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  1. Aussie Pics

    Thanks! He's a bit of a pansy so we're working on his confidence in the ring. But he's improving with every show, little smartie. Naaw Koda's still got his tail dyed!! :D Love it!
  2. Aussie Pics

    Hey guys!! I have a little update I got my prefix!! BlaznHot Australian Shepherds I don't have a litter planned for another year (I also have a new bitch ;) ), but I'm excited about getting my puppy out & about. He's out of Cilla (Hotnote Caught Ya Noise: GrCh MYSQL All For The Legend X Ifonly Bella Donna) by the imported dog Ch Snowbelt's Special Edition (IMP NZL) <3 Pictured at a show at 7 months (I am working on my lead skills, I promise I'm not strangling him! And I cropped myself out because I'm standing funny.) I loves my goofy goober <3
  3. Woman mauled to death at Perth boarding kennels

    Agree, I saw a comment saying all the people who attended are being given counselling. And I imagine the daughter would need it too - what a horrible thing to come across :'(
  4. Woman mauled to death at Perth boarding kennels

    This is such a tragedy I really think the idea of saving every dog no matter the cost needs to stop as deaths like this are so preventable. If a dog can't be rehabilitated there are so many sweet, deserving dogs out there.
  5. Doggy Bags...anyone tried them ??

    Why would you need one for a Greyhound exactly? They take barely 10 minutes to air-dry I'd love one for my Aussies. They're used to having to sit still to be blow-dried & fiddled with. But at the moment we're kinda busy just affording other things haha.
  6. Foundation Cav Bitch

    Like Showdog said, you're best off getting to know a breeder with a similar goal to you & the type of dog you like, then go from there with them as your mentor. If you build a relationship with someone, demonstrate a willingness to learn & trustworthiness you shouldn't have an issue eventually getting a foundation bitch. Usually breeders are more willing to offer boys on Mains for showing & if you put in the hard yards & prove you're in for the long haul you'll be taken seriously :)
  7. Looking For Our Future Companion

    Awww he is too precious LOVE Brittanys. Have always admired them.
  8. Any Doggy New Years Resolutions?

    I want to get to at least one show a month. Particularly the Western Classic & Perth Royal!! (One show a month doesn't seem like a lot but we live 4 hours from Perth so it's a lot for us) Would love to title Tundra by the end of 2017. We'll see. OH!! And I want to get him Endurance Titled. Maybe my bitch, Cilla, too. Once she's lost her baby weight
  9. Male & Female Dogs, Something I Noticed..

    I find males tend to be more biddable in my breed, girls can be a bit more challenging. Although if you're lucky sometimes they'll be smarter & "challenging" in the right way - my bitch breaks up any fights & doesn't let the other dogs chase the chooks. Makes my life a bit easier A lot of puppy buyers just want females, thinking they're more affectionate - mine are affectionate but nowhere near as much as the boys from what I've found.
  10. Just found this on Facebook. ‎Sylvia Joyner‎ to WA DOG SHOW EXHIBITORS UNITED 1 hr · Re all posts for Westie breeders' alert - Albany accident, puppy etc. His daughter has told me this morning: they still can't find out anything about a puppy purchase, however his wife is firm that there was no puppy planned or otherwise. Sadly they feel this is a side effect of head trauma. So I think we can all relax!
  11. Has the breeder/puppy been found yet?? And surely by now, the breeder would have been contacted by the airline it was booked through if the new owners hadn't been to pick the puppy up??
  12. Dog Breed Selectors

    I got Miniature American Shepherd on the Iams one
  13. Dog Breed Selectors

    Naaawww my husband is trying to get Shiba Inu Keeps getting Corgis
  14. Dog Breed Selectors

    I clearly don't know how on earth to look after my breed I even put the highest possible energy, we live rural anyway, small house (but does that make any difference if you have a big yard!? *ahem* farm!?), lots of exercise, very active dog, >$35 feeding, 2-3 sessions/wk grooming (because that's how often I groom my SHOW Aussie!) Seriously there's nothing I can make more suitable for Aussies on the quiz
  15. Dog Breed Selectors

    I even tried different answers (more hair? less hair? bigger? smaller? I spend more time? less time? with them? they're never alone? always alone?) I got Kelpies & Border Collies on my list but never in the top row.