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  1. Thanks for that, Jumabaar. I've noticed just recently in the news, medical research was presented showing that humans with dodgy knees may actually avoid knee replacements in numbers of cases....by doing precisely what you said can apply for dogs. A specialist, individualised exercise program was worked out & the results were startling. The program had a name (can't remember!) and it said physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can be trained in it. You're right about counterintuitive! Also recently, medical research was showing how tailored exercise can have enormous benefits to patients going thro' often harsh cancer treatments... just when we would've thought only rest would be needed. The program said the evidence was so strong for the benefits, that prescribing an exercise regime be undertaken should be part of an oncologist's role.
  2. Is Synovan a more recent treatment than the Cartrophen (spelling?) injections our Sheltie used to get some years ago?
  3. That makes sense to focus on core essentials. What's the best kind of exercise therapy? I'm noticing that people can tend to do the opposite....as soon as there's any limping or other signs of discomfort, they may stop walking the dog because they fear it's causing pain. Is swimming good?
  4. Thanks. I've not heard of Antinol. Off to follow it up, too.
  5. Good point that it's not standalone treatment for developed condition but adjunct to medications. Bianca's GSD is a good example.
  6. Thank you so much to you both! Just the kind of information I was after ... it can be used for the developed condition and also as a preventative.
  7. Has anyone used, or know someone who's used, 4CYTE for osteoarthritis in dogs? It's an Australian-New Zealand (?) product which claims it has clinical trials behind it. Also used for horses and cats.
  8. https://www.guidedogs.org.au/autism-assistance-dogs You need expert selection & training of dogs to get the best benefits for a child with autism, as well as the best welfare for the dog. There's a section of Guide Dogs which does exactly this, Autism-assistance Dogs. Consider looking into it.
  9. Minxy, the good thing is that you and your sister are doing your research and also figuring out what would fit with the environment & lifestyle. Rescue people would wish that everyone thinking of getting a dog would do exactly that! Your sister & family, when they get the right dog for them, will be more likely to get one that settles well. Best wishes for their ongoing search.
  10. Good things said about Tibetan Spaniels. Only thing I'd ask be re-considered. Being left out in the yard when family is out. Our own Tibbies always have access via a doggie door to go in and out of house (into a weather-proof, secure verandah room) to a secure garden area at back of house. Family next door also own a Tibbie & when they're out, they pop him into that arrangement with our Tibbie. They're a very tribal breed & thrive on companionship, because that's what they were bred to be in the monasteries of Tibet...& also to alert for danger. So a Tibbie breeder might stress companionship, too. Don't know if appropriate on this forum, but Tibetan Spaniel Rescue Australia is soon going to do assisted rehoming for a pair of beautifully raised, well cared for adult Tibbie X Cavs (desexed male & female) for owners with legitimate reasons. A well socialised, good natured, much loved bonded pair. Looking for similar quality new home. Watch the Tibetan Spaniel Rescue Australia Facebook page... or PM me. If inappropriate to mention them here....I'll delete.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/LiverpoolAnimalShelter/ Those 3 Tibbie crosses, with the 'dumped' history, have been adopted from Liverpool Pound. You can scroll tho' their FB page to see the happy new families. Looking good. One to a doting older couple, another will be a mother's sweet girl and the third, a lively lad, has 2 very happy siblings to play with.
  12. http://www.ali.org.au Would this group be able to point you in the right direction?
  13. Thanks for that. It's handy to know.
  14. Here's Penny the Dachie.
  15. Ye gods! 98,000 calls. I wish it weren't first in gets the dog. I'd rather there was some careful screening of applicants. I don't know if there's any further information yet on who dumped 3 healthy young dogs by a roadside.... and why. Is it an offence to endanger dogs like that.... & also create a traffic hazard?