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  1. Ha ha must be the time of year as Holly is losing heaps of hair everywhere as well and she is only 10 months old......I thought she must be losing her puppy coat because she is going a darker colour...will be interested to find out when it happens too.
  2. Considering that the title of this topic is about training 2 puppies at once, I am wondering why half of it now has nothing to do with it. ViVien has come here asking for help and advice and all people can do is question her all the time. If ViVien wants to have 2 puppies at once, then that is her choice. I don't see any puppy getting neglected or not cared for, in fact I see the opposite. Ginger is missing, yes only for 2 weeks, but 2 weeks to the person that has lost her dog is like an eternity......and if ViVien's way of coping is to get another puppy now or even 2 puppies, well that is
  3. Hi Vi, sorry to hear how hard you are doing it and if getting a new puppy is what you feel is best then so be it. When my 9yr old Koolie went to the bridge, I missed him so much, as well as the 'doggy' feel to the place and knew that I could never be without another dog and so I too got a new puppy about a month after his passing. But for me it was too soon, I resented her at first and found it hard to get close to her and she was so 'unlike' my old boy ( well of course!) that she frustrated me......but she eventually helped me heal and move on and I love her now. But please don't forget a
  4. Thanks for the replies KK & GL. I have been stressing about when to change her over and hoping that I am doing the right thing all the time! I think I will continue with the puppy formula until 12-18 months when she has finished her growing and then switch over. The adult formula is quite alot cheaper too and last time I was there Petstock had the adult formula bags with 20% extra free. Might start stocking up on the adult bags while it's cheap.
  5. I had my GR puppy on Pro Plan for only 2 months as she developed really bad flakey skin that was only getting worse. I tried all sorts of shampoos etc. until I finally took her to the vet who suggested a diet change. I changed to EP Large/Giant breed Puppy and within 2 months the flaking had completely gone and she has a nice shiny coat. She is 7 months now and as Goldielover said, most breeders change over now to Adult, however I checked the packages of both at Petstock the other day and the only difference in the 2 is that the Large/Giant breed Puppy has double the amount of Glucosamine i
  6. So sorry this day had to come. Let your years of happy memories of Jenna guide you through the pain that you feel. R.I.P Sweet Jenna :rolleyes:
  7. Thanks for your replies everyone. I will do as you suggested and check with the breeder on what she thinks of her at 12 months and if she says she looks ok, then I will get the tests done. So what happens if at 12 months Holly isn't breed standard for her height, can she still be shown on the assumption that she won't finish growing until 18 months etc...or will I not be able to show her unless she is the right height? Sorry I am so clueless on this show stuff and my breeder is no help at all because she doesn't want her in the ring until the tests are clear, so if her tests come back good
  8. Hey Safadao, Do you happen to live anywhere near the fruit blocks? Only reason I ask this is that I used to live in Mildura and would always be hearing the sound of those bird scarers going off early hours of the morning. Maybe one is going off in the distance, not that you can hear but maybe your dog is? Although 5am is pretty early, but the birds will stir at the crack of dawn ( I'm never up that early to know if it's getting light :D ) So maybe one is set for that time, who knows but I hope it all works out for you!
  9. My Golden gets Eagle Pack now, have tried both Supercoat and Pro Plan and have found the best results with the EP, so I'm sticking with that for now.
  10. Goldielover: I think I will start show training her like you and blacklab have suggested as I am pretty sure my breeder is not interested in switching her over until everything is tested and all is ok. I haven't actually come out and said "Can we talk about the limited reg thing" as I can tell by the way she is talking and acting that she wnats to wait, plus she said straight away that she doesnt like looking at puppies at 6 months of age. So it looks like I will wait now until she is 12 months and have had her tests and then go back out and see her. If she had a major fault or anything I'
  11. I was more excited than she was!! I had these big expectations of her being so happy that I actually came back....as she seemed really worried when I first bought her that it was the last she was going to see her or something. It may have been that I didnt ring first, I was on my way back from camping and didnt have her number and basically had to drive past her street too (she is 2 hours from where I live) so I just called in...some people just dont like that and I think she may be one of them. Plus I think she was different because she has since moved onto another smaller breed now and is
  12. Just had a quick browse at the site you suggested Trevanizdanes and it looks great! Thanks for the link! I have only just read a bit of it, but from what I have read so far there is a few additives I can add...do you add these as well?
  13. You will find an endless amount of photo's of her in the photo section! Thanks for your reassurance and everyone else that replied.
  14. I just weighed her then and she is 19.8 kilos, does that sound right for just gone six months this week? She is rather lean looking, but as suggested by my vet to avoid HD related disorders. My breeder said she was a little leaner than she see's normally, but that it is ok, better than being overweight. Just concerned by the way she said that she is pretty small for her age. I do hope she grows to standard. ETA: If I was to keep her pretty lean (in order to prevent HD etc... as you can probably tell Im paranoid about it) meaning feeding her the minimum portions stated on the packet rathe
  15. Hi all, over the holidays I managed to get my pup Holly (GR), 6 months old now, back to see her breeder. Did not really go as well as I had expected, maybe I expected too much, but basically she didnt even care to see her as she doesnt like looking at puppy's at 6 months of age as they are all gangly. Fair enough I guess, but as for me wanting to get her on the main reg, so I can even think about showing her, well I didnt even mention it, she just wasnt interested. What she did say was that my girl is looking a little on the small side and compared to other puppy's same age as her, she t
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