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  1. thank you all
  2. Thank you all. That is the third dog I have lost in 9 months - the house is very quiet without her and my bed is cold at night without her sleeping in the crook of my knees.
  3. Australilan Koolie Rescue is taking all of these dogs and is looking for foster carers - if anyone is interested then PM me.
  4. Here is an update - some have permanent homes now - a few have had to be euthanased - we are awaiting the next group to be released from the RSPCA
  5. Sadly Friskie left for the bridge today - she was a very sweet girl who will leave a big hole.
  6. Two months did it. I am very grateful for the advice I got. She now has a new brother and sister - 16 year old Bella ( border collie) and 15 year old Diesel (a solid black Koolie)
  7. Friskie is now 20 and doing fine
  8. We now have 17 of these Koolies with foster carers and some look like foster failures.
  9. Koolies do like a career - Perry had several jobs in her lifetime - she worked sheep, modelled, visited old people's homes, was a part-time carer for a neighbour who was dying from cancer; had roles in two Japanese films and was my full time companion.
  10. UPDATE!The first five Koolie Rescues have completed their medical needs.All are desexed, micro-chipped and inoculated and in good health, no flea/worms.Transport has been organised and they will be joining their foster cares over the next few days.Though initially very frightened many have calmed down and give us every confidence with a little rehab, training, patiences and a lot of TLC these Koolie Rescue will be available for adoption soon
  11. As soon as I have more information I will pass it on. They come from a farm, have been neglected, So I doubt they have had much training
  12. Both emails should work. The ACT Companion Dog Club is a good idea. We don't have the dogs yet and have no more information than I have already put in here - we are just trying to prepare for the deluge. If your farmer friend contacts one of the email addresses someone will keep him informed.
  13. We can arrange transport anywhere so please do
  14. What happened is sub judice and I cannot say anything, not least because I don't know anything. Transport may be very useful, yes in ordinary cars, just fill in a form and contact Christine at the email address on the top post.
  15. We are always looking for foster carers and an amazing number of fosters end up as foster failures. Let me know when you are ready. It could be up to 75 - we are only a small rescue so don't know how we are going to cope but we will give it our best shot.