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  1. Dr B's Vet Clinic at Hillcrest is a pug specialist. She is amazing at that sort of stuff. I know alot of brachy breed breeders and owners travel to see her because she is so good.
  2. As a ANKC exhibitor/breeder of 29yrs, owner of a few Cavs over the years (not my main breed) and a long time groomer I have never come across a sad Cav. If anything it's the one breed in my opinion that the temperament has never changed. I've also found that while they do have known health conditions in the breed the vast majority I've had dealings with have been generally healthy. It's a breed that the majority of ANKC breeders are very diligent about doing their best to eradicate these things from the breed.
  3. You have done an wonderful thing taking on this pretty girl AND you have also done an awesome job raising your daughter! That's definitely a Proud Mumma moment!
  4. Fireax have been around a long time and are well respected.
  5. I don't know if this is helpful or not but we did all the right things in advance, we had organised the company we wanted to collect her, chose the wooden box, pre paid for it all but the one thing that held everything up was that we hadn't decided what to write on her plaque. I wish we had thought about it before we lost her because afterwards the grief was so strong that finding only a few words to write for this amazing dog that had seen my husband and i grow from 20 something year olds to 40 something year olds with 2 kids who also loved her so much that they referred to her as their sister was too overwhelming.
  6. I think Rebanne covered everything you need to be doing. Pups need to be fed every two hours. Put them on Mum first and then top them up with a bottle. At the moment I'm using a Miracle Nipple for feeding my pups. It's the best teat ever. Say goodbye to a goods night sleep for a few weeks. It's well worth it though.
  7. What a beautiful love story! I'm so sorry for your loss but happy to hear of the love and joy she brought to your family for so long.
  8. Yes to both of those. I use to have my 16yr old Titre tested there for the last 6yrs years of her life and they definitely keep anti-venom. They are a practise that really is there for your pet and not the almighty dollar. The head vet keeps vaccination prices low because she wants everyone to be able to afford to protect their pets.
  9. Furkids Vet at Greenbank are awesome! Their number is 32000498.
  10. JOLEY


    I'm so sorry for your loss Huga. She was such a character. I'm sure she's found Harry.
  11. We have six of them and can show you pics of snakes sunning themselves next to most of them. We have a large garden at my front door and the browns and blacks live together there. Only a metre from my doorstep.
  12. I saw that cause I went and checked out your website after seeing the pic of this baby......very nice!
  13. That's a gorgeous baby Sway!!!!!!!
  14. Ripley I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Millie. I remember when you got her and I know the pleasure she brought to you over the years. RIP sweet Millie.
  15. Pirate - When we had her litter the kids were 2 and 3yrs old and they named her Captain Feathersword as she had a patch over her eye. I didn't want to keep a brindle from the litter so I didn't mind what they called her, she ended up pick of the litter and we kept her so after a lot if negotiating with a 2 and 3yr old who loved the name we refined Captain Feathersword to Pirate....if you can call it refining. :laugh:
  16. Our Blonde Bombshell drooooooooools all over us. He can be 3ft away but the drool still some how ends up on your body, clothes, hair. I love watching him walking in the back paddock with the kids and then all of the sudden you see everyone run in different directions cause he's just shook his head. :laugh:
  17. JOLEY


    Oh No not Atlas! I'm so sorry for your loss. I use to love reading about Atlas as he grew up. Another DOL legend has left us.
  18. That is so sad. He looked like a wonderful dog and friend. I'm sorry for your loss.
  19. I'm so sorry Anne. I'm so glad that she had such a wonderful life with you.
  20. JOLEY


    I'm so sorry for your loss.
  21. You are in my thoughts constantly Jane. Thanks for the update Toohey. What an amazing group the MDBA PACERS are!
  22. JOLEY


    My heart is breaking for you.
  23. That picture is priceless!
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