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  1. Need help please

    If it is not better by the next day go to the vet. Sounds like it has eaten something bad Don't discount commercial dog food as a source of poisoning. I poisoned my dogs with a bag of Purina Puppy food given to me by a friend, said her pup wouldn't eat it One of my Labradors had a cup full and vomited for hours, including what looked like the lining of his stomach. NO response to Hotline calls, NO regulations in Australia as what goes into pet food. America has had many instances of mass dog poisonings from commercial food. Pups need a good diet, for strong bones, and good health for life google What homemade food can Puppies eat?
  2. IBD in dogs frustration

    Vet in Cooma put me on to this product when my lab had severe diarrhoea. http://www.iahp.com.au/australia/protexin it is a multi strain probiotic for animals. developed in the UK, worked on my dog. Also suggested it to a neighbour who's labrador has severe gut problems. She sticks to cooked chicken and rice with veg. Gives the Protein when its guts flare up. Yoghurt unsweetened might help.
  3. Labrador Retriever

    Hi Toms mum, I think it is actually cheaper to feed food for human consumption.. I feed my three Labs variety of these foods Boiled egg (with shell) every day I cook up in advance cooked pasta mix in 1/2 tin chick peas or lentils (both cheap) and high in protein Aldi 2star mince 1/4 packet or tin sardines or tuna or left overs are what dogs used to eat. daily -cooked veg -carrots, cabbage or spinach or any green vegs or cook up the pasta with frozen veg in the same pot. You can give them yoghurt no sugar or milk with water for calcium Find a butcher who sells Brisket bones they are soft and don't splinter, never give cooked bones. Cooked liver is a all time favourite, but make it small amount not daily very high in vit A cabbage is good for bulking up their food. my dogs drink the water the veg is cooked in Don't give treats made in china, no sugar or salt My dogs think bits of apple carrots or uncooked pasta are treats. break his food up don't feed him all at once if he is a guts (they all are) should keep him under 40 more like 36 Good luck
  4. Labrador Retriever

    I would like to comment on life span. I've recently bought my last Labrador pup. I've been very interested in the subject of life span since I had. an argument with a young vet, she insisted they lived to 11. I've had 9 pedigree dogs and bitches (pets) all of them have got to 14 with the exception of my last, Tilly who lived to17 and 56 days. Currently I have a rescue lab dog who I got at 7, he turns 15 on 21/10/19 It is my belief and that of the vet at the RSPCA, the reason for their longevity is, I don't feed them commercial dog food. There is no regulation, or oversight on what goes into pet food in Australia, only a lot of advertising dollars. On the subject of breed, I understand Mary Dalgarno (Canberra) and Pat Dunstan (Southern Highlands) were the two women instrumental in breeding hip dysplasia out of Labradors in Australia in the 60's. Mary wrote a book on the history of Labradors in Australia and Pats name was on the lab club standard for many years. the standard says.."Strongly built, short-coupled, very active; broad in skull; broad and deep through chest and ribs; broad and strong over loins and hindquarters". https://www.labradortraininghq.com very interesting site with information saying American labs differ in that they are bred for hunting and field trials (doubt their temperament would suit guide dogs). This site reiterates "there is only one Labrador standard"
  5. Drank A Lot Of Saltwater

    My young Labrador got salt water poisoning, swimming with a ball in his mouth. He was very sick vomiting and squirting water out his backside. A Labrador website in the USA suggested to give the dog electrolytes. My Chemist said electrolytes are the same for dogs as human. I had to squirt it down his throat with a syringe, as he wouldn't drink it, anyway it worked, he was back to normal a few hours