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  1. My staffy is staying overnight at the vet tonight because she is dehydrated even thought she is drinking excessively at the moment, I pick her up in the morning but she has to go back on Friday and stay overnight so they can do a fluid deprivation test. To see if she has this insipidus. Does anyone else's dog have this. Has it changed your dogs life are they on any medication. She is 7
  2. Lost Dogs

    It's been 8 days. The owner is still searching for hours a day. Please keep a look out near creswick in Victoria
  3. Lost Dogs

    Still missing
  4. Lost Dogs

    Yes sorry it is creswick near Ballarat in victoria. I am in QLD but my cousin lives near Creswick. Just thought i would help and put it up. He is so worried he has been searching non stop for days. He has posters up everywhere, and we are all putting it up on facebook. Really hope they are found
  5. Lost Dogs

    LOST DOG - Harvey - Male - Jack Russell. Lost around Creswick area. Last seen Wednesday 19th October. If found please contact 0408 852 218 LOST DOG - Meeko - Female - Jack Russell. Lost around Creswick area. Last seen Wednesday 19th October. If found please contact 0408 852 218
  6. November Challenge

    thank you, i wote that down as well, so i have it all written when i go out to take some photos today.
  7. November Challenge

    wow there are some great photos in here. I have a canon 450d and just shoot in auto cause i just get so confused with aperture and shutter speeds. But the last week , i have decided that i need to learn. There is some great info on here. Ash you mentioned this A good place to start is to set your camera at 400 ISO, Av of 5.6 and sit one of your kids on the ground in a shady spot outside (if you can be in the shade also, it will help). You stay standing and shoot from above and have your child looking into the camera. This should give you good depth of field and nice catch lights in your subject's eyes. so i am gpoing to give this a go today.
  8. Stafford Fans

    Just had to re bath meg as i just let her out to the toilet and she went straight in the mud again. i am going to have to try and fill the mud hole up somehow.Until then she might have to go to the toilet on lead. oh what fun
  9. Stafford Fans

    Hi All, Well this morning i was doing my clothes washing and i have a hose that comes off the pipe outside and goes onto my grass. Well this morning it came off and all the water went into my garden causing a big mud pit. Well you can imagine what my gorgeous girl Meg did. Thats right had a play in it.
  10. Barf Feeders

    This is from a barf website. Fish? You mean I can really toss my dog a whole fish? Absolutely...head, tail, body...the whole thing! Just be sure to check inside the fish for any hook that may have been forgotten to be removed. Fish is not a substitute for an RMB meal, but it can be fed a couple of times a week. One reason for this is the thiaminase enzyme in fish...it destroys thimaine (Vitamin B1). Fish especially rich in thiaminase are herring, capelin, suckers, smelts and various carp species, a total of some 50 species, most of which live in fresh water. Extra thiamin can be fed when feeding fish. Feeding whole fish is also an individual's personal choice. Many are afraid of the bones getting stuck...no problem, there are many varieties of nutritious canned fish on the market. A special note with regards to those who live in the Pacific Northwest: salmon and trout can carry the rickettsia organism responsible for salmon poisoning. If your dog shows ANY signs of being ill within two weeks of feeding, get him/her to the vet, and tell them to look for salmon poisoning. This information is not meant to scare anyone, but it's extremely risky to feed raw salmon and trout from the Pacific Northwest..
  11. Biting Shoes, Sock And Pants

    i used the water bottle technique as well and it worked great.
  12. What Do You Feed Your Dog/s?

    could someone who feed's there dog barf but also dry food please tell me why. I have done a lot of research on barf and my female staffy has now been on barf for 8 months. And she is looking fantastic.All the research i have done with barf suggests if you decide on barf you shouldn't add kiddle to the diet, it should be wholly rawmeat & Veg. So i am wondering why so many people on here feed barf but also feed kibble. Just hoping someone that does this this could tell me why. Thanks alot. She eats, raw chicken, beef, kangaroo, turkey, rabbit and lots of raw vegies blended in with yogurt etc.
  13. New Puppy!

    there is absulotely no need to cook a dog's meat. raw is best. My dog has never been so good since she has been on barf.
  14. we feed our 1 yo staffy on a completely raw diet it costs under $10 a week because we buy everything in bulk from the markets then freeze a months supply in the freezer. she has chicken necks, chicken carcasses, offal, beef bones, chicken feet, fish, yogurt, and vegies.
  15. Foooooooooooooood...

    Hi i feed my 11month old staffy on a pure Barf Diet which she loves. Here are a few websites that i checked out and researched before i started it. www.barfworld.com www.njboxers.com I feed her for breakfast - chicken necks with minced vegies i change the vegies around weekly and add a dollop of natural yogurt every second day. For dinner she will have something different every night, chicken carcass, chicken feet, kangaroo, fish, offal, lamb or beef back, rabbit. She loves this diet she is perfect weight and has nice shiny coat and looks great.