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  1. Considering pet sitting and dog walking requires no skills or experience I think any course can only be seen as a good thing! How sanguine you are :) Have a look at [**kirty**'s thread - I think it was **kirty**, I'll check]. She is an extremely experienced animal person and still had an event. In another person's hands, this could have been disastrous. I think Clyde means that anyone can do it. It's not like for example, teaching where you do actually need a degree to get the job. Us "dog people" on Dol might go looking for someone with credentials and proper training as we know
  2. Considering pet sitting and dog walking requires no skills or experience I think any course can only be seen as a good thing!
  3. GP. I believe they are softer than the Maremmas.
  4. Put him out in the garden. He's a puppy He will love digging, eating dirt and doing what puppies should do in natural light and sunshine. He will toilet all over your deck and then you will have to break the habit. He will then eat the deck, as puppies do.
  5. I don't put anything in ears. I check them each groom but have found if I don't use product and the clients sticks to that too then they stay clean themselves (once they break through the oily stage which usually happens once you stop using product). If they have a large ear leather and its a little dirty then I use Kleo Ear Cleaner (I don't put it in ear, I squirt on cotton ball and wipe), otherwise I carefully clean it when they are being bathed. It (Kleo) is a rebranded product of the old Leo cleaner which is great stuff and has not ever caused an issue. I don't like putting anything in
  6. I agree. As soon as clients stop using that stuff, ears clear up. I'm lucky in that my local vet and I are on the same wave length and our opinions seem to bounce off each other, most of the time - Epiotic aside. Years ago I would bend over backwards trying to help clients with minor issues that they would otherwise see a vet. I don't anymore. Now I send the dogs off to a vet, ears, skin, anal glands etc. I don't do anal glands and I generally don't pluck ears, if it comes out easily I will do it a little but I don't do the hard core plucking if it's say a Schnauzer who has never been do
  7. I wouldn't treat her after an overnight toilet trip. Just keep it quiet, don't look at her, keep it dark etc, you don't want to stimulate her or condition her to expect a treat, when you want her to go back to sleep. Good luck, she sounds adorable - some pups are more challenging than others!
  8. Reading back what I wrote I sounded a bit snippy, sorry! But yeh, he's down a couple of men and his older dog is getting too exhausted hence bringing in the new girl. thanks Jrg, no grey vets here I don't think but I'll pass it on.
  9. What do you mean by needled please TSD? Thanks
  10. It's not really what I asked Persephone. He is trying to find a way around having to resort to that. He has brought the dog in as he is desperately short staffed so no, he can't do without an "employee" for any amount of time. If he can't find a way around it then he will opt to spey, but a $3500 working dog, he would rather keep entire for now. Hence wanting to look at something temporary for the bitch rather than the dog.
  11. My neighbour has just phoned to ask some questions about his dogs. He has registered, pedigree working Kelpies. His main dog is about 5yrs old and entire, he has just brought in an 18 month old bitch. He would like to keep them both entire but is concerned about the bitch when she's in season. His sheep station is not his place of residence but he goes there each day to work and he has farm hands also with entire working dogs. He is concerned about one of them getting to his bitch. He is hoping there is something he can give the bitch to temporarily stop her seasons. If worse comes to w
  12. I bet you end up with one then
  13. Most of mine do all of the above except Fetch. I think you can train any lgd to do basic commands, it's just a matter of if they want to comply at the time of command!
  14. When did that happen? Is he the dog in your avatar? I've always loved his smiling face.
  15. Megan, yes you can bait outdoors. I use bait stations to ensure the baits don't ever get dragged around. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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