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  1. Look at the website of Stay Loyal, full of info and they have their own grain free kibble. Australianowned , based in Sydney.
  2. Stay Loyal is a wholly owned Australian company and it is grain free kibble , look at their website full of very interesting information. I have a girl here who used to suffer with the itches but since feeding her this kibble and very little meat, just a beef bone or flap once or twice a week, she is going well.
  3. Are you a member of DogsVic? If not that would be further expense for you so as you have the right to register the litter as you need to be a member, you would also have to register a Prefix which in most states you have to sit for an exam so as they can know what you know about the breed conformation wise, also wonder if you were able to get the papers of both dogs would thy be compatible so much to think about, it is not just a matter of putting two dogs together.
  4. Take her to the vet today to have that blood in her droppings assessed. Frenchies are not an aggressive breed if bred and reared properly, I think that she could be a bit possessive of you and that could be the cause of her aggression toward your other dogs if they are getting attention which to me is also very unusual for the breed.
  5. Repro vets do the collecting and freezing. They usually take a small sample of the frozen semen and test it for viability before forwarding onto the person.
  6. The three that I sent to the USA were four month old puppies. They flew from Adelaide in the afternoon and overnighted in Sydney where they were let out of the crate in a quarantine area, then flown the next day to the USA.
  7. I have sent three dogs to the USA and I used Jet pets, very satisfied with the service.
  8. I know of two ANKC registered breeders in WA that I would want to buy from, they have been breeding the Frenchie for many years and do all the tests needed to breed strong healthy babies, I know that you would have to put your name down for a puppy from either of them, be prepared to jump through hoops with questions, but the wait would worth it. Please do not buy a puppy sight unseen. I am now retired from breeding Frenchies after almost 36 years with them, so do know reputable breeders around Australia.
  9. Seems to me just greedy stud dog owner, unless of course the OP did not pay anything for the missed mating. If I had visiting bitches and no puppies resulted from the mating I always gave a return mating free. Stud fee paid on the first time around. I have used frozen imported semen and only paid for the stud fee plus transport to Australia, not two lots of stud fees.
  10. So sad to hear of your loss of your precious Crumpet, what beautiful memories she has left behind, there is never enough time with these beautiful little souls. Fly free precious baby to the
  11. What a gorgeous baby boy, just love the jumper and blanket knitted with love.
  12. I do not know of any insurance company that would cover a bitch for pregnancy, they only cover for illness and injuries, pregnancy is something the owner takes on with any risks involved.
  13. Cool mats are just the best thing for keeping a dog cool, especially at this time of the year.
  14. Very sad circumstances. To be honest I do not think it would in the pups best interest for someone who has never had a puppy this young for you to take it on. It would be bottle feeding for at least another week, someone would have to on hand 24/7 to make sure that the pup is kept warm, only at an age where it has only learnt to control it's body heat and with young children around you would have to be sure that they are not rough with it. I think that Tassie suggestion for the breeder is to contact with the RSPCA or foster group to take on the puppies AND their Mother until she is able to return, puppies at this age, as I said before, should still be with the Mother for their well being, not a person who is not up with the rearing of such young babies. If I were you I would be looking elsewhere for a puppy that has had all the hard rearing done and ready to leave home and let thoughts of this puppy GO, not a good situation.
  15. THREE WEEKS OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! why is this happening at this young age, the rules of governing bodies are that a puppy must be at least eight weeks old. At three weeks, speaking from almost 50 years of breeding, the puppy would not even be weaned off of the Mother, they need to be with the Mother to get the benefit of Dams milk and also socialisation, which is just so important, the litter mates and the Mother teach each other manners, also it would not be used to solid food and I do not like your chances of rearing it, rearing a puppy is not just putting a plate of food down, also another big thing is that the puppy would not be immunised or micro chipped also an offence. This of course is a reportable offence even to the RSPCA if the breeder is not a registered breeder, I would be very careful of continuing this transaction until the pup is at least 8 weeks old. Put the pup's well being ahead of human wanting straight away.
  16. Any tablets or liquid medication here goes into honey, I crush the tablets and mix it through the honey, rub a bit on the lips and the rest on the gums, never had a problem doing it this way, honey is an anti biotic as well.
  17. Bless beautiful Orla, she was a precious girl and lucky to have had you with her when she went to the It must have been a terrible shock for you to see her have such a terrible seizure. to you for being so caring.
  18. The breeder offered the OP another puppy which most reputable breeders do and to take that poor little soul back, if some health problems arise that could be expensive to correct, definitely not morally wrong on behalf of the breeder. This condition is not usually noticed in a very young puppy, 8 weeks, but it does become apparent when they are around six months old. Of course the sweet little thing has had corrective surgery and now hopefully she will have a full healthy life as with the puppy my friend had with the same problem.
  19. I too think that gorgeous little white fluffy, although you would not think so.
  20. About ten years ago a friend of mine bought a Pug from a top breeder in Victoria, all was going well and when she was about five or six months old she was also diagnosed with this problem, the breeder offered her a replacement pup which she decided to take, sent the other little girl back to the breeder and she was never put down, had the op done and now an old girl and has had a great life in another pet home.
  21. Looking forward to see your amazing babies.
  22. Years ago I was approached by one of his staff members, would have been mid 1990's, to do the road test for the Frenchie. The plans were laid out, had to get a minimum of 20 Frenchies, was achieved but hard to do as not many around in those days not like it is today. He brought his crew to Adelaide and we did the road test at SACA Park, everything went well during the filming, I did the interview, then he dropped the bomb shell, have I ever thought of cross breeding the Frenchie to improve their breathing, I know the breed has this problem if not selectively bred and I told him so, even back then I was health testing before it came fashionable. He would not know the front to the back end of a dog, I only learnt later that he was involved in some cross breeding programme in Sydney. The road test was put to air about four months after the actual filming.
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