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  1. Hugs to you Peace_Of_Mind and good on you for trying to help this cat. Thanks k9angel for the hugs...I certainly needed some hugs today. From the minute I got up this morning the day was just a bummer...hopefully my day tomorrow will be more relaxing and no stress.
  2. I tried my best Erny, she was a total cow. I was gonna tell her that when I rang on the weekend and spoke to another chap (nice chap) he was going to bring out a trap, but she had locked them up...go figure. I didn't want to say anything to her about this conversation I had because it might get him into trouble. Anyway he was willing to come out and give us a trap and it it went missing he would fit the bill....now he was a nice guy but he was not in today as he has worked the weekend....I think if he was in he would have still snuck one out for me. Oh and whilst I was on the phone I was ad
  3. Thanks Maverick for the information. I will make a note of it should i require it in the future. My neighbour's son is going to go and get a trap tomorrow from the City of Boroondara and pay for it. Thank you again :)
  4. Oh it has been so frustrating...when I finish work I think I will go and have a good cry. I will check out the website you suggested as well. Thanks so much.
  5. Thank you for your reply and advice. I will try a local vet and see how I go. Thanks
  6. Hi there, I am not sure if I am posting in the right place but I have situation where I am hoping I can get some advice. I live in a block of units of 8 and one of my neighbours loves cats and dogs (as do I). In the past few weeks or so a ginger cat has been appearing on her balcony and she has started feeding it (wrong I know). It comes every night, never comes in the day time as it waits till it is dark. I spotted it myself one night but I didn't approach it. Anyway my neighbour is elderly and her english is not that great but she has told me that the cat has a injured leg, so much so
  7. What a terrible thing to happen. I also hope it was quick and they did not suffer
  8. Ditto - just reading your post scared me. Have you reported it to the police?
  9. I am so sorry for your loss RIP Mitzi
  10. Sorry for your loss – you had 21 plus years with her and what a wonderful life she must have had being loved by you. May she RIP
  11. My next door has a little dog that constantly barks. As we have known each other for years, I feel comfotable enough to just tell her that her dog is barking and annoying the crap out of me. She apologises etc., and a few weeks later it starts again. Recently her dog was barking two nights in a row between 8 - 9 pm so I just texted her and said "We are sick of your dog barking (meaning I was speaking on behalf of other neighbours) please take her inside. Well I haven't heard her dog bark since. I used to also just yell over the fence to the dog, use it name and stay STOP IT (dog's name),
  12. Oh how terrible for those poor dogs to die such a painful death. I hope with the $10,000 reward some greedy bastard who knows who did it will come forth and I hope the bastards just rot in freaking hell. These kind of stories make me so mad
  13. Great idea - I would be installing a camera to catch the bastards
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