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  1. Do American dogs like Vegemite too, or just the Aussies
  2. Hi Paula I must have my head under a rock because I have only just found out about this. So sorry I was in Deakin at a friend's house when the fireworks started so unexpectedly and they were very very loud and very very scary. I was actually quite frightened myself (and I'm a strong woman!) and immediately felt sorry for any animals in the area. There was no warning or announcement about fireworks happening and I didn't even click it had something to do with the torch. There would have been a lot of elderly people scared that afternoon too. RIP Harvey Katie
  3. Choice Magazine covered things to look for in an article here: http://www.choice.com.au/viewarticleasonep...=100008&p=1 cheers Katie
  4. Bucket O Beef deliver raw meat to Brisbane: http://bucketobeef.com.au/north-queensland/raw-meats.php I used to get it in Canberra until they stopped delivering here, but have just found out today that they are starting again. K
  5. I have just the person if you were in Canberra. Perhaps try "Don't Fret Pet!" in Sydney? Katie
  6. You mix it with equal parts water and let sit overnight, then mix with good quality mince. My dogs love it! Good poo. Not too much. Firm. Has seeds in it! K
  7. I use it and really like it. ETA: It's the only thing I can feed my dogs without them putting on weight. They are a very good weight at present and very healthy. Probably would do well on BARF also, but VAN is much more convenient for me to use. Katie
  8. Another successful delivery. I think we've got this one sorted
  9. Just to let you know we had a very successful delivery today. Put Barney on lead and made him sit. Gave the LnE man some biscuits and asked him to drop them just in front of Barney. After a false start when Mac ran over and gobbled the first one Barney received two biscuits from the man without making a sound or any sort of threatening movement. It was all very calm and civilised. Will try again next week, but feeling good about today. K
  10. To be honest, I can't really remember, but I think what happened is that Barney was looking out of our front window and as the guy was leaving he turned and looked at Barney directly. This sent Barney off into a fit of barking aggressively. I probably did something like say "Barney, leave it" in my gruff voice. The man left, drama over. Until the next visit and so on. Also, while I like the idea of Barney thinking diets are evil and getting the man to bring sausage in defence of Lite N Easy, I have lost 24 kilos over the last year or so - about 18 of those on the program. I do not intend to
  11. Nope he's just a nice ordinary man trying to do his job. He might wear one of those reflective jackets, but I'm sure B-boy has come across those before. As he has with other Asian men before without problem also. It just seems to be this particular person. I think the first time he came he may have looked the wrong way i.e directly at Barney through the window. I have a feeling that's when the trouble started. He is nice to him and likes dogs 'though thank goodness and always asks what he's done wrong or what he can do. I guess I could put Barney on lead and get him to throw him a treat and s
  12. I get Lite N Easy food delivered once a week, and it is the same delivery driver every week. For some reason Barney (pictured in my avatar) hates him. Barney is always a pretty good watchdog, but settles once he knows the person or when I show that the person is welcome. But with this man it is different. I have to put Barney in another room. He seems like a nice gentle fellow, so it would be good if I could train Barney not to act like he is going to attack him. The only thing I can think of is that he is Asian and perhaps Barney is racist Any advice? He is only here for 30 seconds at a ti
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