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  1. OP has stated they wish to go down the pets as therapy route, and therefore this is important unfortunately. None of the methods suggested sound stressful to me, I wish someone threw chocolate at me for doing things they like! Haha. I think it has been very stressful as the owners have not managed in 2 years to teach this dog to sit. Pets as Therapy as a goal is all well and good but not if the dog is stressed out. I am pretty sure there are a couple of well behaved but non sitting greyhounds that have trained and passed as therapy dogs
  2. Have a friend who uses one of these for her elderly black greyhound on their morning walks. I use the chamois type cool coats on my lot at shows, occasionally at home I think I might be that friend and yes perfect for full sun especially if wetted down in the sea like this morning at 7am
  3. I always think my Phoebe is seal - as she isn't a dark black black - nor is she grey or blue.
  4. and here's snowflake Nick from Vic :)
  5. I wonder how they get around registering that colour cause it's not listed in the standard. I think they register as black with white ticking, just as they can register as white with black ticking - for racing anyway
  6. Is that Stella & Ian's girl? Yep :D I have some pictures of her brother Bruno somewhere on back up. He is white and dun.
  7. Beltar, Annie will be pleased. yes I am getting orders through thank you - but all from people with real names so not sure if they are DOLers
  8. the dogs are already the responsibility of the owner - but some of the owners just leave the dogs with the trainer to get rid of when past their used by date and no - absolutely nothing would change my stance on the industry
  9. absolutely - and resource guarding is not restricted to greyhounds, so logic tells me that either all dogs of all breeds should be green collar tested - or none
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