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  1. It was the 'state' thing. At this point in time, the small-type dogs that Phyl was looking for, kept turning up in other states, like NSW & Qld, rather than Victoria. And with 'no interstate adoptions' label. Coby's case went in reverse, a NSW family spotted him in Victoria...& fortunately were able to drive down to adopt him.
  2. Good on you, sars, for giving the little dog who'd found herself in a pound, a good loving home...whatever she was. You said you can't afford a purebred dog. We've had to insist that the tibetan spaniel breeders we've adopted tibbies from, take any money or any big amount. . They knew & had sussed out our background as pet owners, right down to our socks-tops...& declared their biggest wish was that their little retired show tibbies go to the best of forever homes. It was the quality of home they cared about. But, like it or not....we insisted on paying them a darn good amount of money for these beautifully bred little creatures. The fact that they'd gained their Aus Championship, didn't even come into the conversation. They were loved for themselves as little characters. Nicest thing is how those breeders continue to watch over them, from a distance...they were bred with love & rehomed with love. Doting godmothers! At the same time, we had a little mixed-breed dog (looked like cross between a poodle & a spaniel) who was a rescue thrown from a car as a puppy. She was also loved for herself as a real little character, on equal footing as a pet with our purebred girls. She lived until she was 22 yrs of age. So I can relate to how you love your girl. Grizabella made a good point that having concerns with a 'designer' industry, does not wipe out love, care & concern for the little dogs themselves.
  3. As I said, I was cautioning, given that the examples the rescue folk came upon were not baby puppies, but older puppies as this one is. And which turned out to be 'surplus' stock being moved by a puppy farmer via an agent with a story. Speaking only for myself, I'd ask for some documentation of the breeding-ownership trail & where a puppy or dog came from...for security reasons when it's been advertised for sale, as in this case. Phyl said she's sighted papers. So long as she's reassured by those papers, whatever they are ... it's then entirely her own business. By the way...& ironically...the tibbie boy that RP spotted at the Victorian pound, Coby, has been officially adopted by a tibbie-owning family, who are driving down from New South Wales to collect him.
  4. I hope you & your new doggie have a great life together. I don't want to be a wet blanket...but just a caution. Was the sale a reply to your Gumtree ad? If so, check documentation of the doggie being offered. Like, where did the girl purchase her from originally? My (small) breed's rescue folk have come across people offering young small breed dogs accompanied by 'folksy' stories like the person's only acquired the youngster for 2-3 weeks, but has developed shocking allergy so youngster must go...for a sizeable sum that's claimed to be original purchase price (or close). Further delving, like asking for documentation including name of original breeder-seller, revealed the advertiser was an agent acting on behalf of a puppy farmer. 'Folksy' story false. I trust this is not the case for your new doggie. Best wishes for a great little pet to share your lives.
  5. Thanks for that tip, RP. I'd never heard of TARS. Their linking up service sounds excellent. I like how people can sign up for an emailed newsletter showing pets presently available, because there's still numbers of people not on Facebook. Shall let the Tibbie rescue folk know about TARS.
  6. I agree with what both juice & DDD have said. How well a dog deals with housetraining depends on the individual dog & the background its had for learning...not just sex alone. Same goes for being affectionate with their people. It's one of the big advantages of adopting from a position of good foster care (or from a breeder who provides 'home' experience). Those carers can then advise you on how to help the new dog, male or female, apply their housetraining learning to the new home. Another area where foster care would be useful to how the dog gets on with cats (you have two). Even some small dogs can be very anti-puss to the point where they shouldn't be rehomed with a cat. Others are fine with cats.
  7. Good spotting! Dolly sounds like a little doll...lovely nature.
  8. I think because Coby appears a good example of a tibetan spaniel in his looks & nature, the Pound itself might've alerted the Tibbie club of Victoria...& his info went to the tibbie pet community. I believe someone's then applied... so it's not a done deal yet.
  9. Yes, that's the same boy, RP. Name is Coby. But I believe he's now spoken for, with one of the people in the Tibbie Pet Owner's community.
  10. A Tibbie, with its pointed hare feet, would climb up & over. It's one of the ways, the breed is cat-like. Only sheer barriers would stop them!
  11. There'd be a reason interstate adoption is not likely suitable in the case of Cindy (who's in NSW). Rescuer would want to work directly with new owners on her transition into a new home. Cindy has needed rehabilitation training due to not having it easy in the past. There is another Tibetan Spaniel coming up for adoption in Victoria. But, wouldn't you know it! A boy. Attractive, likely purebred, sweet natured young Coby. You could ask the Tibetan Spaniel Club of Victoria, is they know of a female in Victoria. Email [email protected]
  12. Brisbane people can see Military Dogs & Explosives Detection Dogs at an Army Open Day, tomorrow Saturday 22 April (free & kid friendly). Info from local newspaper. "7th Brigade will showcase its people, vehicles and Army life on 22 April 2017 with an Open Day at 7th Brigade Park, Chermside, Brisbane. Come and see military working dogs in action, infantry conducting fire and movement, armoured vehicles, helicopters and artillery. The Australian Army Band Brisbane will provide entertainment and there will be rides for the kids. Free Entry. Food and drink stalls on site. Demonstration Schedule: 10.30 Military Police Attack Dog 11.00 Explosive Ordnance Disposal robots – bomb disarming 11.30 Mortar and heavy weapons (BF) 12.00 Explosive Detection Dogs 12.30 Vehicle unloading bridge materials and bridge construction 1.00 Infantry Section Attack (BF) 1.30 – 2.30 Infantry withdrawal under fire with MRH 90 Taipan and Tiger ARH helicopter support (BF) Note: 1. BF – Blank ammunition firing. 2. Times are approximate Free Admission Kid Friendly"
  13. I wish this beautiful little Tibetan Spaniel girl, Cindy, was in Victoria. She's a loving little purebred princess with Woof Rescue in NSW. I don't think interstate adoption would be suitable. But perhaps someone in NSW would be interested. Tibbie Rescue admin has written fairytale prose about her! Precious Cindy is dreaming of her fairytale ending where she becomes a Cindy-ella rescued by her Prince Charming, or a warm family willing to share their “Castle” with her. She’s as beautiful as Snow White and as enchanting as Sleeping Beauty. Reality can be harsh sometimes and we only need that one chance of hope to pull us out from rags to riches. Cindy has not had it easy in the past and needs a strong supportive leader who can gain her trust and lovingly guide her through to her happy ever after with her forever family. Could you be Cindy’s Fairy Godmother? Come and sprinkle some magic her way ~ step on the yellow brick road and head towards Woof Dog Rescue. They will escort you to a royal visit to meet Princess Cindy. Her Royal Highness awaits for a mere ransom of $350. A pittance amount for a royal blue blood pure Tibetan Spaniel <3 Cindy is located in Colo Heights or meets can also be arranged in Kellyville, NSW. Please contact [email protected]
  14. If you can see your way to a bonded pair, there's Lucy Zoolander & best friend, Fluffy, very attractive Maltese mixes with good personalities with a Victorian Rescue. Owning a bonded pair can be a positive... they settle well & always have each other to ease the way.
  15. What DDD said about Pet Rescue. I've found by googling PetRescue and a particular breed, it'll pull up profiles of full breeds and also those with that in the mix. Test with small breeds like Maltese, Shih Tzu etc. You might consider, too, looking at adults dogs that registered breeders want to retire to good pet homes. Go to Dogzonline Home, click on Find Older Dogs. Up will come list of breeds with numbers showing for those currently available. Click on what breeds interest you & you'll get profiles of the dogs available with descriptions & breeder contact details.