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  1. Older 'puppies'. But I loved this little girl's trick for keeping her tibbies still & facing the camera when taking their pics. Their ball tucked under her chin. image001.jpg.pdf
  2. Yes, it depends what you need. Our small tibetan spaniels proved to be super alert dogs. Home alone one night, with back door open as I went up & down to the laundry...a bloke was coming into the house. I was in a back room folding clothes, heard nothing... but the tibbies flew up the hallway making those deep-throat growls when a dog means business. Followed them...& found a discarded bag on back deck. Someone coming into the house had fled when he heard the dogs' growling. I had no idea where the person was... out in the dark. But the tibbies tracked him to where he was walking down the driveway next door, straight into the streetlight. Meant I was able to give a good description to the police. Officers said intruders hated dogs, any dogs big or small, making a noise & taking away the element of surprise. Couple I know say they have the perfect team for their needs. Husband is a builder & there's equipment on their property. His dog is a doberman & his wife's is a tibetan spaniel. The tibetan spaniel has great hearing for picking up a stranger in fenced- off area behind the house where equipment is kept.. The small dog gives the alert bark/growl.... & the doberman strolls out to take a look and is a formidable visual deterrent (except he's always been a sweet dog). But no stranger's hung around to test him in a situation where an intruder is attacking someone.
  3. They'll be fine, SG. But I totally understand how you'd feel stressed. When my tibbie was flown to Brisbane from Canberra, I was so worried. The pet transport man phoned me from Brisbane Airport & told me to go into the back garden so I could see her Qantas flight descending to the airport. It was a strange feeling watching her plane come in. But I keep telling myself, my other tibbie, Annie, flew from Sweden, where she was born, to Sydney.
  4. Wise move, westie. I saw the GAP Qld processes of both assessment & matching for rehoming, when our tibbie girl was a small dog 'tester'.
  5. Flea, Tibbie X, missing Mackay Qld area. Substantial reward offered for finding Flea. Photos & details of specific locations on link. Any information to owner, Barb Hill, on her Facebook page. Or phone the vet surgery given on the link. Sightings welcomed. Please share, especially if you know someone who lives in that region:
  6. It was a couple of years back in a north-western suburb of Brisbane. That case of the pug puppy being stolen was posted on our tibbie pet owners list. Horrible.
  7. Good point about the attractions for dog-napping & resale. Local police issued a warning not to leave small, attractive breeds (didn't specify p/b or mixed...just attractive) visible & accessible to passing people. A gang was going around stealing small dogs like this for resale. Microchipping can help, as the original owner might be sourced later. AWL Qld gave a good tip. They said if your dog goes missing....lost or suspected can ask for MISSING to be added to its chip data base. They gave an example of a tibbie, CJMalone, who got out the gate blown open by winds. Owners tried everything to find him, but no luck. Then 8 months later a tibbie was dropped in to AWL shelter by a person who said they were doing it for someone who didn't want the dog any more. During the vet check, his microchip was scanned.... up came MISSING. It was CJMalone. So AWL knew his family was looking for him & phoned. Family rushed to Shelter & CJ flew into their arms. Seems someone found CJ when he went missing, & kept him until the novelty wore off.
  8. I'm on an international tibbie list, where there's lots of European owners. I specially love seeing the range of baskets for dogs, designed to go on their bicycles. They use their bicycles for out & about, like we use our cars. And their tibbies ride along in their baskets.... often the basket fits 2 quite comfortably. Here's just the most recent, from the Netherlands. So many other variations, too. Sometimes there's a wire cover that straps over the basket.
  9. I experience something similar. I've had tibetan spaniels for some years. All have been show dogs, retired from good registered breeders who believe once they've got their Aus Ch & had a litter of puppies, they deserve to be placed in a loving pet home. Strangers often admire them. And they remark they must've cost a fortune. Truth is, we've often had to force the breeder to take any money. Their 'payment' they'll sometimes say, is that the tibbie is in a good home, with great care. First breeder said, 'What you can afford.' But we thought all the work she'd put in to her little Aus Ch, deserves recognition and we paid her exactly the same as for our sheltie from a top breeder. Other breeders were adamant... 'No money, it's the care for life that's important!'. But they got money given to them, anyway!'. And a decent amount of money, at that! I've noticed an increase in numbers of people adopting p/b tibbies & becoming tibbie tragics! Best thing of all, is that many are open to taking a rescue tibbie or a tibbie cross. All equally loved in the pet community.
  10. 12 yr old Tibbie, Chelsea, bolted in storm. Please share & would anyone living in the area please look out for her. She's microchipped.
  11. You think that's funny? I was carrying Shelley up the stairs one day...her nickname was 'horse' because of her size. I slipped but managed to still hold on to Shelley, while I tried to figure how to get up. She noticed we were going nowhere... & hollered 'Steps!'. On cue, our neighbour yelled, 'Shelley wants to go up the stairs!'
  12. DDD, I've love a ramp like that... even tho' I know there'd be 'ramp politics' here, too. Like only going up but not down, or the other way round, or point blank not at all. I've learned there's no arguing with the grandpa & grandma dogs. Also the back steps go down into a covered area where one car is parked. So it's back to flunkey work.... lift up & down. Our elderly sheltie used to stand at the bottom of those steps & bark for a flunkey, 'Steps!' If no one inside the house heard her, our good neighbour used to call, 'Shelley wants to go up the steps!'. Another flunkey.
  13. Great news! Sure is a handsome dog.
  14. Thank you, Avanti. So hoping she is found!