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  1. Jeanka, I think a dog owner like you should spend as little time as possible without a dog. You sound like a caring person with a big heart, I think your little dobe has come to the right place and when it's time for her to go on her next journey, the only people who can decide on getting another dog, is you and the people who will share its life with you. In the meanwhile, I wish your little pup strength and improved health.
  2. Thank you for your replies everyone. After reading all your replies, I've made a decision based on skip's comment "With the halti I can prevent the dog from eyeballing another dog." As Jack is quite fear aggressive, I need to be able to redirect his gaze and I'm not sure a rear-clipping halter would give me that option. I've been using Casper's old Black Dog Halter but find when he lowers his head to sniff at something, the halter forms a loop that he sometimes gets his paws caught up in. I've been looking at getting him a "Dogalter" halter so if anyone has any feedback on those, I'd love to hear it!
  3. Thank you for your reply SG. I have the leash clipped onto the head halter and a martingdale collar. I figure I'm less likely to give him whiplash this way! If he's being good, I slip the halter off his nose but if I see a dog in the distance or he starts to pull, I slip it back on. I've had Jack for less than 2 months now so we're still getting to know each other. He's starting to learn that I'm a little more stubborn than he is. We're seeing a behaviorist next week to help out with some other issues. Thanks for your input!
  4. My foster, Jack, was a shocker to take for a walk when he first came to us. He has the strength of an ox and to top it all is fear aggressive towards other dogs so I need good control over him. I started using a front clipping head halter that I had and it has made a huge difference. We now have relaxed walks and he is more likely to heel when I ask him to. I was having a look on the internet and I see that you can buy head halters that clip behind the head. Has anyone used the rear clipping types? Are they better than the front clipping ones?
  5. I am so very sorry for your loss westiemum. I don't come into the Rainbow Bridge forum often as it breaks my heart. I also cannot read your tribute to Mac as I know it will have me in tears. Your love for each other had no boundaries, there is no better life a dog could ask for. Remember, Mac is not gone, he is sleeping in your heart. Sending you big hugs at this difficult time.
  6. Thank you for all the suggestions everyone, you're very helpful It's interesting to note that everyone seems to use something different! I used to use Heartgard Plus and Advantix for my two dogs in the past. I will have a look at all the websites you provided and pick something accordingly. Your help is greatly appreciated
  7. Happy New Year everyone! I'm after suggestions on what flea and heartworm prevention you all use on your dogs, whether you recommend it and where the cheapest online place to buy them is. I cannot remember what site I used to buy from when I had dogs last. Thanks!
  8. It turns out Jack is not too anxious at all and has settled in nicely. He already follows us around the house and seems eager to please. Considering he's been through so many homes, it's amazing how he's picking up on what's expected of him. My problem at the moment is when we go for a walk. He is extremely strong and extremely dog aggressive. I am working on his "heel" and I can tell he's been trained on this before. I'm guessing his last couple of homes have not worked on him walking nicely on the lead. I also don't think he used to get many walks (he's fat and unfit) so he gets really excited. I can work on his "heel" but he goes ballistic when he sees another dog...even if it's across the road. As I say, he is very strong and it takes all my strength to keep him from running off (with me attached!).
  9. Ok people, there was no need to panic. Jack has been here 4 hours and has already made himself comfortable. He has destroyed 2 tennis balls and a fluffy dog ball. OH was outside hitting a tennis ball with a golf club and Jack kept taking it into the flower bed. I may have to replace some smaller plants. They are both passed out in the lounge now. I think all will be well. Thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement. Thank you for your kind words Di, you had more faith than me. Question, can I still be White Shepherd mom without a White Shepherd?
  10. Thanks Staffyluv. It took me so long to type my previous reply that you got yours in first! So, you take them for a walk the moment you get them home? That's interesting. Thank you for the tips. If he seems relaxed by Sunday evening, I'll take him for a walk, otherwise I'll let him settle for another day and gauge him again on Monday. Unfortunately he will be home alone on Monday as I have to go to work but OH is on holidays from Tuesday onwards. I'll be able to pop in at lunch time on Monday and spend 1/2 an hour with him.
  11. Thank you so much for all the suggestions. We had a meet and greet last weekend and he was very friendly and happy, bringing his ball to my OH. I'm hoping it won't take him too long to accept us. I will be getting some really yummy treats to encourage his less anxious behaviour. Kirislin, I don't have a crate and I don't know if Jack is crate trained. If he's anything like my Bella was when I first got her, he'll probably hide behind the sofa until he's ready to face the world! raineth, I'm surprised you say not to take him for a walk until he trusts me. I was going to do this for a couple of days but not for a couple of weeks. He will have access to the garden and initially only the lounge. I'll slowly introduce him to the rest of the house when he gets more relaxed. I'll get some bones and chew-treats tonight. Little Gifts, unfortunately I don't have other dogs. I know when I got Bella 13 years ago, it really helped that I already had Casper. They were the same age and he was bomb-proof. He'd go and talk to her behind the sofa, then they would tear around the garden before she would go into hiding again. Re the yawning bit, I started yawning the moment you mentioned it! I shall try this too as well as the massage... I'm thinking of just going about my business without fussing over him and stressing him until he's ready to join the family. Is there anything I need to do when driving him home?
  12. On Saturday I am collecting my first foster dog. Apparently he is around 8 and has been abused in the past and has been moved from home to home. The foster carer who has him now can not look after him any more as she works away from home for weeks at a time. When she is away, her brother looks after him. The dog has been in this home for about 4-6 months. Apparently he gets quite anxious. I have some rescue remedy which I will take with me on Saturday and ask his current carer to put some on his head before I take him. Beyond that, I could use some suggestions to help him ease into his new home. I am not looking at using an adaptil or thundershirt until I know how bad he is. I know there is a wealth of knowledge and experience on Dol so please share!
  13. After being dogless for over 12 months (and hating it), we have decided to foster. If all goes well, I should be collecting the young man on Saturday. Apparently he is 7 years old and he is a large dog so I should probably ease him into some senior food (he also needs to lose a couple of kgs!) So what's new and improved with regards to dog food, treats, etc. What bones are ok to give, is BARF (the prepackaged stuff) still good, what's a good dry food? What are good supplements, flea and heartworm treatments? I really haven't kept up with it all so your suggestions are needed! Thanks!
  14. I am so sorry for your loss sarsaparilla. Your boy was so lucky to be loved by you. Nothing I say will make the pain go away so I'm just sending you hugs.
  15. You don't let go. You keep them with you long after you've said goodbye. You gave your girl the best care, during her life and at the end. I'm crying for your loss and for mine. sending you hugs.
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