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  1. This is a great thread! I'm wondering the same at the moment and thought I'd revive this thread to get discussion going.... who has used the nobivac to finish early at 10-12 weeks? I'm considering this vaccine at the moment
  2. You are protected under consumer law, you can check it out on the website. It's tricky with animals because you start to bond and fall in love! Hope it all works out
  3. Hello I have a ten week old pup who has had her first puppy shot. Now, I understand normally they have three shots (of Companion C3) then they can go out and about. She is due for her second shot soon. I have since heard of the Nobivac DHP vaccine, which can be given to puppies at 10 weeks old, and that is all they need until 12-18 months. Therefore, they can get out socialising earlier. What I can't find out though, is info on this vaccine. I want to know if for example if this vaccine is 'stronger' ie. more risk of an adverse reaction? What makes it different from Companion C3? Trying to weigh up the benefits of getting one more shot as opposed to two, but I can't find any information out there about the safety of this new vaccine. I'm concerned and am asking because we lost a dog previously to a suspected adverse vaccine reaction, which was very traumatic. Anyway, any info on this new vaccine and what you think of it would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Oh cool, I love making crafts, can I be naughty and suggest my own link!? It's for making pet memorial stones, unfortunately I've had to make 3 so far, but we have one alive doggy with us still!! And it's a lovely way to remember them when walking through our garden Pet Memorial Stone
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