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  1. I agree. I also don't want others coming up to my dog on our walks. We used to live in a lot busier area with people and dogs out walking and when he was a puppy and really cute it became ridiculous that I would look really angry at anyone looking at us just so they didn't come up. I think he was actually better when we lived there with it busier in ways but now we hardly ever run into dogs and when he sees one he generally will do that scream once or twice, like a tantrum, and try pulling me over to them but I haven't let him go all the way to them. I also tend to think that when someone te
  2. Thank you everyone. He has the 'look at me' down at home. I will definitely take it out to the driveway now then the path etc. That's a really good idea. He loves training. If I say the word to him he will become all serious and pay attention to me but that is inside. We definitely need to work on it outside where there are distractions. I decided to take him to a dog park this afternoon we'd never been to. I just told myself I'd check it out but we ended up going in because it was quiet. He was again excited while on leash but managed to pay attention to me to calm down before I let us walk
  3. Thanks. I completely agree. I wouldn't want one approaching us either and I wouldn't let my boy approach one when he's being like that either or even if he was being super good. In no way was I going to let him go over there but it just upset me that the man looked at us like he was dangerous rather than just ignoring us or walking on or even laughing it off like often when you see dogs going all crazy. It just made me think more just how big and scary he could look to others. Really want to stop this behaviour so he doesn't come across that way. Again, he never pulls me all the way over to th
  4. Thanks everyone. It was NOT an off leash area. It was a suburban street and I have seen this dog play outside the front of it's house and on the street alone before and have purposefully turned around to go the other way then. The man didn't even have a leash with him. I wasn't able to see them coming this time since it was around a bend. My dog hasn't had any formal obedience training but I'd like to do that. I did do clicker training but will work on it again in these situations. Maybe take him somewhere from a far where there are other dogs and get closer and closer. I like that idea of
  5. I have a very hard time getting him to focus on me at all when there is another dog (when he's on leash). I used training treats for a long time and that did help. I had to basically shove the treats into his mouth because he still wouldn't take his eyes off the other dog but did get a bit better after that. I found the best thing was to just not pay any attention to the other dog myself and just walk by. He is very well trained and well behaved but it's like he can't focus on anything else but to get to that other dog to say hi. I've tried a few different methods too and I just can't get him
  6. On our walk today there was a man walking his smallish dog off leash. Usually we just walk straight past dogs because I know how excited my boy can get when he sees them. But the man had to keep calling the dog back to him as it moved closer to us and this excited my boy a lot. He didn't bark but did make a screaming sound a couple times. The man managed to pick up his dog and I managed to keep control of my dog although he was pulling me in their direction. My boy is very big and dark and I guess looks really scary to some but he was just excited and really happy to see another dog. I didn't
  7. I remember hearing something about training dogs to fear snakes too for safety reasons if they ever come into contact with one. I think it's a great idea but I imagine not so easy to really do? Perhaps you could contact a trainer and ask if they have any training methods specifically for terriers keeping away from lizards? I know Victoria Stilwell likes using the method of loud scary noises to stop a behaviour like hitting cooking pots together but making sure you aren't looking at the dog so they don't connect the scary noise to you but to whatever it is they are doing in that moment. I'm n
  8. I used to have terriers and sadly I couldn't seem to do anything as they'd always seem to find them again. They were the best most loving dogs ever but that terrier instinct was so strong. If I had them today I'd keep them inside a lot more or supervise when outside like I do my Lab (ironically who wouldn't even hurt an ant) but not sure if that would be possible? Hopefully someone else has some other solutions.
  9. I don't think I mean dogs as replacement children, just that I feel content having my dog and giving all my time to him.
  10. I used to really want children, then when I got my gorgeous baby boy puppy and watched him grow I now feel so content with him and the thought of another doggy. I still think about having kids but I don't long and long for it now. Does anyone else feel like this or wants only their dogs and not kids? I still want children at some point but I'm kind of at that stage where I could be very happy having my dogs instead.
  11. About bawling my eyes out too. What a sweet soul.
  12. That is amazing. Great stories, thanks for sharing! Dogs are the best at giving things a go and trying their best, they are so giving, so trusting.
  13. What times have you been really proud of your dog? I have just started walking my year and a half old Lab boy on a flat collar instead of the easy walk harness (very brave). I didn't think he could do it but he does. We are loving it. He pulls a little at first but I stop/be a tree until the leash slackens and then we have an enjoyable rest of the walk. I look at him and tell him how proud I am of him and how much he amazes me since he was nearly uncontrollable as a big puppy on walks. I am loving walking with him more and more each day. What do your furkids do that make you proud?
  14. Well I braved it. Just took him for a walk on just his collar, though I took the harness with me incase we came into any trouble. Didn't take any treats with (haven't for a few months now) and we didn't come into too high distractions (other dogs). I had to tell him stop and then wait until the leash was loose again about 5 or 6 times. Not bad! He wants to be a sniffer dog and this is our biggest issue walking, he won't pull me forward to a smell but he gets very determined to stay at one or go back to one if we walk ahead (he doesn't mark) So that was a little tricky a few times when he jerke
  15. Perhaps it's that he's trained on it not to pull because when he wears it he feels weightless. But if you connect the collar you really feel him. Maybe it's psychological/conditioning for him? It definitely gives me more control being around his body though rather than chocking his neck and feeling all his strength if he gets excited at something. The one that goes around his snout I've tried but it left a mark I didn't like and he seemed uncomfortable. With the harness he can walk out in front or by my side or behind with ease and the leash is always loose. The best thing I've learnt with h
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