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    I Rescue and Rehab dogs and pups from the pound as well as taking in private surrenders when possible.
    I own a Black Lab named Cordelia who is wonderful and an adorable Great Dane named Genevieve!

    I take in small breeds but love large-giant breeds as well as pregnant bitches about to whelp and will hand rear newborn pups. I also pretty much take in anything else with a good temperament!

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  1. It simply isn't worth discussing a concept that is impossible for certain others to comprehend.
  2. At what age do babies get a personality would you say? Or are all human beings simply moody, impulsive creatures with no control over themselves? At what age do babies get a personality would you say? Or are all human beings simply moody, impulsive creatures with no control over themselves? Personality develops over a person's life. Generally development slows after a person reaches maturity. Babies have a personality in-utero. They are born with their personality.. we all develop as we grow.. but our base personality is there from conception.
  3. Tricky Scenario At The Park

    Perhaps if certain people didn't respond in a manner that made them come across as a psychopath, then others wouldn't have said it. Hypothetical or not.. it isn't a normal person who clearly and coldly states that they would leave a child to die in a fire over a dog.
  4. Tricky Scenario At The Park

    I think this thread has to go down as one of the MOST bizarre ones, ever.
  5. Tricky Scenario At The Park

    I'd choose the child in the burning building, unless my subconcious took over and then I just don't know. But I am curious as to why you think choosing the dog would lead to a very very dead dog? Nor can I see why you think such a decision would lead to jail time. Social censure no doubt, but why jail? Back when I did such work that I might come across a disaster situation, I was always told that there was no legal obligation to risk one's life to save another's. Child or adult made no difference. You were never required to risk yourself for another. And I am assuming a burning building situation involves some risk to the rescuer. Has that legal positon changed? I have no doubt if a hypothetical like this happened, that SOMEONE would kill the dog in question. I said I'd HOPE for jail time, but I also have no doubt if this was to happen and a dog was deliberately saved OVER a child and that there was a possibility of saving that child, that every cop involved would go through the summary offences act, crimes act, or case law just to find something to put them away. Absolutely.
  6. Tricky Scenario At The Park

    As much as this thread has become full of virtually unbelievable stories about marauding autistic children and teens, touching people's dogs and punching people when they least expect it (Seriously people? WTF!)... there appears to be several psychopaths in our midst. ANYONE who actually believes they could or would leave a child in a building to die to save a dog has something dangerously wrong mentally. Sadly, that sort of person is someones neighbour, family member, co-worker... one can only assume you wouldn't actually have the courage to test that disgusting theory of yours.
  7. It's been a while since I've been on DOL too.. RIP you brave Little Snot! May your heart heal over time MightyBean. xx
  8. Making It Work With Puppies And Babies

    Excellent,... 2 more untrained, juvenile delinquent Great Danes will be either dumped in a pound or surrendered to rescue in approx 8mths time.. (or 'the naughty' one will be).. Just what Dane Rescue needs... advance warning... Your friend is totally unrealistic and immature to think bringing 2 giant breed puppies into her life when she is bringing 2 humans into her life isn't going to be damaging to all concerned..
  9. Maltese

    SO much of this really makes no sense.. apart from the fact that it's Las Vegas.. If the dog has come from the US, the chip details would have been changed to a local address whilst the dog was in quarantine here... you could easily contact customs or whatever the Quarantine Station is down there and ask them to check her chip number.. you could do that in every state.. and locate whoever brought her into the country... easy.
  10. Glow In The Dark Dog

    Unless people step forward and willingly allow themselves to be test subjects for new drugs then animals are needed. If you have ever taken anything prescribed by a doctor or bought painkillers etc then you have taken something tested on animals. I'm not a supported of inhumane research, but unless we give up modern medicine or people agree to be tested then we need animals in medical research. The funny thing is, you'd get "Oh noes, I couldn't possibly take some untested drug, I might get sick. Maybe first we can test it on.. oh.. wait.." People are happy to protest animal testing but you never see them turning down their insulin, their penicilin or a surgery to save their own lives. Some of them even have excuses for why they can use them (but no one else can). Quoth some idiot who works for PETA.. (and requires daily insulin) "I need my life to fight for the lives of animals." That would be Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA. Even though there is synthetic insulin available, she CHOOSES to use insulin derived from pigs... who are intensively farmed, housed permanently inside and killed for there pancreas'. She's a hypocrite of the highest order.
  11. What's Wrong With Horse?

    Stop feeding your dog 5 times a day. that's ridiculous.. as is your claim that his ribs prevent him from digesting food like a normal dog. Feeding so frequently has taught his body to metabolise his food very quickly. (when people diet they eat small, frequent meals to teach their body to burn faster, therefore, losing weight).. 2 meals per day of a PUPPY FOOD, mince AND chicken frames I would think that whoever reported you for feeding your dog inadequately.. was spot on. Listen to the advice you've been given. otherwise, you are simply being a troll and trying to upset people on purpose.
  12. Dog Just Died Anyone Up

    So very sorry for your loss, Jules.
  13. Rip My Cordelia

    Thank you everyone. Trying to keep myself busy otherwise I fall to pieces.