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  1. Snake aversion training

    Totally agree. I live in a rural area & I leave my dog inside when I'm away all day. Luckily it's not an "every day" thing, it's seasonal (during harvest & seeding). I've lost dogs who escaped from the backyard & found the neighbours' sheep. A friend got home from a day out showing dogs & one that had been home had been bitten by a snake. For many people the antivenin is unaffordable, no matter what the snake. I'd rather risk the house burning down (very unlikely) than the other things.
  2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeders - Rude Breeders

    Whoa, that's very expensive, even for a dog from health tested, show titled parents etc. Could you please PM me which breeder that was? Also FYI, I don't think there is supposed to be a long-haired variety in the breed, so that just sounds a little dodgy to me...
  3. I am in love ..... breed not in Aus.

    Misread OP
  4. Another owner attacked by his dog in Perth

    Reading the comments on the news article/s is disturbing. People are accusing the owner of abusing his dog & that's why it attacked him. Why is it so hard for people to believe that some dogs are just not right in the head??
  5. Aussie Pics

    Thanks! He's a bit of a pansy so we're working on his confidence in the ring. But he's improving with every show, little smartie. Naaw Koda's still got his tail dyed!! :D Love it!
  6. Aussie Pics

    Hey guys!! I have a little update I got my prefix!! BlaznHot Australian Shepherds I don't have a litter planned for another year (I also have a new bitch ;) ), but I'm excited about getting my puppy out & about. He's out of Cilla (Hotnote Caught Ya Noise: GrCh MYSQL All For The Legend X Ifonly Bella Donna) by the imported dog Ch Snowbelt's Special Edition (IMP NZL) <3 Pictured at a show at 7 months (I am working on my lead skills, I promise I'm not strangling him! And I cropped myself out because I'm standing funny.) I loves my goofy goober <3
  7. Woman mauled to death at Perth boarding kennels

    Agree, I saw a comment saying all the people who attended are being given counselling. And I imagine the daughter would need it too - what a horrible thing to come across :'(
  8. Woman mauled to death at Perth boarding kennels

    This is such a tragedy I really think the idea of saving every dog no matter the cost needs to stop as deaths like this are so preventable. If a dog can't be rehabilitated there are so many sweet, deserving dogs out there.
  9. Doggy Bags...anyone tried them ??

    Why would you need one for a Greyhound exactly? They take barely 10 minutes to air-dry I'd love one for my Aussies. They're used to having to sit still to be blow-dried & fiddled with. But at the moment we're kinda busy just affording other things haha.
  10. Foundation Cav Bitch

    Like Showdog said, you're best off getting to know a breeder with a similar goal to you & the type of dog you like, then go from there with them as your mentor. If you build a relationship with someone, demonstrate a willingness to learn & trustworthiness you shouldn't have an issue eventually getting a foundation bitch. Usually breeders are more willing to offer boys on Mains for showing & if you put in the hard yards & prove you're in for the long haul you'll be taken seriously :)
  11. Looking For Our Future Companion

    Awww he is too precious LOVE Brittanys. Have always admired them.
  12. Any Doggy New Years Resolutions?

    I want to get to at least one show a month. Particularly the Western Classic & Perth Royal!! (One show a month doesn't seem like a lot but we live 4 hours from Perth so it's a lot for us) Would love to title Tundra by the end of 2017. We'll see. OH!! And I want to get him Endurance Titled. Maybe my bitch, Cilla, too. Once she's lost her baby weight
  13. I find males tend to be more biddable in my breed, girls can be a bit more challenging. Although if you're lucky sometimes they'll be smarter & "challenging" in the right way - my bitch breaks up any fights & doesn't let the other dogs chase the chooks. Makes my life a bit easier A lot of puppy buyers just want females, thinking they're more affectionate - mine are affectionate but nowhere near as much as the boys from what I've found.
  14. Just found this on Facebook. ‎Sylvia Joyner‎ to WA DOG SHOW EXHIBITORS UNITED 1 hr · Re all posts for Westie breeders' alert - Albany accident, puppy etc. His daughter has told me this morning: they still can't find out anything about a puppy purchase, however his wife is firm that there was no puppy planned or otherwise. Sadly they feel this is a side effect of head trauma. So I think we can all relax!