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  1. Puppy Hip Dysplasia

    I sent the breeder an email to let her know and a copy of the X-ray. We will do further X-rays when he is 12 months and inform her then too so she is aware. I will look into the LIDA database. Thank you
  2. Puppy Hip Dysplasia

    Alfie has had a few quiet days and had 3 days on pain meds. He seems to be a lot happier now. Im starting to think his body needed a rest as he had fallen or slipped. We are looking into an option in which the vet will give him injections of an arthritis medication into his hip to see if it slows down the progression of his hip issue. So 4 initial injections over a month then either 3 monthly or 6 monthly boosters depending how he goes with it
  3. Puppy Hip Dysplasia

    The Vet has given us some pain relief for Alfie for now so we can work out what our best option is. Looks like there is an injection so we can put off surgery for a while
  4. Puppy Hip Dysplasia

    Brookestar I feel like you're attacking me when all I have done is follow direction and try to make sense of all of this. I love me pup and I am doing my best - I have been super stressed by this and scared that Im not doing enough or the right things (hence why i started this post to ask for help) Obliviously it is your opinion that I have done nothing and just swept under the rug that my boy is in pain and clearly uncomfortable - I must be a terrible owner Your advice isn't very constructive or helpful to me. You just make it sound like I have ignored his pain and forced him to do everything he doesn't want to. This isn't the case at all. You make it sound like the best hope I have is to give him up and forget it all. Please try to be a little more positive - I have enough stress without being attacked when Im asking for help
  5. Puppy Hip Dysplasia

    Initially he was not bad. So we did everything we were told to do to help him. Believe it or not the boswellia complex was helping as pain relief for some time (I wonder if he has landed badly or done something silly that has made him worse) When I say I need to triage the needs of my kids and Alfie it doesn't mean that he won't get what he needs. I have and always will look after every member of our family including my 2 beautiful fur babies, however if one week i need to choose between my little fellas OT or ST and an appointment of procedure for Alfie I'm sorry but my son comes first. Now that i have read everyones input it helps me go with questions when it is vet time. I trust my vet and believe she only wants the best for my Alf.
  6. Puppy Hip Dysplasia

    Thank you for all the advice. My vet is wonderful - we opted to take a conservative route to start with and try natural pain relief as we didn't want to drug him up all the time being so young. She did offer pain relief but was open to natural remedies. I think it is time to go back and do some serious talk and re-evaluation of his hips. Maybe re-xray him. He is really funny on our short walks. He doesn't like when i pull the lead out and tries to hide. When we are walking the tail is high in the air but anytime someone goes past us or another dog comes along he can't manages and jumps around and whines. I have been taking him to different dog parks when they are empty so he can get out without the need for a lead. I have to be smart and practical about his treatment. I have a family to look after also (a 4 year old with autism and a 2 year old) The company my husband works for isn't winning much work because there is none being offered so we are starting to budget. For all it sounds awful i need to triage things, my 4 year olds therapy comes before Alfie and i feel so awful and disgusting for saying it. I have made a vet appointment and will discuss practical ways of helping him
  7. Puppy Hip Dysplasia

    Thank you. Last X-ray he had showed this his right hip wasn't looking good but the left was not too bad. Both femurs had flattening on the inside of the ball head (not sure what the flattening will do) I was told by the vet to wait until he is 12 months she said she will re-xray and we would make decisions based on what those X-rays say.... but i just can wait
  8. Puppy Hip Dysplasia

    Hello, Been a while since my last post As discussed with you all in my "Bedding Wetting" post my beautiful brittany Alfie was diagnosed from X-rays with hip dysplasia. He is now 9 months old and doesn't seem to be improving at all with the measures we have put in place... if anything I think my boy is getting slightly worse. We are seeing more bunny hopping behaviour, very limit muscle mass at his back end, issues with getting up from his bed, anxiety when going for a walk, he also seems to want to spend more time sleeping now rather then playing. The measures we put in place for him to try and help keep him comfortable and try to strengthen up his muscles - doing repetitions of sit, stand, drop - Massage, short gentle walks on grass, swimming, sees a chiro, he eats big dog barf, he gets a mixture of supplements - Glucosemine, MSM for the joints and boswellia complex for pain management. I have no idea what else to do or try? I have followed directions from the vet and chiro but it just doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Any ideas out there for me? I just don't want him to go through a life of awful pain when he has such a long life ahead of him
  9. Birds!

    Some photos from out trip to O'Reilly's in Cunungra QLD Satin Bowerbird Regent Bowerbird Red Browed Finch Lewin's Honeyeater Male King Parrot Yellow Throated Scrubwren Crimson Rosellas
  10. Birds!

    Forrest Kingfisher Golden headed Cisticola Rufous Whistler White Faced Heron
  11. Birds

    The female superb was floating around but she was in and out of the long grass. She didn't like my presence at all.
  12. Birds

    They are so beautiful. I saw a lovely Varigated Fairy Wren today. But he was too fast and I ended up with a blurry mess :-( I'll try again next time
  13. Birds

    I spent 2.5 hours out birding today while my boy was at kindy so I could identify birds before he sees them. LOL The superb wren was hanging round and was easy to photograph.... the others..... not so easy
  14. I feed my boy twice a day. He also gets bits and pieces through out the day while we are training. My puss gets fed twice a day also. No extras for him.
  15. Birds

    Lewin's Honeyeater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Superb Fairy Wren