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  1. I have passed all the suggestions on to them.
  2. Only that she won't eat it.
  3. The dog seems to be quite alert and happy except for the diarrhea which she is not happy about. She has seen two of the best vets in Canberra neither of whom have suggested euthanasia.. Thank you all for your contributions - any more are welcome.
  4. A friend has a 15 year old Afghan who is struggling to eat. She has bare minimum chicken or mince am, some tuna pm and a bit of a can of dog food early evening. She still suffers diarrhea from denamarin for liver or the anti inflammatory so she has lost most of her weight and because of her back legs being crap she has lost muscle. But still demands several short and long walks daily. Does anyone know what they could give her to stop the diarrhea which she only gets from her medication and any suggestions as to how to tempt her appetite?
  5. ;Rex has joined us permanently at the Dame Perignon Memorial Home for Retired Working Dogs. He is an absolute sweetheart and has had no problems in adjusting from being a worker to being an inside dog. He gets on well with Gypsy and has gone from sleeping outside to sleeping on my bed in less than a week. I knew when I took her that Bella would not be around long and I was lucky to have nearly two years with her - she was beginning to suffer so it was time to let her go with no regrrets.
  6. An update - We lost Bella - she was old and her dementia became too much for her. Now my lovely Gypsy has a brother - Rex - from Australian Koolie Rescue. Rex was a worker but his farmer became too sick to keep his farm. He is about 11 and is an absolute darling - very soft and cuddly.
  7. I'd suggest a Koolie - not a puppy - Australian Koolie Rescue can be contacted through me or Facebook and have a range of nice dogs of varying ages.
  8. Gypsy is now well and truly settled. I get cuddled frequently, especially first thing in the morning when she rushes to beat Bella to be the first to give me a kiss. Thank you allso much for all your help, encouragement and suggestions.
  9. We did not get the foster because he got a new home which is good for him but I do think it would be good for Gypsy to have some livelier company. Might look into taking another one.
  10. Looks like we may be getting a short term foster Koolie next Monday - should be interesting.
  11. Progress continues - she has gone to two separate visitors for pats this week and is beginning to be a bit naughty.
  12. You ,may be right. She liked Phil the dog washer and made friends with a new supermarket delivery man.
  13. I don't know - she is the first of mine to do it but obviously thinks it is very important. Gypsy has had her first bath - she hated the water but did not mind being dried. She is now two shades lighter, soft and shiny and smells nicely of Kennel No. 5.
  14. Both dogs are well settled together now. Gypsy still does not want to leave the house and garden - I have somebody lined up to walk her but she refuses to leave the house. Yesterday I took Bella for her vet check up and vaccinations and Gypsy was really surprised and happy when I brought her back again/ Next time I go somewhere in the car I will have another go at taking her for a drive with me.
  15. There is a bonus - she is a good watch dog and lets me know when anyone is coming.
  16. I love the curled up behind the knees too. She is lovely and she is not going anywhere else.
  17. About 4am this morning she jumped on my bed and curled up behind my knees. Definitely getting there.
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