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  1. Cool Clip!! It is a Music video :) They must love there Greyhounds ! The Song is not Dog related .
  2. Hi Stolz-Rotti Not sure wher you are, there is Coldstream Horse Floats 9739/1598. Cruising Canines Bayswater John (sorry no number but you can google) Hope that helps
  3. Thanks for that. Spotted Devil Let me now if you do your class! We getting our GSP puppy on Monday so she would still fit in. Mm maybe I go to the vet to puppy class ( with the last puppy it was very crowded in a little place ) I found a private Lady she was excellent but she stopt doing it .
  4. Hi , Another one of those :) Can anyone recommend a Trainer ore Dog club ?! We are in the Yarra Vally. Happy to travel .
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