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  1. Adopting a rescue

    I have always taken in a new dog when I lost one - there are so many in need and I always think my dogs who have gone would approve of me offering a home to another dog in need.
  2. Borders vs Aussies?

    Perhaps you should consider Koolies as well - they have an off switch, are good workers and excellent with children.
  3. Gentle Giant Breed Recommendation!?

    How about a Briard?

    Loved it - I got my current dogs through them - 16 year old Bella the Border and Diesel the Koolie.
  5. http://www.vatiro.org/2017/11/01/vet-refuses-to-euthanize-8-healthy-puppies-so-woman-stuffs-them-in-the-freezer/
  6. I am glad I am not the only one - they are such a joy to live with. My friends think I am mad but I have no regrets.
  7. I am older and have now started the Dame Perignon Home for Retired Working Dogs - I take dogs who are over 10 years old because they are usually slowing down and tend to be ignored in pounds because everyone wants young dogs. I currently have two 16 year olds - Diesel a Koolie and Bella a Border Collie. Works well for me and them. My last resident was Friskie who came at 14 and died recently at 20.
  8. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    Miele with a power head - leaves my Dyson for dead
  9. Friskie

    I think she had good genes and a lot of determination. She was a little sweetheart and I miss her.
  10. Friskie

    thank you all
  11. Friskie

    Thank you all. That is the third dog I have lost in 9 months - the house is very quiet without her and my bed is cold at night without her sleeping in the crook of my knees.
  12. Australilan Koolie Rescue is taking all of these dogs and is looking for foster carers - if anyone is interested then PM me.

    Here is an update - some have permanent homes now - a few have had to be euthanased - we are awaiting the next group to be released from the RSPCA http://www.nvi.com.au/story/4856388/koolies-seized-during-animal-cruelty-raids-find-new-homes-video-gallery/?cs=373#slide=1
  14. Friskie

    Sadly Friskie left for the bridge today - she was a very sweet girl who will leave a big hole.