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  1. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Ok guys , I found a new home for Tuffy, its 700 kms away from my place. Hope his new owner will never hit him. The new owner owns a lab, I plan to gift tuffy's personal stuff to the new owner, also would be sharing his food habits, games etc. I want both of them to bond together. Would it would be wise to keep tuffy hungry few hours before travel, and then new owner feeding him with hand first time? Would it create a bond that way? Anything I am missing please let me know
  2. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Will keep u guys posted with updates. Tuffy Went for his first morning walk today. He was really Happy. He spent like 1 hour playing in grass and waited to come back home to poop :). This time I was not angry as before. At least he pooped in right place. Tuffy has Learnt Kiss command and he now rolls much better. He is shedding his hair like crazy. Poor guy is so scared of me that If I raise my voice he runs under the table. Yes scary me!
  3. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    i am in india, i am talking to families near me who can take good care of him, Its not his mistake, I am punishing myself for hitting him.
  4. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Sad news. I hit tuffy again, he peed on couch. I am so sad and sorry for what I did. I have decided to give him away as I promised myself that I will never hit him again. Sorry guys not sure If I should have told u this.
  5. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    interesting. Chicken wings here I come....
  6. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Funny thing happened with the link, So clicked on link and on top u get a screen shot to play the video, I am clicking that screen shot for last 1 hour trying to make it work . ( i was occupied with some other work) Just few minutes ago i realized its a screen shot :D
  7. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    We also don't give him any food while jumping, when he sees us eating he gets over excited and would jump on a hot cup of coffee or tea , since he has become taller he would jump on us and try to go right after food. Usually it caused spills on dinner table or sometimes even our clothes. Most of the time we will get angry with this behavior he gets a loud "No " then he will try to run and still have a go at food. Then I have to stand up while having dinner and calm him down. ( I am thinking of keeping him in leash or crate him while lunch and dinner times) I am confused if I do that he will never learn to behave? Also I wanted to ask you, is it ok to give food to dogs while we our eating? Is this encouraging bad behavior?
  8. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Thanx I will try this. and let you know how it goes.
  9. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Hey guys, A special Thanx to Persephone, Tassie, tdierikx, Loving my Oldies for your ongoing support and willingness to help. Last week update on tuffy Potty Training- No potty inside house for last 1 week, 3 times he pee inside house in last week 5 times he peed in my balcony. Every time he pee in correct place he gets a reward. Biting and Chewing- He only bites me while playing and then goes with head down after I go OUCH, I also move out when he plays very aggressively. so i got bitten 3 times in last week with 1 major blood and I myself got vaccinated for tetanus and rabies. Chewing is a major problem, we got him many toys but seems he only wants slippers and furniture and even our walls. He is biting corners of walls. We cant keep him in crate all day. Vaacination 3rd Vaccination done for tuffy after 4th is due on 9th feb - he can go out on walks.. Yay I am more excited then tuffy. Training Tuffy has now learnt the following commands SIT - UP - Works only with food COME LAY DOWN ROLL- AFTER LAYING DOWN - Only works with food in hand Spin- While standing Shake hand - Paw High Five Easy- Go easy taking food from my hand GO TO BED - Bedtime Aggressive No- When he is misbehaving Behave- While running on couch, he will lay down 1 2 3 GO - Runs after a Ball or any other object and fetch it back He has trouble understanding the following commands Wait- He cant understand wait, He will follow me as soon as I stand and move. Leave IT - I use a treat and drop it on floor- but this only works for him when I have a treat. He wont leave if I don't have a treat Chewing our clothes while walking - We will stay PUT and offer him toy or treat then only he will leave us. If no treat he wont leave biting clothes while walking. He jumps on us while we are eating food and tries to grab him- I am currently searching articles on internet on how to train him not to grab food from our hands. Some pics of Tuffy strange way of sleeping- He will jump on couch when I am watching TV with me and lie down on his back and sleep. Posting a small video for you guys. Sorry for exposing tuffy's privates. My mum got offended by this video hope you guys are cool with it. Tuffy Sleeping On His back Video - https://photos.app.goo.gl/nnnm2SV2UAumYxBz9 Tuffy eating pic https://photos.app.goo.gl/bhXrFJemYHhLGpyc6 Many of the video's worked great for tuffy, some did not but anyway we are both learning by trial and error.
  10. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Loving my Oldies what do u suggest? How do I tell him to stop barking and Jumping. Can u suggest how to kill his over excitement? After eating dinner, he will usually pick his favorite soft toy a FISH and drop it on my feet. He expects me to play with it. I would only play if he doesn't jump on me. Then he would run around and growl very aggressively. What I have tried so far: I am giving treats when he sits down and doesn't jump on bed. I have followed all videos shared by persephone, seems he will only obey me till i have food in my hand. After food is finished he is like " Your not my parent anymore"
  11. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Persephone I would like to thank you for sharing Donna Hill Video. I tried to do the same with Mr. Tuffy. He bit me once while doing it, however I see a lot of Improvement in tuffy. After 15-20 attempts he has started to understand the game. So he will put his head down for treat. I have posted videos of Tuffy Jumping on bed. This is a similar situation recorded today on phone. Usually he grab blanket and then barks, today i was ready and moved blanket out of his reach. I was working on laptop and he was playing with Kong toy filled with peanut butter and making loud growling noise. Is this play or aggression? So far I have been putting a treat on floor. But seems he doesn't want to stop jumping. Tassie Yes we are investing in a crate today evening, even if it costs Tuffy's Freedom. We cant sleep in night fearing that he might bite us . Yes we allowed free run but paying a huge price when we try to restrict his access now. He is whining and barking when blocked outside. Thanx for suggesting x pen, I will read on internet about it. We are going to buy crate and clicker today itself.
  12. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    I will share the video Tuffy Jumping on bed - https://photos.app.goo.gl/B9dhFbfhiwNdjKu96 Tuffy Bit me- https://photos.app.goo.gl/bhJpq4xxPb39UG7z8 Please also see if Tuffy is skinny? He is not roly poly like other puppy videos on internet.
  13. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Ok I would like to discuss another possible training opportunity. Tuffy Sleeps in same room as us. He will usually come running to me on bed and jump his front legs. So his half body is on floor and 2 legs up on bed. He will start biting the blanket very hard and wont stop. If I move the blanket away he will bark very aggressively and if he can get his mouth near my hand or feet he will try to bite with aggression. Any idea how to stop this behavior?
  14. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Only If every dog owner/lover could see these videos before getting a puppy. I wish I would have done extra research work before getting a puppy. Seems like tuffy would be my experimental kid. We gave him free access to house loads of love, this has spoiled him so much. Today when we restricted his access poor guy kept barking, hate taking freedom from him still.
  15. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Also I was reading on internet, his privates should fall down at 2 months. Tuffy has nothing Swinging down under. Shall I wait more or take him to vet?