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  1. Our club wanted to buy a copy last year but we were told that they are no longer available due to privacy issues.
  2. I agree, dump the Supercoat and try another brand, if you want to continue to use a dry food, Nutro is very good. Have you stripped the dead coat out? Dead coat will make the coat look dry and dull and I doubt that a mobile groomer would know how to remove it. Also check the shampoo and conditioner they are using, they may say that it's a good product, but it may not suit the dog.
  3. Oh no, I hadn't heard, Jane was a very lovely lady, how very sad.
  4. A wonderful and gracious lady. RIP Yvonne.
  5. We also have a Kia, heaps of room and it has dual fuel so cheap to run. Great dog show car IMO.
  6. Take her to the shows, but be considerate of other exhibitors.
  7. You are grossly overreacting, no one can tell if a dog has hip dysplasia just by looking at it, the only way to diagnose dysplasia is by x-ray. The 'waddle' you speak of is pacing, not uncommon at this age or indeed at any age if the dog is moving slowly, dogs with perfect hips will pace occasionally. If your dog isn't showing any signs of discomfort or lameness I don't think you have anything to worry about AT THIS STAGE, wait until she is 12 months old and then have her x-rayed under the AVA scheme. However be aware that good hips and elbows are not the only criteria for breeding, conformation and temperament are also important considerations and above all your dog must have good type and be a good example of its breed. I also agree with juice, IMO no reputable breeder would sell a puppy to a complete novice just for breeding. For a start breeders aren't clairvoyant and no breeder on this earth can say with complete certainty that an 8 week old puppy will be suitable for breeding as an adult. Secondly there is a LOT involved, it's not just a case of putting a female to a male of the same breed and getting lots of cute puppies that you can sell. Let the puppy mature, keep her lean, don't over exercise and try to learn as much as you can about labs before you even think about mating her, believe me breeding isn't easy.
  8. Me too, personally I think Group 1 to 4 plus best puppy is all you need at all breeds shows, although class awards should definitely be offered at specialties.
  9. It's entirely normal for some puppies to become hysterical when they first leave their dam and siblings, but your puppy is still in a familiar environment with familiar people so it seems a rather extreme reaction. However I wouldn't dose the puppy with anything, instead I'd spend some time with him, at 10 weeks a short play/training session will wear him out.
  10. For cut pads or paws I just immerse the whole paw in a bowl of warm, salt water two or three times a day. They heal pretty quickly and I've never had one get infected.
  11. Heartworm need about two weeks to develop inside a mosquito and it's temperature dependent, the preferred temperature is around 27 degrees and if it drops below 14 development is halted. I very seldom have a flea problem in Melbourne even during summer and never in winter, if I do find a flea I treat with Advantage. So no, I don't treat for fleas or heartworm during winter and I'm certainly not a fan of the monthly 'all in one' treatments, makes no sense to give chemicals to a dog when they're not needed.
  12. The other 4 in the Top 8 were - Bracco, Field, Flat and Wei Thank you :)
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