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  1. Antihistimine brands

    Our vet recommended Polaramine for our sheltie, Danny's, allergies. He said the veterinary medicine version of Polaramine was the same, but cost more. So he told me to get it from the chemist to save money. He also said Polaramine has a side-effect in humans of making them drowsy... but this doesn't seem to happen with dogs. This was some years back. It went well for Danny.
  2. Here's Tibetan Spaniel Rescue Australia FB page, poochmad. We don't run an actual Rescue but rather relay notices of Tibbies currently available from rescue groups/shelters and from private rehomings.https://www.facebook.com/tibbierescueaustralia/ And here's the Tibbie Pet Owners Australia FB page which is the 'sister' group. For Tibbie owners & Tibbie fanciers. It's a private group, only necessary to request membership. As someone with an interest in a Tibbie, you'd be a shoo in! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1133317166742735/about/
  3. I am so happy for you and Agi. All your persistent and thorough coverage paid off. So many people were keeping an eye out....& called in sightings. Best of all you got there fast, with what Agi was familiar with.... George & the car. You've earned a rest!
  4. Put some dry food/water together with items that have your scent on them (like old unwashed socks) in areas she's been sighted. The list of things you've done already is brilliant. I'd only add put a pile of kibble at your own front gate. Also put a big poster on your own front fence. People going by tend to be locals & that may jog their memory if they later notice a dog like that. I notice people who've seen her, report she goes into flight mode ears down, tail between legs when seeing people. Tell people, if they sight her, to crouch down on the ground, get low.... even lie on the ground. Friend trying to catch a mini-foxy running loose, lay down on the ground, arms around his head, and made squeaky noises (like a small animal). Curious mini-foxy came back to sniff at his head... and got grabbed.
  5. Check with legal experts re requiring Rescues to reveal who adopted their dog. It needs running past legal eyes how this would sit with the strict privacy laws. As it would be the Rescue passing on the new owner's information, they'd bear the onus if there's any breach of privacy laws.
  6. Scam using info stolen from DOL

    They really hammered the Westies, didn't they!
  7. Scam using info stolen from DOL

    Boronia, did you notice if any Australian Tibetan Spaniel breeders were listed?
  8. Help with breeds please

    I'd put in a vote for a Cardigan Corgi. Great all-round versatile, sensible dogs. Have a look at the Breeders' notices on Dogzonline Purebred Community where they advertise adult dogs they're seeking to retire to good pet homes.
  9. You're a good person! So glad Sooty's responding well. But you're also giving us great information how we might help a little one in the same condition. I love your idea mixing homemade bone broth with the Nutrigel. I've found not all doggies like & accept the gel. Adding the broth would liquify it & make it more do-able, especially in feeding by syringe. Do you have any special tip for making the broth.... or is it just basically simmering the raw bones in water?
  10. Sheltie Decendant

    That's fantastic news! I'm not surprised she was very familiar with Kendarlyn shelties.... there were so many back in her dogs' pedigrees. Looks like you'll have the relative you so much wished for!
  11. Sheltie Decendant

    Maybe contact that Tasmanian breeder on the link given. Looks like she's got quite a few Kendarlyn shelties back in her Shelmanna pedigrees. Experienced breeders like her can be a fund of information about the various bloodlines. And could give you tips of where to look & who to ask about your Kasper. I know that myself from the experienced tibetan spaniel breeders how informative they can be.
  12. Sheltie Decendant

    Further info on the Shelmanna Sheltie that was listed with a Kendarlyn ancestor, Shelmanna Kennels are listed on Dogzonline & that breeder is in Tasmania. Maybe contact that breeder for information? https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/member.asp?name=SHELMANNA
  13. Sheltie Decendant

    "Sheltie Pedigree Lines - Pedigree for Aust Ch Shelmanna Disco Dolly https://www.pedigreelines.com/dog/pedigree/id/35923 Aust Ch Kendarlyn Kontestor · Eng Ch Jefsfire Freelancer · Eng Aust Ch Riverhill Rampion ROMA · Aust Ch Kendarlyn Kannie Annie · Helensdale Frolic · Eng ..." I googled & got the above information. That link led to a Sheltie data-base where you have to register to look up details.