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  1. Thanks showdown. I ultimately just want our son to be able to see other newfies there. Fingers crossed there are some
  2. I went on the Newfie day and none were there In years gone past there'd always been a few. Fingers crossed for this year
  3. Last year I went to the Ekka all excited to see the pretty Newfie's, only to find out no one was showing them I was wondering if anyone is taking theirs this year?? I see in the schedule that it's on Sunday 11th August
  4. We have had pet insurance with Manchester Unity from day 1 of owning our Newf. our breeders assured us this was imperative with his breed. I wouldn't be without it. At just 27 months old- he's just had his second cruciate surgery. We cotton wooled him- no climbing stairs- no jumping- no horseplay- no encouraging running- and still he I'd it- TWICE!! Our premium accident and illness cover is $23/month with a $200 excess. 80% of vet fees and treatment covered. So worth it. I feel terrible that he's done this to both knees now- but very thankful that we've had insurance.
  5. Thanks for your replies. I am relived in a way that we know what it is and can try and fix it- but still sad that it has happened. From what I read our pet Health insurance (with Manchester unity- that has now become HCF) will cover the surgery and incidentals up to $10K- so we should be fine with the claim. My across the road neighbour is a Vet at the Stafford Emergency Vets- she is away at the moment- but will ask her opinion tomorrow too when she gets home. Our vet said without hesitation that she would send her own pet to Matt Holmes- so I feel quite confident with that. Will let you know how we go
  6. HI We were so very sad to hear today that our beloved MacG looks to have damaged his cruciate ligament in his left hind leg. We have been recommended 2 options- Stafford Veterinary Specialist centre or Matt Holmes at Northlakes Veterinary Centre. I feel sick to my stomach for him being hurt. We have been so careful as o not allow him to go on long walks - or to have rough play- or even throw toys for him. He is a crazy dog on his own and doesn't need any winding up. I was determined to be a giant pet owner who defied odds and had no injuries Has anyone else had their dog have surgery at either of these places? I am also praying that our pet insurance policy pays out on the claim too- we have had it since the day we got him- and he is two years old next week. poor baby MacG
  7. The wool is really soft. There's two types of hair with the Newfie- a coarser top coat and a super soft undercoat.
  8. My heart is aching from reading this. So very saddened to hear of your loss. RIP Buddy xx
  9. Thanks everyone. I am still surprised how good it has turned out. If we kept all his hair we could make enough wool to clothe Antarctic Travellers! So much hair hahahah I will definitely post a pic of the vest once done. Fingers crossed it's cute ????
  10. I should mention the vest is for my 14 month old son- not me.
  11. This is the wool my Aunt made from one bag of Macgyver's hair. We normally get 2-3 bags full per brush- so I was simply amazed how much it made from just one bag! My Nana is making a vest (white) with Macg's face knitted on the front, out of the dog hair wool. My Aunt is so clever to have done this. TBH we thought she was loopy asking us for it- but it has worked a treat!
  12. Thank you for your replies! He is not scratching, so will definitely give the shampoo a shot. There was allot less yesterday when I brushed him- so fingers crossed it isn't getting worse. Will definitely show the Vet too
  13. **Bump** Can anyone offer any advice??? TIA
  14. Hello! I have been searching on here for some help with a puppy who has dandruff. Our 7 month old Black Newfoundland has developed allot of dandruff towards his rear end. I brush him every 2-3 days and he hasn't been bathed in 4 weeks. He has been to the beach though- and we rinsed him when he got home too. I bought soap free black dog shampoo - which is what he is bathed in. He always gets blow dried too. The actual dandruff is very fine- and feels almost waxy. When I use the slicker brush it gets the most out. His skin is not red, it actually looks a nice blue/white colour. We only feed him Proplan, with the exception of training treats- where he gets tiny nibbles of anything from cheese to sausage to schmacko type treats. Any help would be appreciated. I am apprehensive to bath him at the moment for fear of aggravating it more. Below is a picture of what I mean
  15. Thanks - that looks like a fantastic idea! I wonder though if the Large will be large enough??
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