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  1. Thanks, DDD & JRT. All info welcome, especially for later similar situations. The mix-up in this case seems to be just the use of one word in an enquiry phone call... 'foster'. It was immediately assumed the tibbie had been taken into Rescue. But seems the gorgeous creature was snapped up straight from the pound.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/460544524019197/about/ I checked if there's a Great Dane Rescue in NSW that might cover Canberra, too. A notice said it no longer operates. But there is a Great Dane Rescue Victoria & on their FB page (above) they say they rescue in Victoria... &'some NSW'. So I wonder if they'd know any contacts in Canberra to help this boy?
  3. Pet Transport Company advice

    Thank you. I've passed this on....much appreciated, especially Britt's Pet Taxi. Delightful customer reviews.
  4. Pet Transport Company advice

    I think there's a reason why both parties can't drive, even half way.
  5. Sydney friends need to send their much loved Shih Tzu and Tibbie to other friends in the Blue Mountains who'll be caring for them when away. They need a trusted and reliable pet transport company to take the two from Central Sydney to the Blue Mountains. If anyone's had good experience with a company, would you please PM? Thank you.
  6. Unilaterally deaf puppy

    Totally agree. That's how humans like me manage. Looking not just listening. When I hear an emergency vehicle siren in traffic, I look for the cars front & back starting to pull over. That tells me the direction it's coming from. I look at people's lips when they talking & there's background noise. So it's easy to adapt by stressing the importance of the visual... looking...for dogs in ways that fit them.
  7. Unilaterally deaf puppy

    I've had a unilateral hearing loss all my life. But I only picked it up in my twenties. I put a ticking watch behind one ear & couldn't hear it. Then the other ear... & I could. Mine can't be fixed. But it explained why I can't tell the direction sounds are coming from & have trouble hearing what someone's saying when there's background noise. Both very liveable for me a human. Basic strategies help enormously... like not trusting where I think sound is coming from, because it'll likely be the opposite! I also didn't realise that for my first 20 years I'd actually adapted by lip-reading. Still do it when there's background noise.... but I don't like men with beards (can't see their lips)! Family & friends know not to talk to me with my back turned....especially if they're on my deaf side. Before the hearing loss was diagnosed, people just thought I was a bit of a 'dream'' when I didn't respond to them. My brother also had unilateral hearing loss from a different reason. His was fixable via surgery. I asked him afterwards did he notice a difference....he said 'No', but that he could now hear where sounds were coming from! Being familiar with what it's like with unilateral hearing loss, I'd have no trouble figuring how to adapt strategies for a dog. It's very amenable to management.
  8. Thanks, juice. It's looking v. much like she was adopted straight from the pound & someone got a mixed message. I bet if she was around for a rescue to take....Denise's rescue would've been on to her in a flash. Just their kind of doggie!
  9. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    What an honest boy! I know we can't anthropomorphise our dogs but it's tempting. Tibbie boy, Creedence next door, climbed onto the kitchen table & took 3 apples. 2 he took out to his daybed on the deck. The other he carried to his dad & dropped it at his feet. Thus revealing himself as a crook but a good-hearted one. His family now keep the chairs a long distance from the table!
  10. We say goodbye tomorrow

    Thinking of you. I understand how hard it is, even tho' it's a gift to your little darling to be at peace. Her life might not have been long but, measured in the quality of life & love you gave her, it was her time of joy. Hugs.
  11. I love his sleeping position with his dear little front paws so elegantly crossed! A proper little gent, he is ... a real gem. I'm so glad he's found his way to you... & even under your bed. I have empathy for you... I remember one dark, stormy, windy night when my Gracie disappeared. Search parties sent out. Later, found safe & warm, having climbed a ladder in the storeroom to sleep on a pile of dog towels. Frequent updates, please, accompanied by lots of pics.
  12. Thanks heaps, Juice! There's a Tibbie person interested in following her up.... if, by chance, she's gone to a rescue.
  13. Please do, juice. Thanks. The confusion's come because one enquirer said she was told something like the Tibbie was taken into fostercare. So we wondered if that 'adopted' meant taken by a rescue group. If so, what rescue? Or if it means just what it sounds like.... someone applied for her & adopted her.
  14. Does Blacktown adopt to first come after they put up a dog for adoption? Or do they have foster care for some, before they're adopted? Or do they permit Rescue groups to take dogs...who'll then foster & rehome? There's just been a pretty, happy natured Tibbie girl put up for adoption. We shared it around the Tibbie pet community. But couldn't figure how their system worked. Quickly... 'on hold' label came up. Then when someone else enquired, she was told that person hadn't showed up so Tibbie was back up for adoption. Someone else enquired & seems to have been told something like the 'girls have taken her for care'....could that be a rescue group? But a note's gone up she's adopted. Anyone know how Blacktown works?