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  1. @Bingalooreef , I just found the same one you are looking for. Again on ebay iitem # 222498776190 $23.95 PetSport Canvas Crawler Rhino Beetle Dog Puppy Fetch Floating Dog Toy Pet
  2. On ebay a Melbourne seller has listed.. PetSport Canvas Crawler Lady Bug Dog Puppy Fetch Floating Dog Toy Pet item number 322504361112 It looks similar .
  3. My boy likes to bury his face into the fur while sucking & priming his feet... as if nursing. Thats how he goes to sleep each night & has done for 7 years. The cows eventually look as if they have a mohawk . He's quite possessive over the herd yet allows a tug o war. The worst experience Ive had over this is being woken up at 2am with a cow jammed into my mouth dripping salty dog saliva. I'm not sure if he wanted to share a cow or was I making " little feminine sounds" ( aka snoring ) in my sleep with my mouth open & he needed to shut me up. He was sitting beside me looking very pleased with himself while I gagged.
  4. Yay.. Woolies it seems have goats in stock once again. I might soon be able to reduce the size of his dairy herd now that he prefers goats. This is our Winter bed.. Can you guess which is his side of the bed? Theres a lot of cows in the paddock next to the bed.
  5. More things to be aware of.. dogs can get dementia https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2019-09-08/dog-dementia-more-common-as-pets-live-longer/11481852?section=science
  6. I cant help you Bingalooreef but I'd love to buyPurina farmyard friends ( goat ). Woolies are out of stock . Bob the farmer used to love his dairy herd but since adopting 5 goats I cant find anymore. The most recent farmyard friend has always been his favourite. I even suspect theyve been treated with something that smells good. This is just a few of his dairy herd.
  7. Its still there today, most of the fecal matter has weathered away exposing old woolen carpet. Damn that mustve hurt.
  8. Seeing a dog poo in the park yesterday that contained red fabric which took me down memory lane. Many years ago my son had a bull terrier that had a strange fetish for eating crutches & armpits out of clothing. I had to keep the laundry door closed as he'd raid the soil linen basket. I was sure we were the only family that had crutch less knickers & t-shirts without arm pits, but the tradition continues within another family. It cant cause them too much pain in passing it because they continue eating it.
  9. I've found a wonderful leash free park even though I drive past a designer label park with all the bells & whistles yet frequently has dogs fighting & the sign on the gate warns of parvo & kennel cough. Some days there can be 20 dogs there or my boy is the only dog on other days. Its wonderful to see them socialise & a great mix of breeds. Picking up some strangers dogs poo doesnt even register on the yuk scale but I often balk at the things I pick up in the adjacent carpark. Emptied ashtrays disgusts me, as does used condoms, tiny plastic clip lock bags one even had white powder in it. Last week I picked up a bong, pink ecstasy tablet , 75 steel whipping cream gas cylinders & numerous balloons. wiki explained the balloons/cylinders use, but I realise I left the cracker top behind not realising it was part of the activity. I dont want any dog to pick up these things & am thankful they only occur at night. I could ask a ranger to patrol the area but with my luck he'll pick up a dog running from the carpark to the dog park.
  10. No worrries @Snook. I have no issues with euthanasia .. I belong to parties hoping to get it legalised for humans throughout Australia. Optional not compulsory Back to topic... I picked up a bag of poo in the park this morning & put it in the bin on my way out. There could be someone still there searching for that bag they intended to collect on their way out.
  11. I abhor cruelty to any animal and as a vegetarian I respect every animals life, but that also includes our native animals. I live near a forest and a protected wetland & without qualm I believe I am doing the right thing by protecting native animals from feral cats. These cats that most likely will be euthanised are not your cuddly moggy. They are huge & nasty as the hiss,spit & swipe when I try to feed them until they are collected. The Ranger has the ability to scan them for a chip & if found they re returned to their owner. If not scanned they have an ability to be adopted out if not wildly feral. I stand by my statement in that its a great system.
  12. Cat poo often holds the parasite toxoplasmosis which can live in the soil & transmitted to humans. I found setting a cat trap keeps cat poo from my garden. When caught, I just have to ring the council & the Ranger collects trap & cat returning the empty trap next day. They determine if the cat is microchipped or likely to be adopted . If it doesnt pass the test it gets euthanised. it's a great system.
  13. He's 7 years old but we've only had a car this year. Theres no actual throwing up but running to find a patch of grass suggests he's not feeling too good. Hmmm perhaps I should grow a pot of grass to travel with us. When he's on the back seat he lays flat across it with his eyes shut tight.
  14. This happens daily when we go to the park so meds arn't the answer for short trips.
  15. My Cav doesnt travel well in the car. He's better secured in the front seat then he was in the back , but as soon as I start the car he shuts his eyes & leans hard into the back of the seat. He's my only passenger thats done that so it's not my driving . After a 30min journey he jumps out & looks for grass to eat. Theres no chucking but I doubt he's feeling great. I hope to take longer trips but I'd feel better if my old mate was better at it. He loves the car or perhaps its the destinations he enjoys. As soon as he hears the car keys, he's out the door & waits for me to lift him in it. Ive tried distracting him by talking etc but thats going to wear thin on a long trip. Any suggestions?
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