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  1. At the moment i have to give her the same amountas my 4yo American bulldog and he eats from 1.7kg to 3 kg a day he would eat more if i let him lol. But mildred eats the same and i can see her ribs and she is now 10 months old i feed them both dry food she loves it but he hates it but will eat it. Should i change to wet food or raw food i have given her raw liver and chicken necks anc i have been cooking rfice pasta and vegetables with mince and she gets upto 2 kgs of that she also has a s kin allergy could the 2 be the related
  2. She weighs about 10 kgs
  3. Hi can anyone tell me how much food i should give my amstaff puppy she is 6 months old and i have been giving her the amount i was giving my American bulldog at 6 months as the food guide didn't seem much at 400 or so grams per daycan someone help me as im giving her 1.6 kg of food
  4. American Staffordshire Terrier

    Hi i have a 6 month old female amstaff and i think i might be over feeding her as I'm going on what i feed my American bulldog at that age can anyone pleace tell me how much do i feed her per day