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  1. Just looking to see if anyone knows any groups around Nowra that rescue cats? Otherwise I will google and look up petrescue. Cheers.
  2. Ideas On What To Do?

    I have left this one alone. I hope he contacted the RSPCA. It was odd.
  3. Hi all, So I have just taken a brief call at work and thought I'd heard it all. A gentlemen called Peter has just rung me and asked if he could surrender a dog. I advised we were full but asked for more information (thinking I could help rehome etc etc). He then proceeds to tell me that his girlfriend has been having sexual relations regularly with her? dog since she was 16 - he only just found out apparently - recently the second time he caught her the dog had entered her from the back end and got stuck for 20 minutes after they "tied" so much so that it ripped her behind when the dog was pulled out (large breed) and she had to go to hospital to see someone. I won't go into detail any further because I am still honestly in shock and it is making me physically ill that I actually just heard the conversation I just did. Honestly for the first time in ages I didn;t know what to say except asked him had he contacted the RSPCA and how far did he want to take this? He said he would try them and hung up. After ideas on what I can do to help this poor mistreated dog, All I know is the guys name is Peter. He rang from a private number so number is not displayed. My thoughts are ringing the RSPCA to see what they can do and also hospital explaining the situation so that they may trace it back to a female consistent with that type of injury recently and investigate. Can police do a phone trace to my mobile? And would they? Really other than calling RSPCA and hospital does anyone here have any ideas? I have very little to go on at all. Honestly had I been prepared for the conversation and knew what was coming I would have agreed to take the dog and get it to the RSCPA. Andrea.
  4. Trust Worthy Rescue ?

    Fundraising is a necessary part of a viable rescue but it should not be the focus of any group. I don't begrudge any group if they "make" a bit from some animals as others can severely drain funds beyond belief, especially if you have a run of sick animals. But if you have hardly any animals and keep raising money and already are quite financial then one has to wonder........................ Its your money. Ask questions to the group directly. Every group should be honest and is accountable about where their donations go and if they aren't or your not happy with the answer take your hard earned money where it might be appreciated. :-)
  5. Congratulations Lyn! Well deserved lovely lady!
  6. Rspca Act

    Yes Maree $75 for a few hours from a person I know recently. Simple answer from me. A cat foster carer of mine got a pup recently and a visitor left the door ajar and in a split second puppy ran off. Tracked down at rspca within an hour or so as not far from there. I had to give her a lift there and it was only a matter of hours before I could get her and get there but same price.
  7. How Do You Decide?

    We are all busy with our own rescues like you and do what we can when we can. I didn't and couldn't take these kittens but neither did you or anyone else. It's not a competition about who has a bigger load in life or who does more. I am doing what I can. Stop judging others efforts and just get on with the job.... You clearly have your hands full with your trapping efforts.... So I am sure your energy can be put to better use.
  8. How Do You Decide?

    Wildthing I am assuming your continual digs at a group for taking kittens from a pound three hours away and taking some semi feral kittens is having a go at me. Not cool at all. You have no f***ing clue what I have or haven't been doing or why for last couple of weeks. I don't have time to go to into detail nor do I need to justify not taking those two six month old cats that I didn't have anyone for or know about because I was too busy dealing with other animals, pounds and issues while dealing with a very sick bub. I do my best, like everyone else. Have a nice day. Thanks for making mine after seeing this.
  9. Good on you for trying for her and also being upfront about her issue and prepared to do the responsible thing if it comes to it rather than her languish in kennels indefinitely. Will keep ears open and fingers crossed for something soon
  10. Just a quickie then.....lol
  11. A quick but blurry photo of my mum holding him above - always on borrowed time when he is sleeping so just put something up quickly - never know how long I will get. Can't see it but he has red hair and blue eyes.....suits his Irish name. Cheers.
  12. Just saw this on my first visit to DOL it two weeks........very sweet of you Nina and everyone - thank you. Life is a bit like sleep when I can and if I'm lucky eat and shower at the moment. My poor dogs and cats are looking lost atm......life is hard but most of you who have had kids have been there and know what its like..... He is the most precious gift ever and I am lucky to have him........