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  1. Suggestions please, muscaban and Apple Cider are no longer working and my guys are getting absolutely eaten alive by flies. Even though I just bathed them!
  2. Hello World of Knowledge! I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good books about prey model diet how to start and how it works. Gus has always been fed a semi raw diet with kibble being a once a week thing which it counter productive to what I'm trying to achieve. A holistic vet I spoke with suggested some whole foods, so I just wanted to educate myself a bit more on it as my knowledge is very limited on how to balance his diet with this method of feeding or even where I get the produce from.
  3. For the last 2 weeks nala has been scratching the spot where her tail meets her back. She will go under a chair and rock back and forth all day pretty much. I cant get her to stop. She doesn't have fleas and I haven't changed their food or shampoo... any suggestions? The sounds she makes are horrible and I feel so bad for her. Thanks
  4. You are all gems thank you love it when you get so much information on this forum it really does help to give people their next course of action. Well she took a video of it and saw the vet, they will be getting blood test I did mention to her the thyroid whether or not she does it Im not sure. Its only happened once and apparently exactly a month ago and same time
  5. Thank you guys ill pass this on. No i dont think she has taken her to the vet yet
  6. A friend of mine, her dog has been suffering seizures it has happened three times now, does anyone know what she should do or is there a Vet in Sydney which is experienced in this field or is there any tests she should get done? any suggestions or advice would be great thanks in advanced. :)
  7. Well I totally agree. Im pretty sick of seeing expensive kibbles with corn and wheat in their ingredients list. And im not sure how quality ingredients with a reasonable price tag is contradicting? Good quality food is not expensive. Greedy companies who know how to market bs are expensive. I quite like the concept of Artemis but think it could be improved.
  8. I ask because I may have a opportunity with an Australian dog food company to venture into markets which currently don't have much variety, I have a dally so first and for most I'd like a kibble developed for Dalmatians which are low in purines but meet all the other requirements whilst having great ingredients and value for money, currently are there any kibbles on the market that adequately meet the needs of large to giant breed pups, which contain minimal fillers, whole ingredients and are reasonably priced?
  9. Does anyone have peer reviewed information about high protein and how it effects puppy growth development?
  10. Even if I just had a divider. I give a friend a lift to shows and training but gus really doesnt like her pup because she is quite bouncy when she gets in the car and it annoys him and im a little over taking my crate in and out of the car lol its a hassle so I just need something to separate them. He would just tell her off and get over it I think but possibly not the best think to do in the boot
  11. Never heard of them will check them out. I have a Hyundi Santa Fe
  12. Does any one know where I can enquire about custom built crates to be fitted to my boot which can also be removed when needed. ?? no really sure how to go about it, I want to separate my boot into two sections but be able to remove it when I want so I still have full use of my boot.
  13. thanks guys, I have a torn ACL so cross fingers no crashing for me lol
  14. He doesn't react to much, he had a close call with a car recently he was a little too close and it spooked him so of late he panics a bit when he sees an on coming car but bikes don't phase him. there is a big quiet park near me and I have a long line so maybe I can start with that see how I go. Thanks
  15. Can anyone point me to some good training material to train a dog to run along side a bike. I want to teach Gus but have no clue where to start and youtube is hit and miss
  16. Ow my gosh thank you so much all you helpful people!! the secret life of a dog I saw it was fascinating.
  17. Does anyone know of some good reading/documentaries/references about the domestication of dogs, and dog behaviour/development?
  18. Lol I did! But then you sent me all those helpful tips and I realised I'm terrible at this so I'm trying again today
  19. I cant brag enough about how amazing this women is not only with her camera but in general!! This is my personal favourite, I think it captures him in a nutshell, playful, cruzy, comfortable, confident and down right cheeky!!
  20. Thanks for that Staffyluv, I want the best possible place for him and I will ask the tough questions and ask that they keep in-touch with me for the first few months if they arnt prepared to do that then I wouldn't take them as being a serious candidate is that too much to ask? I mean I would happily do it if I adopted a dog and the foster carer wanted to know how he was doing. I certainly want them to know that they have the option if things don't work out im here to help. This is my first foster dog so im probably a little over protective and putting way more effort into this than I should but his just such a good sport and he deserves and awesome home.
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