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  1. Are prawn tails/carapaces ok?

    every summer at my fave off lead beach - there are mass crab deaths after hot days... and the Labradors have a great time cleaning them up. The main problem would be over eating. Puffer fish - definitely kill a dog. Dead crabs - not so much.
  2. Hidden Fence containment

    I've seen them used successfully - you have to do the right training and you have to have a dog that is not "collar smart". Personally - i think I'd rather not. It does mean putting an electric collar on your dog and teaching them the "escape" method ie to escape the zap - you must come back here... I'm thinking if you can train that - you can train them not to nick off. It is possible depending on the collar - for a frightened dog (eg thunderstorm) to blast through the fence pain and keep going and then the collar will be out of range - but they can't get back home cos they will be zapped returning. The fence at the house I'm in at the moment is not secure if my dog decided to jump it - and she's trained to jump agility... So i don't leave her outside alone when I'm not home. There are many reasons to keep a dog inside when you're not home... can't eat baits, and it's more of a deterrent to thieves, council can't take your dog...
  3. Dogs love us, not just for the food..

    or even the original article...with better pictures eg a dog in an MRI - new book for the christmas list now... Study on dogs and love and food https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/08/science/gregory-berns-dogs-brains.html Dr Gregory Berns, 53, a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta, spends his days scanning the brains of dogs, trying to figure out what they're thinking. The research is detailed in a new book, What It's Like to Be a Dog.
  4. I never got to see the power hour... might have been done on an internet free day. The final IYC video is still up on the FB page as best I can tell... The FB Page "Free Dog Training Workshop" https://www.facebook.com/groups/freedogtrainingworkshop/ Susan Garrett Q and A (take the spaces out if you're cutting and pasting the link to another browser like I do) The link works if you're on the facebook account where you have access to the page ie only members of the page can view. ht tps://www.fa cebook.com/susan.garrett1/videos/10213848677949959/ https://www.facebook.com/susan.garrett1/videos/10213848677949959/ The original instruction video is here - she's done some additions and edits for the summit but essentially red cattle dog that likes to bark a lot... its yer choice (IYC) for Tim Ferris - the long version of how you do IYC with the red cattle dog mix. http://dogsthatlisten.com/tim/ 2 hour podcast full of good stuff... Podcast on dog training with Susan Garrett and Tim Ferris http://tim.blog/2016/11/14/susan-garrett/ Agility page... (less active at the moment) https://www.facebook.com/groups/H360FreeAgilityWorkshop/ Other stuff *start updated 6th Sept 2017* with fb live Susan on the Verandah doing selfie - this one is a bit woo (not enough evidence based stuff) 7 tips to help your dog live a long and healthy life! Tip 5 Video on importance of trimming dog nails Dr Leslie Woodcock - includes Susan's blog link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM4HQDb1Ef0 tip 6 (11mins 30 seconds in) - nutrition supplements DOGgeviti ~ http://doggeviti.com/ Coupon code: SAYYES10 and 1-TDC http://1-tdc.com/ *end updated 6th Sept 2017* sdfs
  5. Potential Owner Seeking a Breeder

    what - like this one? Samoyds are lovely dogs.
  6. Hi all Ian Dunbar Q and A about an hour good stuff 5 mins in reactive dog stuff about 18 mins in (maybe earlier) how to layer up foundations... first you do this then this then this... about 34 mins in - he talks about puppy fear period - the science is bad on this (tiny sample size, appalling setup of experiment, no control on variables) - ie no evidence for that. But lots of good evidence for the importance of "socialisation" from the second the puppies are born - that gentle handling and good experiences with humans is very good for puppies future relationships with humans. w ww.fac ebook.com/doctor iandunbar/videos/10159186675 970117/
  7. Just HOW many steps? Sheepdog in Spalding, SA .

    I didn't think shearing or crutching could be done without mustering... erm I'm sure someone will tell the reporter (spot the city slicker).
  8. Variable reinforcement schedule

    i'm completely biased in favor of Susan Garrett's training - mods might delete this cos it's a shameless plug But she's doing something called an "its yer choice" summit - with so far about five or six videos going through how to train its yer choice. If you search "free dog training workshop" on facebook and find a big purple banner - that's it. And there's links in there to her webpage for it which has links to all the videos in order (and that will cost you an email address) and some reading material too. Eventually (in about a week or so) she will open up recallers to the mailing list she builds for this. That's for anyone who wants to do recaller$.
  9. Too challenging for beginner

    I think most people want a dog that is easy to house train (out go most of the little dogs and puppy mill specials) easy to recall or train to come when called (out go beagles and most of the spitz and sight hounds) peaceful and tolerant - ie not likely to bite no matter what (oh dear - no terriers) will stay with you and not chase moving things like cars, bikes, joggers... (out go most of the herding breeds At this point there's not many dogs left. And I usually recommend a gold fish. Sometimes a greyhound - because there's usually no expectation of recall with these. Some dogs are easier to forgive when they fail some of these criteria... like small dogs can often get away with poor toilet training and biting and they're not fast enough to catch cars/joggers etc. Other dogs - when it goes to hell - they end up in rescue or worse. Personally - I find the smarter the dog - the more likely it is to be training you - with a similar mind set to a toddler ie wants what it wants right now and does not always make the best decisions in its own best interest. You can see that with dogs that charge and rush other dogs and people, dogs that steal food, fat dogs, and dogs that pee where they like. Some dogs are much easier to train than others, some of the easiest dogs to train are the worst if you leave them to their own devices... eg a greyhound can be quite difficult to train, but usually won't destroy more than the bin when left to amuse itself, a border collie can be very easy to train but will cause the most destruction if left to amuse itself. It's owner choice - if owner does not want to train dogs - I try to recommend goldfish.
  10. Fipronil (= Frontline) egg scandal

    Hopefully less mites and lice on the true free range chooks here ie stocking rates of 1500 per hectare (not 10,000 per hectare like coles and woolies redefined free range).
  11. Accommodation for Trip across Nullabor

    that would be close to double the adelaide prices at the moment. I also found that driving a 100 series landcruiser at 110km/h does horrible things to my fuel economy too. Ie I have to fill up more often. I guess we're being a bit Nularbor focussed... When coming from Melbourne to Adelaide I like to detour via the fast road to Geelong and then cut across towards Coonawarra and stay at my cousins place - they do a farm stay near Poolajelo (called Ardmeen). I follow the Aspley Border Inn on facebook (since my cousins and surrounding farmers took it over) and really looking forward to having a meal there too. Penola has some great lunch places - not sure about accommodation cos always have family in the area to stay with. Apart from the farm stay. Which I like. http://www.apsley.vic.au/accommodation_&_meals.html The coast road would be pretty too... It does get a bit stinky around the Coorong tho. Do not let anyone walk out on the mud - you will have to throw the shoes away...
  12. Beach proof gear

    The sensation front attach harness - didn't rust when I had it at the beach. I don't use it any more tho - it was just for training. Would be interested if people know of dog collars that don't stretch when they get wet (like the Rogz do). They've brought out a swimmer's version http://www.softouchconcepts.com/product/swim-sense-ation
  13. Accommodation for Trip across Nullabor

    last time I was there (and it was a while ago)... Cocklebiddy was a bit down market. Beware of going off track and camping near bushes or trees on the nullarbor proper - because ... the shrubby stuff marks sink holes and caves - ie that's where they get water... and I nearly fell in one looking for enough bushes for a toilet stop. Eucla near the WA/SA border is really nice - and has varying types of accommodation (camping, cabins thru motel) and a nice restaurant/cafe/ hamburger shop. Fuel costs lots. Like double the expensive price in the cities. Plan to stop about an hour before dusk... cos you don't want to be on the road when the roos are. You might want to visit the whale watch station at "head of the bight" (look at whales from cliff top board walks $) but I think in Sept there will not be many there - it's a July thing. The whales are amazing if they're around. OK I'd be wrong... if you go in Sept they're usually around. As you drive in - you can ask the people driving out about whether there are any whales to be seen that day. http://headofbight.com.au/whale-watching I really liked staying at / near Fowlers Bay. There's a nice (basic and clean) motel there with bbqs outside - not sure if they let you have dogs. Awesome beach, jetty, fishing and dunes if you're into 4WD. But back then - I knew people connected to the owners and the local service station at Nundroo. It's an hour or so off the main road tho and you do not want to be on it in the dark (hopping critters). A bit further East from Fowlers Bay is the very famous surf and shark beach called "cactus beach"... lots of camping there but I think it's dirt roads in. Ceduna still has an awesome bakery. And I like to go visit the arid lands botanic gardens - just north of Port Augusta. I think they have a nice place for lunch there. heaps of touristy things to visit all around that coast line - just don't let anyone fall off the cliffs. And when I've been swimming in those areas (will be very cold in Sept) - I have had seals, and dolphins join me and didn't notice any sharks. But pretty sure there are always sharks around. And dolphins up close have scary big teeth.
  14. Puppy and Children interaction / general training

    about your daughter cuing dog... I think it works like new cue then old cue > dog does thing > reward... and eventually the new cue will work by itself. But you can make it into a training session... so that pattern would look like daughter cues dog, you cue dog same thing, dog does thing - reward comes from your daughter. Dog will figure it out - she seems pretty clever (got the kisses game worked out).
  15. Advice on dog breed with limited shedding

    I just filled up a stick vac with my shelter dog's shedding... in ten minutes and I sweep every couple of days with a static mop...