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  1. I recently bought two breakaway collars from Andrea. They are great quality and I am very happy with my purchase. They are thick webbing with a solid clasp, which pulls apart should your dog get caught. Knowing my two will be safe should they get caught up by their collar, is a huge weight off my mind. Helping Andrea fund her continuing animal rescue is also an added bonus. Thank you very much.
  2. I heard a report that the man was coming to the aid of some children, whom the dog was about to attack. Not sure who the children belong to.
  3. Pet insurance will probably exclude pre existing conditions ie diabetes or any related conditions. Just out of interest, what is the normal blood glucose range for dogs?
  4. Thank you everybody for all the ideas! While we will never know what actually happened, and after doing some research, I think we can put it down to a fox. Injury around the neck resulting in possible crushed windpipe, surplus killing, probably lone animal attack and hole the size of a fox in fence. The size of the goat had me confused as I thought its size would be too big to attract a fox. It was mentioned that they could take kids and while being a miniature goat she was still not small. However, I found a reference to disrupted food source. Six to eight weeks ago I started finding
  5. I think I found the same fact sheet about foxes. I also found fox scats in our adjoining paddock. The feral cat idea is interesting. We do have some big ones around. I would have thought there would be more trauma, if it was a large feral cat. The gundog idea is also interesting as a WeimX and LabX have been missing from the local area for the last two weeks. I would have thought there would be more trauma as well. Pole cat/ferret unlikely as I don't think we have any around here. Good ideas though.
  6. My neighbour has just lost her miniature goat to an attack, by we think, either a dog or fox. Her brother was not touched and she was housed in the same area as chickens. The chicken pen was situated in her pen. The only injury the goat had was what I could described as puncture wounds around her neck. There was no blood that I could see and she hadn't been mauled or eaten. There was a hole underneath the fence, which is not unusual as we have wombats everywhere, but was not there prior to the attack. Their dog had just been put into kennels the day before, as they went away for New Year. He
  7. Thanks for replying. Obviously, it is not that common to get polyps removed from the anus. She had the surgery on Tuesday and apart from the first night where I had to stop her from scooting she has been fine. I have been feeding her roughage like psyllium, carrots and bananas to make sure she doesn't get constipated. Toileting hasn't been an issue but I have been keeping an eye on it.. The stitches are dissolving and mainly internal so she won't need to get them removed. The vet said that the lump seemed unusual and appeared to have grainy anal gland tissue in it. Lump was no where n
  8. My 10 year old lab has an anal polyp which has become bigger over the last week. We have decided to get it removed. The vet said that one of the risks is she could become incontinent. Has anybody had a similar operation performed on their dog and how did it all go? The other thing is how did you manage the wound, stitches and going to the toilet? I assume she will be on antibiotics after the operation. Thanks
  9. I just saw this ad. What a smart dog! Ha ha! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kljT0b2lmGE
  10. A few days ago I fell in our paddock. Thinking I had broken my ankle and not being able to get up, I had to pull myself up to the house to get help. My cattle dog came running over, only to drop her ball on me. Fifteen minutes later she is still trying to get me to throw it. This is typical of her. She is so ball obsessed and this really annoys me no end. At least she is consistent. :D
  11. One thing I should have mentioned. If you decide to use the water method make sure that the water is not hot.
  12. Had similar situation. Snake handler hours away. Wires wouldn't come out as snake not in house. Snake handler suggested to get hose. Put it on jet and use the water jet to direct the snake to where you want it to go. Nozzle with a trigger best. Start slowly and try to teach it what the water means ie spray left turn right. Keep it away from places that it can hide. Bit of trial and error, but at least you get to stay a fair distance away. Didn't get to use this as snake disappeared, so may be good in theory but not in practice. Good luck!
  13. We put a paste of bi carb soda (baking soda) on. I know I use to do it for ant bites. Don't know whether it worked but can't hurt.
  14. My lab developed pancreatitis and thankfully hasn't had another attack. She was on raw before and we modified her diet somewhat to exclude most fat. She gets lean beef mince (preservative free). Most chicken mince will be high in fat and will also include the skin, unless you can mince it yourself. Cans of sardines, tuna and pink salmon, all in springwater. (No mackeral as it is very high in fats ). Non fat yoghurt. Turkey necks with all the skin off. Roo tails once a week. As a treat I buy her chicken breast from the butcher and dice it up for her. I also give her carrots and bananas.
  15. My lab has pancreatitis. Happy paws training treats are all natural, low in fat and no preservatives. Also they are made by a Doler. I get the perfect pooch treats. I have been getting them for a number of years and have found Lynn very reliable and quick to post. My dogs love them. She also has a banner as an official DOL advertiser. Highly recommended! www.happypawstreats.com.au
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