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  1. I had a very hard time originally trying to find them but eventually found them at a butcher in an Asian shopping centre and the later found duck feet at a similar place. Good luck though, they are worth the struggle!
  2. Have you had a look in the Asian grocers?
  3. Rawfeeding Rebels on Facebook is also an awesome group. Welcome to the wonderful world of raw feeding :)
  4. If your after some good raw feeding advice there are a few Facebook groups that are pretty awesome. My favorite is Rawfeeding Rebels, they are some very nice helpful people :)
  5. Just letting anyone in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area know about a butcher I went to on the weekend that has great variety. It's called Hauffs Butchery at Sunnybank. I may have gone a little overboard!
  6. Also was reading an article today about the dangers of feeding too much bone. Article said that it can throw out the calcium/phosphorus levels and can increase chances of things such as hip dysphasia etc. Not sure if it is all true and can't find the article again to add here but something you could google I suppose :)
  7. This might help with your bone content queries :)
  8. Red Fox I saw that one a few days ago!! So want to make it for my boy but don't feed kibble... Might have to put his treats in it instead!!
  9. Haven't read through all the other comments so sorry if I am repeating suggestions but I had the wobbler and same problem, he worked it out to fast! I then moved to one I bought off eBay called a boredom buster which worked really well (once I worked out how to fill it! I got the large because I sometimes feed large breed kibble. We also have a few Nina Ottoson food puzzles which are great seeing as I have a border collie and the mental stimulation is fantastic. I also have the green interactive dog feeder bowl that I bought off eBay which is fantastic and takes ages if I spread it around the feeder. Other then that I sometimes just take the lid off a Gatorade bottle and throw his food in that and if I'm running late a good scatter feed in the back yard has to suffice!!
  10. Should add that I also have a working breed and while we do go to obedience, if we miss a week then training at home as well as his food puzzles and his walks and games of tug keep his mind stimulated enough. If that keeps a BC happy I'm sure it will keep a pug happy :)
  11. Vets do give puppies (and all dogs for that matter) canine cough vaccinations. If you look at your puppy vaccinations the C3 is the parvo etc and the C5 is the bordetella and canine cough booster. The immunity last for 12 months apparently but my girl got canine cough even after vaccinating so I don't bother with it anymore. Is there another club you can go to as I know of plenty of clubs that accept titre tests?
  12. I agree also that feeding raw will be more beneficial then feeding cooked as cooking it pretty much destroys anything useful in the meat and dogs do not have the digestive system for digesting grains and such, they are carnivores after all!!! It is not expansive and I feed a border collie and a pointer. My border had lots of issues on kibble so made the decision to move to raw and I will never look back. No more upset tummies and no more skin issues. I highly recommend a FB page called raw feeding rebels if you would like some more info and some friendly advise. Good luck with whatever you choose :)
  13. Anyone on the Gold Coast or Brisbane area know where I could find some chicken feet? I found some at an Asian grocer a while ago but can't find any now!
  14. Thank you mumo4girls! I have done an order and am very excited to try some of the green tripe!!!! Or at least Jarvis is :)
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