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  1. Husband is at work that weekend which is why I didnt enter. I did enter Ballarat. Also 19th which is Easter long weekend show that is at Bulla. But I think the others are all country shows.
  2. bugger they will no doubt be the Autumn Extravaganza and I didnt enter, oops
  3. Fly free Rockling. Sorry you both couldnt win the battle but both fought so hard.
  4. Eeep went to the Harvey Norman sale and played witht eh D5200 and D7100 and have decided to go the D7100 so need to a save a little more so no new toy yet but I know i have made the right decision :)
  5. RallyValley, is your 70-200 an F/2.8? Im really thinking of saving longer and getting on of these than getting the 18-270. Have ordered myself 35mm F/1.8 prime as I can use it on my current as well.
  6. Awesome thanks Snook :) edited to add. HN is actually cheaper by a few hundred dollars surprisingly.
  7. I got an email from Genes in Motion saying that from March when the new 10day stay comes in that you wont be able to visit. Here is the link they provided for more info. http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/cat-dogs/post-entry-quarantine-facilities
  8. I could be I dont want to go grey and am confused over which websites are real and not grey.
  9. Damn local shop has thrown a spanner in the works. Cant get a D5200 in at the moment. So back to the drawning board or wait until I head to Melb next. I want my new toy now.
  10. Must not let me son see this thread. He would love a Saluki just like Bella. She is just gorgeous
  11. Very saddened to read this. So glad though that you were both surrounded by people that love you. Just a fitting tribute to such a gorgeous girl. Take care of yourself and be kind whilst you adjust. xx
  12. How are things this morning? Hopefully she slept comfortably overnight.
  13. Gorgeous pics. Love the one of the dog on its hind legs.
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