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  1. Dutch Shepherd

    Congratulations Congrats indeed just heard your involvement at getting the breed recognised. hats off to you and your team
  2. We will be providing food and refreshments so just bring yourself and your dog. The trials are set up to give people a guide at what standard they are as a dog handler, and also to see how their dog performs. As we are trying to recreate a typical work environment both handler and their companion contribute to the overall score. We will run this trial every six to twelve months and we have already secured some international judges for the future, where we will also offer seminars. Looking forward to meeting you and a great weekend. Good luck to all competitors. Artur Thank you For the weekend was a pleasure to meet you and all the people i see im going to have to put in a lot of work. Can you book me in for the next one, Please keep us informed on the next date i see it listed as possibly Oct 2012.
  3. I have industry experience but are new to the trial/comp could you explain some if what goes on. I'm guessing its not a poodle parade. :p
  4. Hi Artur, Very exciting indeed could you please tell me if anything other than booking in need to be brought. Besides dog & handler
  5. Dutch Shepherd

    Hi Artur I'm in the security industry and the dutchie have grabbed my attention. I have looked at your kennels & business and would like to engage your knowledge regarding this breed. Thanks