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  1. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Ok I would like to discuss another possible training opportunity. Tuffy Sleeps in same room as us. He will usually come running to me on bed and jump his front legs. So his half body is on floor and 2 legs up on bed. He will start biting the blanket very hard and wont stop. If I move the blanket away he will bark very aggressively and if he can get his mouth near my hand or feet he will try to bite with aggression. Any idea how to stop this behavior?
  2. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Only If every dog owner/lover could see these videos before getting a puppy. I wish I would have done extra research work before getting a puppy. Seems like tuffy would be my experimental kid. We gave him free access to house loads of love, this has spoiled him so much. Today when we restricted his access poor guy kept barking, hate taking freedom from him still.
  3. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Also I was reading on internet, his privates should fall down at 2 months. Tuffy has nothing Swinging down under. Shall I wait more or take him to vet?
  4. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Ok guys, I am teaching tuffy not to grab food from hand. Its working the opposite way for him. He used to love banana, now he wont eat it. What I tried. I took banana and he would grab it from my hand by jumping on it. So I would close my hand and say No or wait. I tried that for 2 min in last 4-5 days. Now he is growling at the banana. He goes Grrr... I dont want it. Also whenever we drop anything on the floor he will run fast and picks in his mouth and try to swallow it, any idea how to train on that? Also if he swallowed something is it recommend to forcefully take out from his mouth? Would he bite me? He goes very aggrresive if we try to pull out something from his mouth.
  5. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Tuffy 2nd vaccination completed today, he is due for deworming on12th. Tuffy cant seem to remember where to pee and potty correctly on pads, he has started to pee on tiles again.? Whats am i doing wrong?
  6. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    persephone - T we had this amazing 2 min short training session multiple times and he seem to love short sessions rather then boring long ones. So thanx alot. tdierikx - Thanx for that great video. I took tuffy to a 11 year old lab today he is very friendly with puppies and vaccinated, They bonded very well and spoke in some doggy language. I wished I could have clicked a video. The Oldie took tuffy by his chain for a ride in park. A very small one but very productive.
  7. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Yes this would be good, I think I am taking this too seriously, I need to make it fun for Tuf I tried to click a video for you guys yesterday, where tuffy would bring his bowl when hungry and drop on Kitchen floor, Can u guys believe it took me 15 attempts begging to do this on camera. He did NOT do it. Finally I gave up and went to kitchen to prepare his meal. I have a little 6 yeard old visiting out house very often as he mother is working full time, she is my sis daughter. She gets so excited when she sees tuffy and they make a deadly combo together. She would be like jumping tuffy tuffy tuffy and clapping hands, now tuffy gets excited and tries to bite her legs and then the entire things get out of control, both of them cant understand a word that I say. PS: ty for the videos
  8. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Thanx I will watch at noon, I tried kong style toys with little peanut butter while grooming him, yes he let me groom him without biting the hand or comb. I will give a try to frozen. PS: I totally agree with you, this is what I had to learn myself, Dogs don't understand what is SIT and we have to explain the commands before without voice. No dog training video tells this on internet. Its like telling him to OBEY and he goes like searching ....searching ....searching..... Command NOT Found.
  9. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Not the kind of response I expected, but seems like you all are biased. I expected something like you "SHOULD NOT DO THAT " I mean what kind of man would hit a puppy? Ok but I can live with your reply, I feel less guilty now and tuffy also playing and licking me today, seems he has forgotten. Loving my Oldies Yes you are right yesterday he draw the first blood while playing he bit me really hard but I was Like OOOOOOOOUCCHHHHH and then something really funny came out of my mouth and everyone laughed but it was insulting to tuffy I said " Kutta Ke bache:" Which means you "son of a dog" in english and I raised my voice but did not hit him, so that was improvement, but I had to crate him after that. I feel sorry for little fellow, he really likes being free but me NOT specially when he is in Biting mode. tdierikx I tried something different. So I was training him to SIT and this really worked. I gave him a spoonful of food asked him to SIT, he obeyed and then I told him to STAY, he obeyed and then I tell him to SHAKE HAND which he did after that I said COME ( to eat his food). This really worked for TUFFY. So it calms him down doing three steps. His tail is wagging at 100 miles per hour though. Also what I noticed was tuffy is smart to learn stay and come himself without explaining him. I did work on 10 minutes morning and evening with peanut butter as treat to teach him Hand shake.Also he is trained to pick up his bowl every time he wants to eat and drops in my hand. I will post the entire video for you guys. "Time-outs can be effective when he's in naughty chewing legs/hands mode... if he won't stop when you ask him to, then pick him up and pop him in his crate and ignore him for 10 minutes... repeat as often as necessary so he gets the idea that you don't like the sort of "play" he's been engaging in." yes thank you I am trying this now, will let u know if this works and teach him some doggy manners. "When I used to raise puppies for rescue, my older dogs used to help with discipline of naughty behaviour... one older dog would take so much, then turn around suddenly and literally flatten the naughty pup with a huge growl. This is how other dogs teach puppies manners and it looks/sounds like they really want to hurt the puppy, but usually it has only given puppy a really big fright - enough so that puppy learns pretty quickly that what they did just before being flattened just won't be tolerated at all. My "UHH" is a modification of the older dog's tone when correcting puppies, and it is rarely accompanied with physical action, except for removing puppy to a time-out if they persist in their naughty behaviour." I might be asking to much but can I get a video of this? I will try searching on you tube if i can find, this sounds very interestig. I actually really like UHH OHH, Even I like it not sure about tuffy. PANDI-GIRL - He he yes puppies are great way to socialize, not just where we live but even on Internet. **Chukles**
  10. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Ok I did a bad thing, I ended up hitting tuffy while training and I feel really bad about it. I am feeling guilty, Though it was a slight tap on his face but I still feel he is a baby and i should not have done it, he made a cry and went under my arm and slept. I stopped training him for now as I myself did not know why did i do this. What should be my punishment? A slight tap for a tap would not make tuffy happy, so how do i remove my guilt?
  11. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Ok tried, as reqquested earlier to break down his meal. so if I spread across floor he makes entire floor messy and if I give him a spoonful he thinks i am taking his food. He doesn't bark or bite but tries to dominate the bowl. After finishing his food he would lick my hand. So I am assuming we are friendly with each other when it comes to food. TRAINING UPDATE I am keeping a record of my Do's and Don't while training puppy. Please feel free to share your inputs or feedback. I have seen somewhere on internet that max training time should be 5-10 min I started training yesterday with help of food, at first he was not interested and will go behind me and smell my BUTTOCK. Initially he was very frustrated and was not able to understand why i am asking him to SIT? So I kept asking him to SIT and he kept jumping on me to grab the food, however I was not there to give up so easily. I initially started by saying SIT but Tuffy had no idea what is SIT. I guess. Watched a video on you tube on how to use hand movement to make him SIT. Walla it worked! When i said sit and moved food with my hand towards him. First he picked his neck up and then sat down. ( So my first learning was voice commands needs to be explained to a puppy). He has already started understanding SIT and when I say SIT 6/10 times he will SIT and look for my hand. BITING AND CHEWING UPDATE After success of SIT command. This made me feel confident and bossy, now I felt like ruler of 7 worlds and excited like hell. I was like hell ya I can train you but later that day In evening when tuffy came for play after his meal, he starting chewing on me and furniture and I was like I can fix this. So as usual I came across this article where it was explained to shh the dog or Tap his nose or Say No in assertive way this would help. But this does not work for tuffy. He actually became more aggressive. I tried to raise my voice but not he did not listen, poor fellow slept without understanding why I tapped his nose or raised my voice So I started reading again and came across another article how to handle biting and chewing. So now next morning I was ready with my advanced weapon system His favorite soft toy and treats! I knew he would come running at me after completing his morning breakfast. It worked initially, he started playing with toy, after good 2 min he started chewing me again and then when I said sit he did not let it go then I used treat. I had better results. He looked at me SAT DOWN took the food from my had enjoyed it and few seconds later it was my leg again. I am not sure if he undertood that I am treating him for not chewing my leg. I think he understood he will get food when he chews my leg and SIT. So he is biting my leg and then look up at me to treat him. WTF... He is also stubborn he kept coming back till I was out of treats. Then it was my socks and my legs again. So for next time, I have a plan for peanut butter, lets see how he reacts to that. He completely dislikes me combing his hair and dry bath. Will try that and let u know how he reacts. POTTY TRAINING Update: He has not potty inside house for last 3 days now, he uses potty pads most of the times, but poor guy is a bad shooter, he goes outside and tries to do it on pad some how he misses the aim or the angel of drop is incorrect so it will land half on pad and half on floor I don't understand why he will pee on potty pads sometimes only, rest of the times it the floor or crate. You guys can help me with this maybe.
  12. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Thanx what a wonderful way you have suggested to slow him down with his eating. I will try that and let you know. Cheers!
  13. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    I will start giving him basic training and commands soon, most likely from tomorrow if he stays this way. What impresses me is he already understands many things without saying but is very moody and will only do when he feels like. I think he knows what i want from him but he is playing some mind games with me. For example he knows i want him to Go potty on pad, so if left alone he will only potty on pad, but he doesn't pee on pad all the times. So when accident happens I take him to potty pad WHen I piick him up and take him to potty pad and give command to pee he will play with me instead of pee. he will not pee for 1 hour and me will go bonkers. If I leave him alone he might go to pee on potty pad like a 70% chance. When i try to praise him on potty pad he takes it other way and tries to bite/play with my hand
  14. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    He was extremely weak then, I don't know, I was not happy when he gave us news about parvo. Could not think of other things at that point, it simply did not cross my mind. I asked him about treatment cost, and it was very very expensive. He said drip 2 times a day and some serum cost then based on how puppy reacts treatment cost + vet fees + hospitalization + medicine cost and the worst part was when he said we cannot grantee after treatment he will MAKE IT, In my mind i was thinking what other options do i have, then he said you can also put him down or it would be too difficult if you get attached to him. So in my mind I was like I could Save some for my rainy days or I can give a try and save his life , So I had to choose between apples or oranges, I told the vet I need some time to rethink and came home and started reading on internet. I came across a video on you tube by britaniee she saved 7 pups with parvo, but when i checked her video i felt Tuffy is not showing any symptoms. So I messaged her but then realized she put that video 5 years ago and maybe she is busy withs omething else. I wanted second views and healthy discussions to boost my confidence and avoid the guilt of giving him proper treatment and hence came here. So I wanted to do a test again. A miracle happened and he started eating after that day. Fingers crossed, hopefully he will have a happy life after such a dreadful start.
  15. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    yes those 2 days were worst puppy days when he refused to eat, We were confused and since then i am more serious about saving him and get very worried, we try to give him our best. Thanx for all the inputs. I would be sharing more of tuffy stories here. I really like this friendly place.