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  1. BP Ronald Reserve, Cnr Henry and John ST Pakenham Online only entries are still open until Friday 6 March
  2. that is correct...we have the whole ground to ourselves. There will be a couple of food vans staying to provide for exhibitors
  3. Hi All Pakenham & District A & H Society show being held on Sunday March 22 have two change of judges. Group 1 will now be judged by Ms L Bolden and Group 5 will be judged by Ms J Aspinall. The Society acknowledge that the area set aside last year was not adequate and therefore the dog section for this show will be the only event on the grounds on the Sunday. So lots of room and a country feel. So come on and enjoy the day with us....enter online at https://www.easydogentries.com/
  4. Please find attached the breed numbers for Berwick & District A & H Society to be held on 21 February. NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE. Holm Park Reserve, Third Oval, Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd, Beaconsfield Berwick Dog Numbers.pdf
  5. Fingers crossed I will have babies around 26th Shelties I will post more when I get confirmation
  6. Please find below the breed entry numbers for Yarra Ranges Kennel Club Championship Show being held Saturday 10 January 2015. Please direct any enquiries to the show secretary as listed in the schedule YR Sun numbers.pdf
  7. Please find below the breed entry numbers for Yarra Ranges Kennel Club Championship Show Sat 10 Jan 2015 Please direct any enquiries to the show secretary as listed in the schedule YR Sat Numbers.pdf
  8. For anyone who has not yet entered Yarra Ranges Kennel Club shows 10th & 11th January. Mail entries have closed. Online entries through Easy Dog Entries will remain open until 7pm on Friday 26th Dec. No entries will be accepted after this time.
  9. BC Crazy she is thoroughly groomed right down to the skin on a very regular basis, bathed monthly and blow dryed right through....the coat isnt shedding which is the whole problem. I have never encountered this problem before
  10. Has anyone used Virgin Coconut Oil on a double coated breed with a very dry brittle coat? She is fed a premium food and is otherwise in fantastic condition, she is 2 and has never done a puppy coat drop so the coat that is there is in very poor condition. Ideas would be appreciated
  11. The space allocated for stalls and events is allocated by the agricultural society. They sell space to stalls, clubs and businesses. Then they squish them all in and hope the public will come to see the events and patronize the stalls. If the society president is to be believed they did not know how much room the dog section requires....I wonder if he had ever walked around the show on show day just to see when we were at the racecourse. I also wonder if they actually thought about the OHS issues and possible insurance risks of asking people to run on that surface.
  12. that is on my wish list but will have to wait for a while
  13. Its a family event held on a farm. So various lighting, distances, subjects etc. Thats why I am thinking 2 cameras might be better than one. I think the majority of the pics will be close so will use the regular lens on the 5100 and the longer lens on the 3100. Thanks for your input it has given me a different view. Fingers crossed I get it right...lol
  14. if they were all online entries that would be as easy as it sounds....
  15. I am taking photos at an event early next year and I get frustrated changing the lenses over mid shoot. I had a 3100 which I gave to a friend and I am sure I could borrow it and I now have a 5100. Which one should I put the longer lens on? Both cameras have the regular lens and a longer one. If I could afford it I would go out and get the one that does both, although is the quality as good? Sorry for such general questions. But I figured I might as well as the Dolsperts
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