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  1. spoke to a man on the phone at the council today and made a report but he said he can't exactly do anything about the fact that he attacked caliber which is fair enough because i don't have enough evidence or their details but he'll send out a patrol around the time they're usually there because their dog's not meant to be off leash on a public footpath so with the details i've given them i'm pretty sure he'll spot them right away! he's given me a after hours direct number to the patrol man just incase something like that happens again or if i see it happen to someone else and he said to call
  2. i can only do it first thing in the morning tomorrow (contact the council) or an animal managemenet officer which i never knew even existed but i'll contact the council first and see what they say, i'll keep you guys posted as to what happens.
  3. If you're interested in obedience trialling, at some point you just have to take the plunge and go out and train on your own (or with a friend) ;) 5 minutes of fun fast-paced training and then put the dog away for a break. 45 minutes of solid anything isn't enjoyable for anyone. sounds good it really isn't enjoyable.
  4. I always have two dog lead in my hand, if another dog was biting either of my two, I would whack the dog with the leads. Too much risk to put my foot or leg in the way. good idea ;)
  5. i've been completely flat out today so i didn't get around to do anything about it would it matter if i went to the council tomorrow? luckily, he's actually got no marks on him or anything and he's perfectly fine. to be honest, if it was a small dog i rekon it probably would've ended pretty bad and there's so many tiny dogs around those beaches! if anyone from adelaide reads this thread and goes to somerton/brighton beach, make sure you guys keep an eye out on this non-english speaking, around 60 years of age, grey haired couple with their their off leash german shepherd that tends to wal
  6. so i'd do it at my council and not the council in the suburb it happened in? and it doesn't matter if you do it the next day? nah, he's okay. if he started bleeding then and there, i definately wouldn't have walked away but then if that happened do you call the cops for that on the spot? i don't know anything about this stuff.
  7. see i've never had to report anything like that before so i don't even know who to report it to? do you have to report it as soon as possible? do you have to give them a description of the people and all that? he actually got pretty scared, i could totally see it in his face but he got over it quickly cause as soon as he saw the next dog he wanted to play and even though that annoys me i'd still rather that than have him fearful of every dog he sees :)
  8. sounds like the obedience place i go to, it's probably the same one! i'm starting to get over it :rolleyes: We got bored in traditional obedience classes too (I think many dogs and owners do!)... not sure why some instructors are determined to suck any fun out of training your dog! i think so too! probably the reason why i never see a lot of them ever again :laugh: i've thought about dropping out at times too, it really isn't fun doing the same repetitive excercise over and over again for 45 minutes when you've got a puppy with a short attention span and the trainer demands to kee
  9. so, me and pup go for a walk along the beach almost every afternoon and there's always this older couple there (don't think they speak english as they're always talking in their language) with their german shepherd that's always off leash i don't think i've ever seen them holding a leash but anyway, their dog tends to walk up to other dogs that are walking past and he's walked up to caliber before (i always have him on leash) but the man came and grabbed him by the back of the skin and pulled him away while yelling before anything happened but tonight we were walking again on the footpath alon
  10. sounds like the obedience place i go to, it's probably the same one! i'm starting to get over it :rolleyes:
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