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  1. Hi there! My first dog was a female Great Dane, and I do not recall her nipping at all. I currently have a male Newfoundland, and OH BOY DID HE NIP! My legs were bruised it was so bad. I could barely walk by him in the morning because he was so full of energy and was attracted to anything that moved. I had to keep a stash of toys within reach all over my house. I tried my best to remain calm, say nothing and when I gave him the appropriate thing to chew it helped tremendously. I also quickly realized I needed to exercise him way more. When he was supper nippy I couldn't just give him something to chew and walk away, it was a sign to me that he had stored up energy. I would play tug of war or fetch, also a brain game using tennis balls and a muffin tin ALWAYS wore him out. I can tell you it passed, he no longer nips, he is a bit mouthy at 9 months, but it's controllable as well.
  2. Hi there! First I have to ahead of time thank everyone who so far has helped and given me such great advice! My 9 month old Newf is now fully raw. We've hit some snags though. I thought I may be giving him too much bone based on some things I read, BUT he won't eat a bowl of food with out bone(now his poo is not firm). Well I cut that back then realized he needed more organ meat, but had to freeze it and cut up or he won't eat it. In fact if he's not eating a bone he like ALL HIS MEAT FROZEN! So is it ok if he eats meat chunks that are frozen or should I just do the old, take the bowl away and give it back at the next meal. Should he be eating warmer food? ~Nora
  3. Hey Newfie Newbie! I know this topic is 6 years old, but wondering how it is going? I have an eight month old male newfie.. any advice, tips? What have you learned about the breed? ~Nora
  4. Thank you Sandgrubber, that is true and helpful information!
  5. My Newf can occasionally do this, but I've been told it's normal for this breed. I know sometimes if my pup is tired or thirsty he will stop too,
  6. Hello all, Currently feeding my 8 Month old Newfie a raw diet and started to wonder about his above meds. He is on Credello and Interceptor. I live in the state of VA and we have lots of trees so I am concerned about ticks. Is there truly a natural way to protect him? Thoughts, suggestions? ~Nora
  7. Does anyone have any ideas on land training I could do that would help him with water rescue/training? He likes me to swim with him and the water is cold here till summer comes back, and I do not own a wet suit, took him to beach yesterday and he won't really swim alone. Are their websites, videos, ideas on land training I could use that would help harness his mental and physical energy?
  8. Thank you everyone, such amazing advice here! I will use all of it and work on his back yard play/training. Yes, definitely need to walk away when frustrated and I completely agree he is testing/teenage phase. I'v been told it will pass, to keep working with him. My female Great Dane was so incredibly docile and easy to work with(she was a leash puller but other than that not problems) she was quick to obey and did not need as much energy release as I have seen with this male Newf. You all are so helpful! Thank you!!! ~Nora
  9. I saw 15 years and about feel out of my chair. My dane made it almost 10, but we never did a raw diet.. I'm working my Newfie puppy onto one.
  10. Scratch, Yes he loves to swim. Problem is he refuses to get in the car! I wish I could take him swimming again. I did everything I was supposed to, socialized him, trainer etc.. all of a sudden he's AWFUL! I mean he can't even walk past anyone and if they have a dog, forget it. We managed to get him in today, took him out in town around other people etc and he was unruly. Then sat down and would not get back in car. Ive tried ramps, stairs even jumping in the car.
  11. So my 7 month old male Newf is starting to become EXTREMELY hard to walk. I have had a female Great Dane so I am familiar with large breeds, but recently I have grown very frustrated. I have had a trainer, I work on it diligently BUT the issue is first thing in the morning(full of energy and has to poop) and if he gets spooked it becomes a big issue. Last night he was spooked and I slipped in the mud and was pulled while on the ground while using a Duo Harness( he can't back out of it and escape). I have used a buckle collar high up so he can feel the tension when he pulls. I stop and wait for him to turn back. I also had him get spooked while walking with only a collar and he ran so fast I almost fell down. No matter what I use or do I feel like waiting till he's matured and calm its going to cause me to not want to walk him. I do not want to use a prong collar, but I am at my wits end. He is very strong and has a LOT of energy. I walk him 3-4 times a day and have him run around on a long lead in our back yard. Any suggestions??? ~Nora
  12. I personally am not either, but I got concerned(should have stayed off the internet, I mean I managed to feed 5 kids and they're healthy? Some sites are scary, you know the whole giant breed don't mess it up! I just blew out his coat and gave him a turkey thigh. I'll try again tomorrow. I will find a new groomer.. I'm concerned he's squirmy on the table(his first groom session she told me) working on it
  13. Scratch, Yes he will eat meaty bones! Again, no need for Annamaet then? HIs kibble is Science diet for large breeds
  14. Scratch, Great advice! Yes, I have a dryer, I think you're right I should blow him out. I do need to find a good groomer, the last one he went to I wasn't thrilled. I was told newfs shouldn't be in a cage being dried they need a forced air, he was. He's also going through this thing where he won't get in the car. I brush him, bit still working on getting him to stay on grooming table for longer times. Yes, he is getting his adult coat! Is the Annamaet not a good supplement? That as a bit pricey. Should I go cold turkey or slower?
  15. I do not think he's lost weight, we've only been at this about two weeks, but what concerned me was the total lack of eating. I did brown the turkey a bit, added cheese and some kibble, he ate like he was STARVING. On kibble he ate 6 cups and added cooked food. He's not fat, he is ideal at the moment. mean he gulped down three servings after barely eating in a while. Maybe I should so more slowly. No I have not taken him to vet yet. He is an indoor dog, but gets walked 4 times a day and played with outside, he has A LOT of energy. I actually just picked up some Annamaet today and gave him some. The woman in the store said I don't need organ meat if he uses this supplement, is that true? Yes, he's on flea control. Maybe I jumped the gun and it's the weather causing the skin?
  16. Hello! This is my first newf he is 7 months old currently, and my first time trying raw. I have owned a Great Dane, she passed almost 2 years ago so I am used to large breeds. My male newf has started to itch A LOT, so I wanted to try a raw diet. I have given him, chicken, turkey and some ground beef. He's had chicken feet, raw thigh bones, wings etc.. My concerns are, one, I noticed he is eating WAY LESS. I mean I read at his weight(105) he needs 3lbs.. he is just under 2 pounds of food, and he now refuses his kibble. He's also getting super picky which leads him to eat less, I read to try cheese and, yes I sprinkled some and he ate, no issues. Two, I read all this info about organ meats and how imp they are. Well he so far doesn't like them. I did just purchase Annamaet Enhance because I'm kind of going nuts. Some of these articles share me that I will wreck him. Has anyone out there raised a Newfoundland on raw, can you give me some advice, helps anything??? Max and I thank you! ~Nora
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