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  1. I will be importing from Europe later this year and would appreciate any recommendations as to Pet Transport Companies. Whilst I have had one recommendation, despite an enquiry made from their website, and a telephone call, they have still to reply/email me, which has rather turned me off using them. Thanks
  2. Am MORE than HAPPY to purchase any surplus Ziwipeak from you, any flavours, and pay freight costs involved. If all other offers fall through, please email me on [email protected]. Cheers!!
  3. Have used Vetadine for many years on both horses and dogs with no contradictions and have recently recommended to a friend in Holland. Being the person she is she found something re extended use of Vetadine on a NZ website-she sent me the link but have accidentally deleted it. Having done a Google search I can find nothing which would indicate any harmful effects on the extended use of Vetadine. Will check with my vet clinic on Monday but any input in the interim would be appreciated. T.I.A.
  4. Am PLEASED to advise the company recommended by Oakway have finally been in touch. :)
  5. Oakway, I have both emailed and made a telephone call, and have still to receive a response. I must say that when I first read their home page I was excited to know that they had at one time been involved with shelties. :)
  6. Further to my post made in May, I now have the opportunity to possibly import another puppy from Europe. Am NOT in the LEAST bit impressed with the so called service as recommended by Oakway. I emailed the company from their website three weeks ago and have yet to receive a response. As a follow up I called last week and left my details and asked that I be contacted via email. Unfortunately I have STILL not heard from them. In the interim I called Dogtainers the day after and asked if they could forward the necessary import information which they did so immediately. :) SO MUCH for recommendations from the Breeders Community on DOL.
  7. Has anyone any experience in importing from Czechoslovakia and if so can you recommend any company in particular?. T.I.A
  8. Forgot to mention that I have here a "booklet"- Frozen Semen Advice for Bitch Owners" which was sent to me by Phil Thomas at QVS- some sound advice!.
  9. My local vet recommended Phil Thomas at Q.V.S. to me. I spoke to him a few weeks ago and he could NOT have been more helpful. He spoke to me in "layman's" terms over the phone, and subsequently sent some invaluable information via email and offered to answer any questions at anytime. :) Have had a number of breeder friends also speak very highly of Phil. Have used Gerry King at Greencross Redbank Plains for some specialist care but in terms of distance from where I live Phil Thomas is closer so will stay with Phil in this instance.
  10. Thanks, espinay, will do. :) SOI are NOT doing themselves any favours
  11. Am SO frustrated with Sires On Ice. Sent them an initial enquiry via their website, in Feb, NO response. Called them and eventually we managed to communicate via email (indication was they were having issues with their I.S.P). They sent me a quote. I responded over three weeks ago, asked a few pertinent questions, and have had NO response since then. Surely if you are a business then you need to make sure that your lines of communication are OPEN?.
  12. Thanks, again. I have been given UK Clone the thumbs up. :)
  13. Thanks for your responses, much appreciated. Off to do more research on the net. There is nothing like DOL for asking advice on any subject related to our dogs, be it in Breeders Community, Health and Grooming, General Dog Discussion etc., and Off Topic (for the more "mundane", although equally as important, related topics we want to chat about). A great community for sharing ideas and experiences. Thanks to Troy for providing everyone with this opportunity. :)
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