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  1. Thank you very much I didn't realise someone had responded, it's appreciated. Thank you for the welcome also. I used the Nervatona on the 2 dogs a couple times but wasn't really comfortable with it so stopped. But I've found it quite calming myself so it's now mine. Fortunately, the separation anxiety has settled down pretty well with twice daily walks, toys and a routine as she settles in to her new home. I think I will look into Adaptil also. Thanks again
  2. Hello, Does anyone know the amounts of tablets or oral spray to administer to a small dog to help ease the symptoms of separation anxiety? She is about 7 KG's. Any help would really be appreciated
  3. Trazodone

    Hello! Does anyone know how to use the Brauer's Calm tablets or spray? Dosage amounts etc.? I'd love to try on my little girl, she's about 7kgs. Thanks!