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  1. Nice article about providing vet care to pets of the homeless. ABC News
  2. Legal advice has shown that some Moreton Bay Regional Council Officers were acting unlawfully when they impounded and euthanased dogs and fined their owners. You'd be very pissed if it happened to you... ABC News
  3. A Horsely woman pleaded not guilty to throwing her dog off a cliff in Woolongong court today. The dog was found emaciated in a crate at the bottom of the cliff, and was later euthanased. ABC News
  4. The inquest is looking at more than one fatality. On Friday, they investigated the case of the 2-year old killed by 2 dogs owned by the motel the family were staying at. ABC News
  5. 1-in-5 dogs have been attacked badly enough to need veterinary treatment. 53% of pets in the survey had been acquired in the last 3 years! ABC News
  6. Dog owners in the province of Bolzano in Northern Italy have been ordered to provide a sample of their dog's DNA as part of a controversial new scheme aimed at ridding the streets of dog poo. ABC News
  7. I think this graph might explain the Chihuahua anomaly. It looks like losses earlier in life might skew the Chihuahua statistics. Perhaps misadventure (fractures, dog bite wounds etc) or behavioural euthanasia causes higher mortality in youth, but if you are a Chi of advancing years, things look a lot better. https://media.springernature.com/full/springer-static/image/art%3A10.1038%2Fs41598-022-10341-6/MediaObjects/41598_2022_10341_Fig3_HTML.png
  8. Dog was found abandoned, and a rescue group raised funds for her surgery. Surgeons at a specialist centre removed the extra limbs . https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-01-21/six-legged-spaniel-undergoes-surgery/103372892
  9. Arrested person (not the dog's owner) was also bitten. Poor dog was probably worked up by the struggle happening in its house. ABC News
  10. Treidlia Auslepto vaccine has been recalled after 8 adverse reactions and one dog death. The dogs reportedly suffered anaphylactic reactions within 5-6hours of vaccination. ABC News
  11. An update to this story reporting on little Finney's recovery and weight gain. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-11-18/colorado-hiking-dog-rich-moore-finney/103122080 Amazing she survived the North American predators for so long
  12. A bit more information (speculation) than the ABC was prepared to publish. The dog appeared to be "of Rottweiler Type", was not registered, and there were 2 other dogs on the property that were not involved in the attack (and weren't registered either). 7 News
  13. A man has died and a woman is in hospital with serious injuries to her lower limbs ABC News
  14. Nothing conclusive yet, but several dogs have died horrible deaths: ABC News
  15. This gentleman was refused entry to a US baseball game because he brought his "emotional support alligator" with him. I agree that we have to draw the line somewhere. ABC News
  16. Could someone please post a link to the video of the Rotty posturing, and the thread about it? I'm interested to see.
  17. Great bit of positive press for a breed often maligned. He even looks relaxed with dozens of children looming over him, patting him on the head.
  18. This is Kane Minion, the fellow who was killed. He obviously loved dogs. ABC News Article
  19. Important to note that one of the examples linked to in the article is a Neapolitan Mastiff that needed surgery. Easy to see the vet bills (plus the dog's regular outlays) costing more than someone hard on their luck can afford. The cat owner lost her job and home, so rental difficulties (landlords biased against pets) probably was a factor there. The Mastiff owners should have considered increased costs in owning a giant breed before they acquired Charcoal, but they perhaps never thought to find themselves in such financial straights? Having said all this, I would live out of my car before giving up my dogs, but I don't have any other dependents.
  20. Great story, but already covered here: https://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/274133-incredible-lost-dog-story/#comment-7000749
  21. A nice follow up story to missing dog Abby: ABC News
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