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  1. Totally agree. I live in a rural area & I leave my dog inside when I'm away all day. Luckily it's not an "every day" thing, it's seasonal (during harvest & seeding). I've lost dogs who escaped from the backyard & found the neighbours' sheep. A friend got home from a day out showing dogs & one that had been home had been bitten by a snake. For many people the antivenin is unaffordable, no matter what the snake. I'd rather risk the house burning down (very unlikely) than the other things.
  2. Whoa, that's very expensive, even for a dog from health tested, show titled parents etc. Could you please PM me which breeder that was? Also FYI, I don't think there is supposed to be a long-haired variety in the breed, so that just sounds a little dodgy to me...
  3. Reading the comments on the news article/s is disturbing. People are accusing the owner of abusing his dog & that's why it attacked him. Why is it so hard for people to believe that some dogs are just not right in the head??
  4. Agree, I saw a comment saying all the people who attended are being given counselling. And I imagine the daughter would need it too - what a horrible thing to come across :'(
  5. This is such a tragedy I really think the idea of saving every dog no matter the cost needs to stop as deaths like this are so preventable. If a dog can't be rehabilitated there are so many sweet, deserving dogs out there.
  6. Why would you need one for a Greyhound exactly? They take barely 10 minutes to air-dry I'd love one for my Aussies. They're used to having to sit still to be blow-dried & fiddled with. But at the moment we're kinda busy just affording other things haha.
  7. Like Showdog said, you're best off getting to know a breeder with a similar goal to you & the type of dog you like, then go from there with them as your mentor. If you build a relationship with someone, demonstrate a willingness to learn & trustworthiness you shouldn't have an issue eventually getting a foundation bitch. Usually breeders are more willing to offer boys on Mains for showing & if you put in the hard yards & prove you're in for the long haul you'll be taken seriously :)
  8. Awww he is too precious LOVE Brittanys. Have always admired them.
  9. I want to get to at least one show a month. Particularly the Western Classic & Perth Royal!! (One show a month doesn't seem like a lot but we live 4 hours from Perth so it's a lot for us) Would love to title Tundra by the end of 2017. We'll see. OH!! And I want to get him Endurance Titled. Maybe my bitch, Cilla, too. Once she's lost her baby weight
  10. I find males tend to be more biddable in my breed, girls can be a bit more challenging. Although if you're lucky sometimes they'll be smarter & "challenging" in the right way - my bitch breaks up any fights & doesn't let the other dogs chase the chooks. Makes my life a bit easier A lot of puppy buyers just want females, thinking they're more affectionate - mine are affectionate but nowhere near as much as the boys from what I've found.
  11. Just found this on Facebook. ‎Sylvia Joyner‎ to WA DOG SHOW EXHIBITORS UNITED 1 hr · Re all posts for Westie breeders' alert - Albany accident, puppy etc. His daughter has told me this morning: they still can't find out anything about a puppy purchase, however his wife is firm that there was no puppy planned or otherwise. Sadly they feel this is a side effect of head trauma. So I think we can all relax!
  12. Has the breeder/puppy been found yet?? And surely by now, the breeder would have been contacted by the airline it was booked through if the new owners hadn't been to pick the puppy up??
  13. I got Miniature American Shepherd on the Iams one
  14. Naaawww my husband is trying to get Shiba Inu Keeps getting Corgis
  15. I clearly don't know how on earth to look after my breed I even put the highest possible energy, we live rural anyway, small house (but does that make any difference if you have a big yard!? *ahem* farm!?), lots of exercise, very active dog, >$35 feeding, 2-3 sessions/wk grooming (because that's how often I groom my SHOW Aussie!) Seriously there's nothing I can make more suitable for Aussies on the quiz
  16. I even tried different answers (more hair? less hair? bigger? smaller? I spend more time? less time? with them? they're never alone? always alone?) I got Kelpies & Border Collies on my list but never in the top row.
  17. I've never got Australian Shepherd in any of them But they fit me perfectly!!!
  18. Yep. It's a cross bred dog. Probably bred without any health testing of sire and dam and sold for more than a pure bred. Yeah obviously   but I just wasn't sure what breeds made up the new word.
  19. Probably French Bulldog x Pug? That's all I could think of...
  20. I read about a "Frug" today?? Any clues what that would be??
  21. I use a plastic Olive drum for my chook food. The only time it falls over is when the damn horse kicked it over and it was nearly empty. But the lid doesn't come off. And water doesn't get into it.
  22. Thanks for the tip!! Wow so it doesn't affect you when she takes off after a roo!? That's so impressive. I think our homemade job is like the WalkyDog, but if it snaps off or something (most likely to happen when we're putting it on and off the ute) and I get sick of getting Dwayne to make a new one I'm still keen on the Springer. Have you had any experience with Ezydog Harnesses? I like the idea of the dogs having harnesses that match their collars and really like the thick neoprene & tough buckles. That is a really good idea!! The only thing that might be a problem would be burrs & seeds getting stuck in it but if they're cheap then easily replaceable :)
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