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  1. Lilac

    Perhaps hair dye.
  2. A little nervous, breeder advice

    So what are you worried about if they said that you could visit?
  3. Mingaling Tits is just so adorable, it only takes for one to speak up like you did or like James and Alice taking the wrong turn to go out and you all have ended up with your heart dog, they had to wait for 2 weeks too while he had his vet work done and recover, he is just the most amazingingly friendly boy.
  4. Staffy and Australia Bulldog

    Sandgrubber apparently he does not have the puppy yet as the last sentence explains "ready/old enough" but I do agree with you in regard to blue Staffies, same problem with my breed, get more money for the "rare" colour albeit a disqualification or as the ANKC put it now "highly undesirable" same with the Staffy breed I believe.
  5. My previous post in this thread should have been under the heading of Dino the GAP dog. Sorry.
  6. James and Walt his adopted Kelpie from the RSPCA.I put a reply in the wrong thread, It is in the new adoption requirements.
  7. About two months ago another of my grandsons and his partner adopted this beautiful Kelpie from the RSPCA, his name is Walt and he is travelling Australia in a motorhome with them, they were lucky to get him, as when they visited the RSPCA to look at dogs they took the wrong turn to go out and ended up where the dogs that were not ready for adoption, needing vet work done, and spotted him, this poor boy had been very badly treated by his former owner and had been at the pound for three months, the three of them are just so lucky because of the wrong turn taken to get out of the pound that day.
  8. This morning was the pick up time for him to go and pick up his forever mate, I am thinking, although he is 31, never slept a wink last night with the excitement. Hopefully I will have a meet up next weekend and will give you an update on how things have gone, just giving Dino a chance to settle in and not be overwhelmed with too many people coming for meet and greet, there are three other siblings who will be doing that this weekend. Hope that is not with Dino and his squeaky toys, or my grandson will be having to do the same as you DDD
  9. Oh yes he is safe with birds except the stuffed ones that have squeakers in them he has his green collar which is fantastic, apparently he is a very laid back boy, I am anxious to meet him.
  10. Phoebe has puppies!

    OMG Rebanne they are absolutely stunning babies.
  11. Well I had the best news yesterday, found out that my grandson, he has been wanting a dog for company for ages, has adopted Dino a three year old boy from GAP, I know that they are going to have just the best life. Glad that he got a dog to match his height, 6' 3".
  12. Litters Due September 2017

    Gorgeous babies and lucky one of each.
  13. What a gorgeous girl, she certainly does not look like she is ten years old. So happy that she has wormed her way into everyone's heart so quickly.
  14. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    to you and your family on the loss of your beautiful boy, what a beautiful tribute to him. Bubby fly with the to the and enjoy the company of our beautiful heart dogs already there.
  15. What to feed Amstaff

    The pup should be fed whatever the breeder will be feeding the litter, changing a diet too quickly can cause stomach upsets, also the breeder of this puppy is the best person to ask the feeding programme she does with her adults. I always have a puppy pack when my babies are going to there new homes, in that is included a feeding programme for up to six months and I am always here for the new owners to contact me should they have any concerns at any time.