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  1. My standard agreement is the person pays for the dog up front. (I don't charge more for pet/show/performance home). If I use the dog at stud or for a litter, either way - the person gets a full refund of their purchase price OR 2nd pick of a pup. The full costs of the litter are borne by me as it after all my litter. All proceeds from the litter come back to me with the exception of the above. The reason I do this, is the person has looked after, trained and the dog for me. This is a saving to me by not having the dog at my place. If I had kept the animal at my place, then training, food, e
  2. Ranga - the story was more geared for people than animals, however it was a good story just the same about tick toxin. Because we live in high tick area and the the amount of paralysis ticks here. Dad actually gets tick fever if he gets more than a couple attached in a short period. Most of our ticks are nymphs or unfed adults.
  3. I saw this come up on my Facebook news feed. It was interesting to watch. How to remove ticks without pulling, squeezing etc: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4177191.htm Pulling a tick causes it to inject more toxin.
  4. It may also pay to contact Dogs NSW and check whether they have received the paperwork from the breeder. Once they process them it is sent back to the breeder to check and send onto the puppy buyers.
  5. I have noticed those ANKC members actively for the most part even here in qld will state their member number and say registered with DOGS XXX.
  6. Breed is Jack Russell. Ad is in QLD. A google search found independent JRT Breeders association I think in America. (Was a dot com site) Two things are also at play on that site. 1/ Only "registered" breeders can advertise puppies over $500. So BYB wanting more than this for their pup will claim "Registered" breeder to achieve this. They may not be registered with anyone as there are no checks done by the site. I think looking through some ads. This $500 cap on "unregistered" breeders is the reason many claim to be registered. You also see that some ads will have $500 at the top of the ad
  7. I was cruising around gumtree and came across this ad: XXXXXX Pure Bred Puppies. Registered/Pedigree (Independent Breeders Association) Born XXXXXXX Of course by claiming "Registered breeder" the price was $800 for a "Pure Bred" The ad was not for my breed
  8. Agree to disagree. As to the injury - who is to say the incident CAUSED the luxating patellas. As it is a general breed issue in both breeds, who is to say it may not have happened anyway? The incident MAY have caused it to present early. It may not have happened if there was not already a pre-disposition to it in the first place. If I was socialising any dog, an off lead park is the last place I would go. Too many variables and too many unknowns. Bad/irresponsible owners, bad/unmannered dogs. Off lead parks are just an accident waiting to happen. Not the first place I would start. Even
  9. Depends on the state. Each state have different rules. For example, a WA breeder can whelp another litter in another state, as long as the bitch is registered to the person with the fix under which the litter is to be whelped. Where I also think at one point in QLD, technically, if a breeder stashes a dog somewhere, then the registration papers have to reflect that person on the registration. Eg. Co own with that person. For example, I can not register a dog in my name and have it live and "owned" by someone else at a different address, unless on a co own. If the two people in your situ
  10. Personally I believe it is important for both big dogs to interact with small dogs. How on earth are they otherwise know how to deal/cope interact with each other. It can be done responsibly, and well. You "control" the play by limiting how rough each other is. The last thing y want is the pom to be scared of big dogs. If it never interacts with them in either a positive way, then it could be creating issues further down the track if a negative interaction happens. Classic example. My sister in law has two dachounds. One standard and one mini. The mini does not like other dogs in general
  11. Moose mum I really do not get your point here. The original topic was about the labor party's intention to bring in tougher laws for puppy farmers. It does not have anything to do with KC breeders and BYB although both groups will be affected by any new laws. Some councils now offer a permit for breeding to non registered breeders. It is basically an undertaking that they will do the right thing, provide minimum standards and obey public health and safety. Yes, it is money to council. Something even registered breeders are supposed to pay as well. According to DOL, it says you are in NSW a
  12. There are plenty of southern dogs up here in Qld and Qld dogs down south. Its possible, however there are dogs down south who suffer BCC. Ness in SA - it can get quite hot there, although not as humid as Qld. Jemma not only suffered BCC in summer, but also winter and at night. So heat in general, while a contributing factor, not the only factor in my experience when I lived with a dog with it. Jemma was bred in Qld and did not have a super thick coat. I did find that weight did affect how often and severity of collapses. She needed to remain working dog thin. Her fitness regime consisted of m
  13. Moose mum, There will always be an "us" and "them". Creating a state or even national registration is not going to stop that. Even now, there is just about every avenue for a person to become registered, do the right thing by their dogs and their breed. People CHOOSE to do these things. There are rules and regulations already in place whereby people should adhere. They CHOOSE to do this or not. If people are going to take short cuts, breed or keep animals in a sub standard way, they will. Making something compulsory is not going to fix this either. If they cannot adhere to the existing
  14. I should add, I could control the condition somewhat by learning what would trigger an episode and either stop before one came on, quiet her and cool her down when one did. Also really learning her behaviours really helped to know when something was off. At the time, there was not much known about the condition in Bcs.
  15. I had a dog many years ago suffering from BC collapse. I first detected it in about 2003 with my girl. At the time, not a lot was known about it and some breeders denied that it even existed despite evidence showing up on it in Canada and USA in Border Collies. Jemma is from completely different bloodlines to what I have now. It came on when she was about 18 months old and got worse as she got older. Time of day or time of year did not make a difference. I did find that keeping the weight off her did make a difference and also controlling her activity and stress levels did help in limiting
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