's supposed to be registered in - you can phone that organisation eg DogsNSW or DogsVic and ask them to confirm the breed prefix and litter registrations and maybe contact details. Ie each breeder to be registered has to pay an annual fee and they get a "journal" which lists all the registered litters.... and new breeder prefixes etc. But it's still very paper based. They have to pay another fee to get listed on the organising body's website. Hence a lot list here instead (cheaper - basic listings are free). And strangely a lot of puppies come with fleas. I think most of the flea treatments are not suitable for puppies (under 6 weeks) or lactating bitches (mothers) - tho you think the breeder would make an effort to keep the environment clean and flea free. But all it takes is one cat to jump the fence and share - tho what flea ridden stray cat would jump in with Amstaff - I don't know. ANKC registered breeders - are not immune to flea ridden puppies unfortunately. And some think you can vaccinate with homeopathy - which is very scary. PS the puppy should be microchipped. That should help Dogs Vic or DogsNSW look up the puppies if you have the chip number. You may need to get a vet to check, but you need to see the vet about vaccinations and flea and worming plans anyway. And if you want to get pet insurance it's a good idea to get a vet to do a general check to avoid problems with denied claims cos of "pre-existing".
  5. WA? I haven't used any of these people. I have seen them recommended on various forums. I have heard Kathy on the radio answering dog training questions from the public, and I liked her answers. Kathy Kopellis McLeod Sonya Bevan Behavioural trainer (doesn't run classes but could make recommendations) how to choose a trainer Apdt - has a trainer directory so you can search by location and for classes. Any of these should be able to recommend someone in your area if they aren't right for you. And vets often run puppy pre-schools or could recommend classes. and you might also be able to find an agility club that does puppy classes.
  6. This may also be fraud. You could ask your local consumer rights organisation. You would need a copy of the gumtree ad and anything that supports that he described one thing and provided another. Fake papers would be good evidence. Usually when they say "registered breeder" on Gumtree - they mean with the local council and gumtree sets a max price of $500. But if they are claiming ANKC registration - there are a number of requirements they must meet and provide to any buyer. So you could also report them to gumtree.
  7. my accountants - have never let me claim anything related to playing and umpiring hockey - they regarded that as a hobby... and as best I could tell - so did the ATO - despite the fact I was making more money at umpiring than I was in the business they did allow me to have an ABN and claim. Weird. If you have dog breeding and showing related qualifications eg tafe certificates in animal husbandry and you made more than you lost - maybe that would be a business? I would get a second opinion... There are a number of relevant pages on the ATO website but right now it seems to be broken.
  8. I dunno if these breeders did the right thing and were misunderstood or there was some miscommunication or they were dishonest about what they were offering. I don't think I'd put a deposit down with a breeder I didn't know at least face to face or was friends with someone I knew face to face and I could go see their place and meet the parent dog and see the puppies. But then again - every time I visit my country cousins - they know about some over excited border collie puppy that needs a home... Or kelpie... or mix. And there's one lady at dog club that has a ready supply of fosters... so I probably wouldn't be putting down giant deposits on a pedigree show farm dog... Well there are a couple of lines I'd consider - but I know the dogs and breeders - not well but face to face. And they probably wouldn't need to ask for deposits... ie they'd have so many would be owners lined up that if one dropped out (ill health or whatever), there'd be 10 more queued up that they know face to face. So many buyers behave badly - I suspect these outnumber the breeders in terms of treating puppy buying the same way they treat buying a lawn mower... walk into 6 shops - and then buy off the net and never let the other sellers know they found their product elsewhere.
  9. Border Collies for starters... Also Weimeraners, Great Danes, Deerhounds, Koolies... Yeah I can see a misunderstanding between breeder and would be buyer here - if you said you wanted a female - then... they might only have two females - but lots of males. Given ANKC breeders are supposed to be breeding to improve the breed, and have homes lined up for all potential puppies - ahead of time... then it's rare you get to choose which puppy you get at all, unless you have already established a good relationship with the breeder. I know someone who got told they were getting a puppy and then suddenly - that there were no puppies available - and later got told that there were health problems in the litter - which is extremely off putting. We still don't know what happened, only that no puppy from that breeder for my friend. But I can imagine if the breeder was dealing with sick dogs and puppies - they would not be at their puppy buyer consoling best. They'd have other priorities.
  10. I would also check out the agility competitions or herding competitions... There's a massive agility (and obedience and etc) competition being run in Mt Gambier over Easter. And there will be agility all day at West Beach on the 29th April. There are some breeders that also do agility - but anyone with a border collie at an agility or herding competition would be worth talking to. A working line border collie might be more robust than a show line one - tho there are some breeders who do both - that's what you want - someone who keeps good records of what pairings they do (pedigrees) - and also selects for robustness, strength and ability to do what border collies do. There are some really nasty hereditary diseases border collies can get like - exercise induced collapse, or Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (possibly the worst one - your puppy will die young) or adverse (death) reaction to common flea treatments. And both parents can seem fine but if they're both carrying the wrong gene and it doubles up - the puppy will have the disease full blown (not just a carrier and unaffected directly). Always ask to see the testing results for the parent dog choices - in writing. Eg photocopies. Border collies can be a lot more demanding than Golden Retrievers. Border collies like to have a job to do all the time. And a bored fit border collie can cause major problems at home. So it really helps if you are into daily trick training and exercise. Wearing their brains out with learning new things is more important than taking them for long runs but long runs are also important. Ps have you looked at "Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers"? They also can have their health problems but the ones I see around (Agility competitions etc) seem healthier than the golden retrievers I see around.
  11. In SA - the ANKC breeders have to list their litters with the SACA journal. So there is a written record of how many puppies are in the litter. I think it is possibly fraud to make misleading statements about how many puppies in the litter and what choice the would be buyer has. But if you went to civil court - to claim - they like to award what the fraud has cost you - so how has this made you "out of pocket". Punitive damages are mostly a USA thing. So are damages for "emotional distress". If they are ANKC registered - there is a code of ethics. I couldn't find anything specific about misrepresenting how many puppies are in a litter. There is something more general about not bringing the ANKC into disrepute - which this kind of behaviour - could be argued makes all ANKC breeders look bad. But was it an ANKC registered breeder or just a breeder registered with their local council (also known as a "registered breeder"). This would be in direct breach of quite a few ANKC code of ethics and some states (NSW?) companion animal breeding laws. Hopefully very few ANKC breeders do that and they all get reported. I think Uni NSW is collecting data on hereditary diseases by breed and vets can report their findings to that - including a dog's genetic ancestry (pedigree). This might be worth doing. Summaries by breed and by disease used to be available online but they don't seem to be at the moment (LIDA database).
  12. for a lab - snuffle mat (make sure what ever you put in this is deducted from the daily food ration). bob a lot (for dry food) hide the stuffed kong (ie stuff a kong with food and freeze it - normal wet food is ok, I use a bit of kibble in the bottom and then kibble mixed with yogurt if I haven't got any of my home made dog food). This:
  13. Is there some reason that nobody local to you is able to supply you with a puppy. You might have to wait but it can often save a lot of worry and trouble... The local people might have their favourites interstate and that might help too if you ask them. I got one hit for puppies soon (like this month) for NSW and there might be more if I searched for puppies planned... And note - some breeders do not always update their pages here - so might be planning or expecting a litter or have placed all the puppies and not updated their page yet. In which case the breed club or association might be the best place to ask
  14. You can check what database he's on (if it's Australian) using this website. hope that helps. Some of them you can only get on if you go to the vet and get them to verify and enter everything. I tried to get my dog put on the local one my vet uses but the system was down or the link was broken and they couldn't do it and I haven't tried again.
  15. Brisbane and Sydney would be done now? Any reports? What did you take with you, what did you wish you had that you forgot to take with you... What was it like. I'm doing Adelaide (without my dog).